How to Block Out Bass Noise without Earplugs: 2 Alternatives

ear plug alternatives for blocking out noise

Are you facing this problem like a room sound that you cannot avoid anymore? You are living near a sound source like a bus stand or traffic place.

This is the reason why you are using earplugs all the time in your room especially when you are sleeping. Now, you want to know how to block out snoring and other noise without earplugs.

At the same time, you are looking to find an alternative to foam earplugs for a good solution because you don’t like earplugs anymore.

Don’t worry. There are some suggestions for using alternatives to earplugs for sleeping. But before that, I want to tell you some information that you really need.

Remember, you often face some moments that annoy you. Such as when you are facing guests in your house. Then most of the time that guest is talking all the time.

This situation may irritate you and sometimes you cannot tolerate the ear noise created by your family member or guest. You also don’t like to use sleeping earplugs always and for that, you are searching for another good solution.

Using earplugs all the time can bring you physical hamper (potential health risks) and ear pain, especially the problem of sound entrance path of ear canals, there may be some problem in your ear.

In this situation, to stay without using silicone earplugs, quiet noise reduction earplugs, or other ear devices for hearing protection, you should remove room noise and echo.

For this reason, you should know the difference between echo and noise. then you can understand and you will be able to justify them separately and solve them quickly.

Before going to the solution, I want to discuss the more bad effects of using ill-fitting earplugs. This is why you will be more conscious of the bad effects of using earplugs.

Can Earplugs Give You Any Facility?

I am not telling you to avoid reusable earplugs all the time. But regularly using it can reflect negatively on you.

Especially if you are health conscious, then you will agree with my concept. So the best solution is for you to find out the best alternative soundproofing solutions and maintain a noise reduction rating (NRR).

As official news, there are many kinds of diseases like depression, hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, stroke that are attacking our body only for sleeping disorders.

In sleeping time, any ambient sounds may increase sleeping disorders. So you need to know the answer to this question: how to block out bass noise from neighbours? During sleeping, it is important to block bass and other sounds at night.

Disposable earplugs are required for a short time staying in a high-volume area. But it is not recommended to use earplugs all the time.

disadvantage or side effects of ear plugs

There are some common disadvantages (side effects) to using earplugs all the time. They are:

Drawback One: Ear releases earwax on a regular basis because to keep the ear healthy there should be removed earwax from the ear. When you use the earplug, it pushes back earwax to the ear again. This is the reason why your ear can damage slowly. Finally, you can have a hearing loss issue.

Drawback Two: Ear infection is created by using earplugs for a long time.

Drawback Three: The eardrum can be damaged, if you are using earplugs by the maximum push to the ear on a regular basis.

So what is your thinking about reading above all these drawbacks of using earplugs! I know, you are thinking that from now on you will not use earplugs.

But you may have a question: what is the solution to remove disruptive noise in your room?

Don’t worry. There is also a better solution that you need and make your peaceful sleep deeper without using wax or other earplugs.

In our technology world, you should follow some tech ideas to overcome any problem. Now come to the main topic. Here, you can learn how to block sound pollution from your ears, especially when you are sleeping.

How to Block Out Noise from Outside (Without Earplugs)

You are looking for some ways to block out noise mentally in your room. You also want a silent room all the time. For this, you want to remove unwanted background noise that comes from outside your room at night and daytime.

Basically, when you stay in a joint family, there is a huge population noise. when a guest comes to your house, the children of the guest may annoy you by producing loud environments.

For a clear understanding of this solution, you should know the difference between noise absorbing and noise proofing. If you are familiar with these two topics then you are welcome.

Here are given some examples of alternatives to earplugs (effective noise blockers):

earmuff and white noise machine are the alternatives to earplugs

Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs/Headphones for Sleeping and Other Activities

The first alternative solution to using earplugs can be earmuffs (noise-canceling). The function of earmuffs/headphones is to cover your ear from the outside.

This is the reason why there will not be any infection created inside your ear. By using it there is no need to inside push the ear.

You can use this earmuff for multipurpose activities. For example, you can use it to save your ear from cold weather too. You know that heavy-density material acts as soundproof material.

So my recommendation is that you should use high-density quality earmuffs. If you can collect quality soft earmuffs, then you can get better results using them.

When you wear earmuffs, make sure you cover all the areas of the ear. This is the reason why no sound waves cannot enter your ear.

Also, make sure that your earmuff should not tight fit to the ear. If you wear earmuffs with tight-fitting, blood circulation to the ear can be stopped.

So wear earmuffs as you prefer. Before wearing an earmuff, make sure that there is no hole in the earmuff. If there is any leakage in it, sound waves can easily enter the ear. So be careful about earmuff leakage before collection.

Use Soundproof Headphone

According to Wikipedia, you can control noise by using noise-canceling ear headphones which reduces unwanted loud sounds that come from outside.

Sleep headphones can also be comfortable alternative earplugs for sleep. This type of headphone is also known as noise-canceling headphones.

It has a special quality. This headphone can absorb all outside sound waves and then creates a uniform sound wave that is not bad for our feelings.

When you hear any background music by this headphone, then this type of headphone absorbs outside noise and creates a uniform sound that we hear.

This is the reason why you cannot hear the outside traffic noise when you wear these noise-canceling headphones. You can also use these headphones for reducing loud music to keep the room more silent.

You can also follow some other effective techniques that are given below.

Use of White Noise

There is also an interesting sound available that helps us very much. Yes, I am talking about the white noise. I guess, one question may be in your mind.

The question is what is white noise. Like any other noise, this sound is not bad for our human life. If you have thought this, I will say that you are right.

This sound is not harmful like other noises. Is white noise well known to you?

If you hear about it for the first time, then I will tell you that you are missing the advantage of using it. I also want to tell you that white noise is becoming more and more popular day by day. Besides, there are also other colored noises that are used for various purposes.

Most people use it for their pleasure. According to the theoretical explanation, white noise is a noise that receives all bad louder noises and creates a uniform wave that is not harmful to us.

For example, a natural sound (quiet music) like the sound of the sea is one kind of white noise. Of course, you have heard the sound of a fan.

You also have heard the sound that comes from trees, rain, and air. All those sounds make you feel happy. I want to tell you that all these sounds are known as white noise.

Basically, white noise is used to cover snoring sounds and other unwanted sound waves that come from outside areas. You can also use an anti-snoring device for stopping the sound of snoring.

There is another question that you may ask me. The question is, how to use this sound wave and where will it be found?

If you have this question in your mind, then I will answer this. There is also an easy way to use white noise. To use it, you need to collect white noise machines (second alternative).

Don’t worry. These noise-blocking devices are not big in size. The size of this machine is tiny and you can carry it anywhere at any time when necessary.

You can find it in any trusted marketplace. Besides, you can also use a white noise app in your home and office. But keep in mind that you should collect a quality one when you buy it.

The operation of a white noise machine is so easy that any child can handle it. Now, I am going to give you a small brief about the function of this bass canceling machine.

Inside the machine, there is a small fan. Actually, that fan produces sound. Normally, there is no mp3 music player on that machine.

Only a small fan rotates in that machine. This is the reason why the sound that is created in the white noise machine is not harmful to our bodies. There is a switching system to handle this machine.

You can change the volume as your requirement at any time. If you want to know more about white noise then read the article about the difference between white noise and other noise.

Cover Room Door and Window by the Curtain

There is also another solution to keep your room silent. Then there is no need to use earplugs when silence is available in your room.

For doing this, you should set up divider curtains in the right place. If you are facing outside noise from your room, then at first you should soundproof the outside window and door of your room.

You know that windows and doors are the main part to enter noise from outside. The simple way is that you should make sure to use soundproof curtains for both the door and window.

For doing that you should collect that type of curtain with quality from the marketplace. The positive news for you is that a soundproof curtain can absorb echo (sound reflection) too.

When there is any sound reflection inside your room, this curtain can easily absorb that echo and make your room more silent.

You don’t need to worry about the hanging system of the curtain. Most of the time there is a hanging hook system available in the curtain.

Before collecting any curtain, you should check what system is available to hang the curtain in the door or window. As my concept, normally there is a hanging system available in the curtain.

This curtain is available in various colors. My recommendation is to collect black soundproof curtains because they have both two types of facilities.

One facility is to absorb sound reflection and the other facility is to absorb outside daylight too. This is the reason why the maximum percentage of daylight cannot come to your room and make your room free from sunlight.

So think fast to collect the curtain from the marketplace. However, best of luck with doing your room door and window soundproof.

But it will be better if you will soundproof your entire room wall. For doing this you should read this article about soundproofing a wall of a room.

Use of Acoustic Carpet to the Floor

Have you heard about structure airborne sound before? If you don’t know about that, let me tell you what structure airborne sound is.

When any ambient noise passes from one room to another room through the floor or other hard material then that type of noise is called structure-borne noise.

To keep your room more silent, you should reduce noise for sleep. For this reason, you should soundproof your floor for noise attenuation (reduction).

Don’t worry and there is an easy solution to solve this issue. Yes. Acoustic carpets can help to soundproof a floor in an easy way.

There are two advantages to the acoustic carpet. One side advantage is that the acoustic carpet will soundproof the floor.

When there is created internal sound in the room, then there is also created sound reflection (echo). This echo turns a big active noise inside the room where you live.

The acoustic carpet stops that sound reflection and it has the ability to absorb that echo easily. This is the other advantage of using an acoustic curtain.

I have some advice for you. you should follow this advice if you want to get good results. When you collect acoustic carpet, be sure it is thick in width.

You know that rough things are the best absorber to any light. According to science, there is almost the same reflection function between light rays and sound waves.

This is the reason why any rough surface absorbs sound waves at any time. If you use a carpet that contains a rough surface, this will give you extra facility.

The rug is one kind of carpet that has a rough surface. There are more other acoustic carpets that you can use on your room floor.

Now, you can understand the importance of using an acoustic carpet. This will be better if you use acoustic foam to the wall because it can create a noise absorption area in the room wall.

So I think you should be concerned about keeping your room soundless. Now make a decision as to your own choice.

If you have any doubt about soundproofing material, then you can read this article about does soundproofing work?

Use of Drywall Panel to the Ceiling

Drywall is one kind of thin layer board that has the ability to soundproof a room ceiling. There is a special setting in the drywall so that it can stop any sound wave easily.

You cannot do this setup alone. You need someone who can help you with this setting. Now, I am telling you how to set drywall to the ceiling.

First, you need to measure the ceiling area where you want to set up drywall. Then cut the drywall panel board according to the measurement.

Before setting drywall, be sure that there is no crack or hole in the drywall. Finally, you can adjust the drywall to the ceiling as per your requirement.

Also, take help from a professional person who wants to serve you. Adjusting drywall in the ceiling is not easy work for only one person.

You need a person to hold the drywall in the ceiling. The other person also needs to set up drywall to the ceiling.

After setting up drywall, you can get a great advancement in soundproofing ceiling. If you can set drywall, then I will tell you that you will get maximum support to soundproof the ceiling of your room.

More Special Notes those You Should Follow

If you are seriously interested in staying without canal caps in your private room, then some more serious points that you should follow.

These points are not mandatory to you but if you seriously follow these notes, then you will surely get a fine result about soundproofing a room.

For knowing the first step, you should read about how to soundproof a full room step by step. Here you will learn how to fully block the outside bass soundwaves that try to come into your room.

In this article, you also learn how to remove echo that actually disturbs you. You should also clean headphones and earmuffs regularly when you use them.

There may be an infection in your ears if you don’t clean these accessories on a regular basis. Also, clean other home accessories regularly if you want to live healthily.

My Overall Viewpoint about Earplug Alternatives

I think you have read all the information that I have provided about soundproofing in any area. I also think that all the suggestions given above will be effective for you to solve your problem spontaneously.

Here, the main term that I try to tell you is that you should be careful about listing all types of noise-proof accessories that help to keep a room more silent. Then you don’t need any earplugs when your room becomes silent.

You can properly arrange your home accessories in the area where sound waves regularly flow. Try to fill the holes of a door and window with sealant acoustic material.

To know more about sealant material, you should read this blog about how to soundproof a door and how to soundproof a window.

Basically, I like to use white noise. Besides, I personally try to hear this sound when I go to sleep. Actually, this sound makes me feel better.

So my final thought is that you cannot soundproof your room if you have no seriousness about giving all suggestions. So also take a decision if you need to know the answer: how to block out traffic noise in the bedroom when trying to sleep.

Most people forget to use door sweep. This is the reason why outside noise (external sounds) can enter your room easily. So here, my recommendation is that you should use a quality door sweep in the bottom door section.

There are also different types of door sweeps. You should choose what type of door sweep that you require most. Also, this depends on the quality of your door.

Before collecting all soundproof accessories, you should check them with customers’ reviews and the accessories return policy that makes you tension-free.

So best of luck and hope you have enjoyed this reading about blocking out structural noises from a specific area without earplugs.

FAQ: Earplug Alternatives

What Instrument Can You Use Instead of Earplugs?

As an alternative, you can use soundproof earmuffs. By using it, you can get more facilities than earplugs.

How Do You Block Out Noise Mentally in Your Area?

Mentally, you should think about the reliable setup of acoustic materials in your room. If you use these materials, then you don’t need to wear earplugs.

How can I Fall Asleep Without Using any Ear Plugs?

You need a daily routine for going to bed and you shouldn’t spend too much time in bed. You should work without going to bed. When your body needs to take a rest, go to bed to sleep.

Besides, you should implement some acoustic elements in your room. After doing all these, I think you don’t need to wear earplugs in your room.

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