Fix Squeaky Wooden & Office Chairs When Leaning Back [Tips]

fixing squeaky wooden and office chairs when leaning back

During your working time, everything is fine. But a squeaky sound is disturbing your working activity regularly.

Finally, you have found that sound is coming from your computer chairs.

Now, you are curious to know the answer to this question: how to fix squeaky wooden office chairs?

One solution you have in your mind is replacing that noisy seat. But the problem is that you have a budget problem.

So what to do now? Is there any solution to fix that squeaky chair when leaning back?

You can also remove the squeaky sound that creates by your shoes.

In my opinion, I think, there is also a way to stop that sound, if you do some activities. So you need to read this full post so that you can stop that noise.

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Why is Your Chair so Squeaky? What Makes It Squeak?

Is your new chair squeaking? There are many reasons for squeaky office chairs. You know that there are three types of chairs that are made with different materials.

Such as wooden, metal, and plastic chairs. Normally Wooden and metal chairs may create popping sounds for specific reasons.

Here, I will try to share those reasons. At the same time, I will also share some effective solutions that you may follow to get better results.

So first, I will share some reasons for the noisy chair. Then I will share the specific solution to that problem.

1. Sound of Wooden Chair

You know that wooden chairs have a frame, and chair legs and that wooden frame has different joints.

Sometimes, noise may be created by these types of joints and loose legs. This problem happens when weak and loose joints are seen in the dining chairs.

2. The noise of Metal or Office Chair (Herman Miller Aeron Chair)

You know that most ergonomic office chairs are metal type. The metal frame of it has screws, ball bearings, hydraulics, rivets, springs, and some joints.

If this type of screw and spring of it has any problem, then a cracking sound may be created from that location.

Besides, sound may also come from the metal joints of it if these joints have any problems. The wear of the ball bearing is also the reason for this sound.

How to Stop Chairs from Making a Squeaky Noise

Here, I have described the solution to noise that comes from both wooden and metallic chairs.

So you need the answer to this question: how to fix or stop a squeaky dining room chair, kitchen, or upholstered chair?

A. How to Fix Squeaky Wooden or Kitchen Chairs

how to fix squeaky wooden or kitchen chairs

You have a wooden chair that squeaks when you sit in it. To solve it, you need to follow some steps, which are given below:

1. Clean this Sitting Frame (Chair)

First, clean it so that you can easily observe the wooden frame. You can use water and cloth to clean the dust.

After cleaning, you need to dry it with a cloth. I know that cleaning procedures are boring work.

But it is important because you need to apply lubricant to the required location. If any type of dust is in this lubricant, then you may not get a better result.

2. Check the Loose Joints or Gaps

Now, inspect the frame joints and small gaps carefully. If you don’t find any problem, then you should sit in it.

At that time, inspect the location where the sound comes from. You can use a torch light and find the problematic joints.

3. Apply Lubricant to All the Joints or Gaps

After finding the sound source, you need to apply lubricant or talcum powder to those squeaky wood chairs.

You may apply wood glue and inspect whether that noise is solved or not. However, I think lubrication is the better option in that case.

Sometimes, rough friction is created in the frame joint. Lubricant will reduce that friction and reduce that type of sound.

Remember: During lubrication time, you should keep it in a safe place. Try to avoid using castor oil in this situation.

4. Collect Nails and a Hammer

If you see that the joint section of the wooden frame is weak, you need to fix it with nails. If you don’t have experience, you can hire a professional carpenter.

Hammering is a hard-working activity. But this procedure is important for repairing this sitting frame.

5. Again Lubricate that Joint

After doing all the activities, apply lubricant again. This works well and you will see that the squeaky noise of that chair is reduced. (Source)

B. How to Fix Squeaky Metal or Office Chairs

how to fix squeaky metal or office chairs

Now, I am talking about the solution to the sound that comes from the metal chair. If you seriously need the solution, read below the steps and apply.

1. Clean the Chair

First clean it (different surfaces) with a cloth. The procedure is the same as the wooden chair cleaning process (I have told you before).

2. Inspect the Noise Source

Now, sit in it, and shake it a little bit. You can hear sound and find the exact noise source. After finding the location where this sound is created, mark it.

Early on, I was told that metal chairs have metal springs, hydraulics, joints, ball bearings, rivets, armrest area, lumbar support place, backrest area, etc.

Noise may come from these sections.

3. Check the Loose Bolts, Screws, and Joints

First inspect the joint where moving force is created. You also need to check hydraulics where circular force is generated.

4. Check and Remove All the Screw Parts

Uninstall all the parts of hydraulics, bolts, nuts, and screw parts. You may use a screwdriver and wrench for removing these screws. If you can’t do this work, you can hire a professional person to do this activity.

5. Check the Wheel

At the same time, you need to check the caster wheels of the chair and find out whether these are problematic or not. You should also inspect the wheel’s axles and step the necessary action if you find any problem

6. Check the Seat Tension Spring

You should also inspect the spring section and check it carefully. Because that chair may create a sound when leaning back.

7. Lubrication

Now, lubricate all the parts and again install all these parts in the previous location. You need to lubricate the spring section and the area of hydraulics. (source)

You may have a question: How to solve the desk chairs that are making noise when leaning back?
For solving this issue, you need to uninstall seat tension. Then apply lubricant to the spring and other metallic joints. You also need to provide lubricant to the chair wheel too.

If you follow all the steps that I have shared in this post, I think, you will be able to reduce the squeaky noise from the metal chair.

How to Oil a Squeaky Metal Chair?

If you can’t manage lubrication, you can also use one type of lubricating oil on the sitting frame. You can find this type of oil in the market.

The process is the same as the lubrication procedure that I have already said. Just simply spray the oil on the required places. You can also provide oil to the place by hand directly.

My Viewpoint

Overall, I will say some important points that you need to read. Some people ignore this type of noise but it makes the environment noisy.

Sometimes, you may get disturbed, when you hear this type of sound. To solve this issue, I have tried to share some tricks that you may apply to remove the squeaking noise from it.

If you really want to know the tricks and notes, you should read the total article.
Besides, there are some main weak points of a sitting frame.

Basically, most of the sound may be created from these points. In this article, I have shared these points with solutions.

I think you will get an easy solution to reduce this sound after reading this total blog post. After solving this problem, you can focus on soundproofing your room, if you actually need it.

I have posted some important articles about soundproofing guidelines on my website (Mr Sound Noise). You can read those articles for easy guidelines. Such as

Besides, on this website, you can read more articles (outdoor soundproofing), if you think that it is necessary for you.

In summary, I just want to tell you that you can fix a squeaky seat by following simple tricks. You can read some more questions with answers (given below) about the noise of a sitting frame.

FAQ: How to Fix Squeaky Chairs

Why Does Your Metal Chair Squeak Instantly When You Sit Down?

When you sit down, the force transfers to the sitting frame.

If that frame has any problem such as joint problems or other rusty parts (moisture is the reason) with spring, then that force creates friction to that location.

As a result, squeaky noise is made from the seat. If you are fatty, then that noise automatically may come from that source.

That is why a strong frame of a chair is important because this type of frame creates less sound.

How to Stop or Fix Squeaky Chair Springs?

You can apply mineral oil to the spring area and other metal joints of this sitting frame. This oil reduces the friction and squeaky noise from that spring.

For example, if your lab chair or dexley, autonomous chair is making a squeaking or creaking noise, the main noise source may be the spring area.

If the Steelcase leap and salon chair is making popping sounds, the spring section may also be the reason for that noise.

So you need to focus on that area and apply lubricating oil.

Will wd40 Material Fix a Squeaky Chair?

Wd40 is a type of lubricating oil that helps to reduce squeaky sounds from metal parts and wooden joints. Besides, there are also other lubricants that you can use.

How Do You Use WD40 Oil on a Chair?

You need to avoid the lift piston of a chair, during applying wd40. First, clean all the joints, springs, and other parts.

Then, apply this wd40 slowly to these locations. After applying lubricant, you should clean your hand properly.

How to Fix a Squeaky Chair Without wd-40?

By cleaning the spring and other metal parts and reallocating them, you can decrease this noise.

If you don’t want to use wd 40, there are also alternative ways. Yes, you can also use grease, PTFE lubricant, and oil spray that you can get from the marketplace.

How to Stop Wood Furniture from Squeaking Sound?

You should Inspect all the joint areas of the wooden furniture that creates squeaking noise. You need to spray oil on the joint gaps.

You need to regularly apply lubricating oil to the gaps. The joints of the furniture are the main source of creating sound.

You should know that a wood frame is the main section for creating this type of noise.

How Do You Fix the Squeaky Glider Rocker, Swivel Rocker, and Rocking Chairs?

A lift chair or swivel rocker creates a clicking noise that you need to reduce.

First, you need to remove the upper seat of that rocker. Then apply lubricant to the springs, metal parts, and joints and check if the body frame is weak or not.

If you find any problem, then fix it with the help of a professional person.

For fixing the rocking chair, you can follow the same process as the fixing process of the swivel rocker.

How Do You Know When to Replace Your Swivel Office Chair?

If you see some common problems in the sitting frame, then you need to replace it. Such as

  • The sitting frame is very old and makes a squeaking noise when you sit.
  • The cushion of the seat is damaged.
  • Most of the parts are damaged.

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