2 Best Soundproof Curtains for Sliding Doors, Windows & Room

soundproof curtains for sliding doors, windows & room

Today our life is full of sound noise. Most of the people are living near sound pollution areas like road traffic, factories, and other overpopulated areas.

This sound pollution is disturbing to you. Because of this sound pollution, you cannot stay at home in peace. Now, you are thinking about how to live quietly in your house by using the best noise-canceling curtains.

Then I want to tell you that the reliable solution is that you should use reliable & best home fashion soundproof curtains for studio and home.

You are always in confusion about what curtain should be best. You can collect it and by using it you can make your room more silent.

But if you have a question about whether the noise reduction curtain really works or not. Then I should tell you that scientifically sound blocking or sound dampening curtains actually work.

Why is this Curtain Reliable?

I have tried to find the truth about soundproof material and observed that some curtains include microfiber that stops and reduces sound waves.

Finally, I have got to the point and realized that it is possible to have an acoustic curtain that actually prevents noise.

Then I have decided to share the information with special guides so that many people who do not have enough time can easily find it.

If you don’t have any time, then you can try these recommended soundproof curtains.

Best Pick: Soundproof Thermal Insulated Curtains

Basically three facilities you can get by using it. It reduces sound waves because it has acoustic material and it can prevent light normally. Another good advantage is that it can stop the light of the sun.

These Polyester type curtains can balance the temperature and act as insulators during the summer and winter seasons. The same fabric is included on both sides of it.

Different stylish colors of these curtains are available. But if you want to use it as a soundproof issue, then my suggestion is that you should use the black layer (color) curtain for getting better results.

It is available in different sizes. Before collecting it, first, check the measurement properly.


  • Quality fabric with soft and heavy
  • Soundproof
  • Blackout
  • Most Popular
  • Top selling product
  • Balance room temperature
  • Quick cleanable and washable in water

I think, above all, these points are important to become a good sound reducing curtains. Besides, there will need more information for your better idea about it.


  • Not 100% blackout
  • Liner not included

Best Pick: Curtains for Room Divider

Now I will tell you the other selected pick that I have also found. Here I am giving you the information about it that works for Room Divider with soundproof. For that, you don’t need to invest enough time to find the right pick.

This room divider curtain is another alternative that also has some features and metal grommets are included (attached) for easy hanging.

You can easily open and close the area because it includes the groomer’s rings for moving curtains. It can create better privacy with silence. It can block most of the sunlight and make a dark environment in the room.

For temporary door soundproofing, you can use it in a sliding glass door and shared bedroom too. It is easily washable and doesn’t use bleach. You don’t do any dry cleaning for washing it but you have to low heat for iron.

It also controls the temperature between the rooms because it is thermal insulated. Basically, it is perfect for setting a bedroom, large room space, ceiling, etc.

On the other hand, you can use it in offices, hospitals and other loud areas too. it’s a heavy material and instant noise can’t cross this curtain panel.


  • Reduce noise
  • Thermal insulation
  • Create a private space


  • It is not 100% blackout

What are Acoustical Curtains for Reducing Noise

First, you should know what an acoustical material is. A material that can be able to stop or absorb any sound wave is called acoustic material.

Now, I want to ask you, do you know what the acoustical curtain is? I think, now you can guess it. If you can’t guess what it is, then don’t worry.

I will tell you about that in a simple way. This acoustic curtain is one of the soundproof door kits. The curtain that can be able to absorb or stop any kind of sound wave at any condition is called an acoustical curtain.

Now the question is how can you choose a reliable acoustical curtain from any marketplace. Well, to know about that you should read some basic factors, product specification and the review of an expert who has the knowledge for that particular item.

Besides, it will be better if you have some basic idea about acoustic curtains. If you are a professional, you can automatically choose it for yourself. On the other hand, if you are a new person and don’t know which is the right curtain for you, then you should read other’s reviews and the user who has actual knowledge about it.

According to my findings, here, I can suggest that you should always choose microfiber thermal noise-reducing curtains. Then you will be able to collect it spontaneously.

Now, I will also tell you the factors that you should check before collecting them. So keep on reading this full article.

Factors You Need to Know Before Buying Acoustic Curtain

But before collecting any item every customer needs to check carefully. This is the reason why you also check first and then collect soundproof curtains if you are ready to buy them.

Don’t worry, I will tell you what things you should check before collecting it. So below, there are some points that you need to focus on.

1. Curtain Size

Remember, your main target is to remove noise from a room. So if you make a decision to start with a noise reduction curtain, then you should know the idea about what certain size that you will need.

Normally, any curtain is installed in the window area. But this is not the right way to stop the sound that comes from outside of the room. Personally, I will suggest that you set it in the window with a full portion from ceiling to ground.

For protecting sound fully, you need to set a curtain with that full area. It is easy for you to measure the size of what you need for covering the full area of the sound source. For this measurement, you should give a proper concentration.

For example, if you need a curtain for a window, then the size of it will be bigger than the size of the window area. For the sound dampening door curtain, you can apply this same idea.

In summary, I will again tell you that it will be better if you choose a large size for your window or door. You just need to confirm that the installed curtain should cover the full area where you will set up.

You should choose more width and thickness of curtain when you will collect it from any marketplace. Because fabric layers are included in it for more additional sound insulation. More width of any curtain can have the capability for more soundproofing and sound absorption.

2. Curtain Weight

The weight of a curtain is also important and sound cannot pass easily through heavy density absorbent materials.

If you are choosing a heavy soundproofing curtain, then I will tell you that you have done well. It can easily block sound noise.

On the other hand, a light curtain has no ability to stop any sound because there is no high-density material in it. So it cannot absorb sound too.

Though a heavy curtain is not easy to hang on any place, it can stop sound instantly. If you want to remove sound from home, always choose the reliable option.

3. Material for Soundproof Curtains

If there is available more fiber in any material, then that material creates a strong barrier for passing anything through fiber material. The standard curtain has no extra fiber.

This is the reason why traditional curtains are thin in width. For this reason, it has no barrier to stop any sound waves.

On the other hand, the acoustic curtain has extra fiber material that produces more barriers for passing anything. So in this fiber material, various sound waves cannot pass through it easily.

You can choose velvet material for noise reduction. It has the extra power to absorb sound. Using velvet curtains, there is also another facility too.

It is able to stop almost 98 percent of daylight that tries to come inside the room. You can also choose an extra thermal layer that includes your selected curtain material. An extra thermal layer helps the material be more soundproof.

Only quality soundproof curtains contain an extra thermal layer. Just you need to check the extra thermal layer before buying. The heat maintenance system includes this thermal layer.

4. Washable

After using the acoustic curtain, you need to clean it. If you don’t clean any household material after using it for a long time, then it will create more allergies in your room.

So don’t worry this suggested acoustic curtain is washable and you can easily clean it after a period of time. Normally the acoustic curtain is not machine washable because it may hamper the layer of fabric during machine cleaning.

5. Density

Heavy quality thick material is also important to reduce sound noise. Normally the density of acoustic material is higher than a normal cloth. So before collecting a soundproof curtain, you should check this issue.

6. Budget

Budget is also a factor when you are thinking of collecting this type of curtain. However, you should check all these issues before buying it. Also remember, you are preparing to buy a sound reduction curtain not buying a normal curtain.

So the best decision is that you should consider thermal layers, insulation, and extra fiber that are included in your selected curtain. Then you will be able to collect your required one.

More Information of Acoustic Curtain You May Need

Do Noise Cancelling Curtains Work?

Here, I am telling you that soundproof curtains actually work. But how?

Wait… just read the full article. Then you can easily understand how it works.

There are two things that you should know. One thing is, what is soundproof and the other thing is, what is the echo. Soundproof material stops any sound from passing.

On the other hand, echo means sound reflection. It is a scientific term. A best noise reduction curtain is able to stop ambient noise from passing and absorb sound waves or echo at any condition.

How Does Acoustic Curtain Work?

Suppose you are in a closed room where there is no curtain in your room. Of course, the door and window must be closed. Now, you start to play a song at a high volume.

Then you can see that the music sound is growing louder because the sound reflects in the internal room wall. Now, switch off the music, and inside the room, set the curtain to the doors or french doors, windows, and other places where you need.

Then again play music. Now, you can feel that there is less sound created. Here, the sound will be less because the music sound cannot create an echo to the installed acoustic curtain. You know that less echo means less sound.

If you do this same experiment in your bathroom, then you will get a different result. When you play music in the bathroom without the installation of acoustic material, you can feel the sound of this music is high.

The sound of the bathroom becomes high because the sound waves reflect on the bathroom wall and make it loud. After experimenting with this example, you can find that the same sound of the music is growing high without installing any acoustic material in the bedroom.

In the bedroom, there are many clothes and these clothes absorb most of the percentage of that music sound. So in the bedroom, the sound volume is low.

On the other hand, in the bathroom, there are no sound-absorbing things like clothes. So the sound volume will be high in the bathroom if you don’t set up any soundproof accessories.

N.B: The thread (yarn) and weave structure of the acoustic curtain are designed for noise reduction.

Now, I think you can understand how it works.

If you install a new window and door to soundproof a room, then this will not be a good idea for you. For doing that, you also need a huge investment to install new windows and doors.

So the best solution is that you should set up soundproof curtains easily. I think you have understood my point about the overall function of this soundproof cloth.

Need Window Treatment Before Using Acoustic Curtain

The process of this treatment is so easy that you can do it with your hand easily. There is no need for extra work to do that treatment to noise-proof your window.

First, you need to find all the holes or gaps that exist in the window. Fill these window gaps by using the acoustic sealant.

After that use weather stripping to the hinge part of the window joint. Weatherstripping is one kind of adhesive tape that you can use to fill door and window joint gaps properly.

If you don’t know about the details of using it, Don’t worry, you will get the detailed installation guideline from the best weather stripping review.

To remove noise, you need proper treatment of the window. You should know the basic idea about soundproofing window treatment if you want to get better results.

Before doing all these setups, collect all the acoustic accessories for better soundproofing installment. In this situation, my suggestion is that you should make a list of what type of activities you need to do.

But keep in mind that you should always collect the required accessories when you need them. After doing all these things, then hang on to the acoustic curtain for better results.

Soundproof Curtains for Window Treatment

There are some specific ways by which you can be able to noise-proof your window. To do that you need to follow some instructions. You can do it by two procedures.

One procedure is a noise-canceling window treatment that is already mentioned above. The other procedure is to install better noise-proof curtains.

After reading the topic about noise-canceling window treatment, you should implement these treatments with concentration. Now, you can start the other procedure by selecting an accurate curtain.

In this situation, if you are in a hurry, then choose the recommended ones. If you have enough time then you can select the reliable one by yourself. For this, you just need to follow some guidelines that you should know.

So keep an eye on this post and continue reading for learning more tips to select sound block curtains for you. You know that only a proper curtain for soundproofing a door or window can get you more facility from other acoustic accessories.

After installing it, no outside noise like traffic noise can enter your room through your installed curtain.

Finally, if you can do all these steps, then I will say that you will be able to reduce noise from your home. If you want to learn the full setup about it then read the article about how to soundproof a window.

Acoustic Curtain can be Blackout Curtain

acoustic blackout curtain is reducing outside light

Do you have any idea about soundproof blackout curtains? If you have an idea about it then it’s ok. But if you don’t have any idea, then you don’t need to worry. Here, this term is described in a simple way.

The curtain which absorbs outside light and keeps the internal room lightless is called the blackout curtain. It is one kind of acoustic curtain that absorbs sound waves too.

As a scientific term, insulated high-quality material stops any noise. If that insulated material exists in it, it will help you to keep silent in your private room.

If you have time, then my suggestion is that you should know the more important notes (FAQ section) that are given below, if you want to get more ideas about it.

Overall Viewpoint about Noise Reduction Curtain

My suggestion is that you should check the product description before collecting it. Especially, if you want to collect blackout curtains here my recommendation is that you should collect dark curtains. Any dark cloth really works better for blackouts.

You should choose a thicker curtain for better performance. You know that more acoustic particles have more capability to stop noise waves.

It will be better if you install it to the window from the bottom floor to ceiling (floor-length curtains or soundproof long window curtain). This is the reason why no outside noise of your house can’t enter your private room through the window.

According to scientific theory, dark matter absorbs more light than any other color matter. In this situation, the dark curtain absorbs more sound and light as a scientific theory.

Only the collection of window curtains is not a full setup to noise-proof your room. There are other soundproof accessories that you will need to complete a soundproof room setup.

So you should be more concerned about the other accessories to set up your private place more soundproof. You can also use acoustic soundproof curtains for walls if possible.

FAQ: Best Sound Reducing Curtains

Can Heavy Acoustic Curtains Block Sound?

The material that has high density and large size can be able to stop or absorb more sound waves.

So in an acoustic cloth, there must be high density and high thickness to block more sound spontaneously. So try to collect the heavy density of the acoustic curtain before installing.

Are there Soundproof Curtains Available?

Recently many industries are producing high-quality acoustic curtains. This soundproof cloth is growing popular day by day. You can get it from any marketplace. But ensure quality before buying it.

What are Soundproof Curtains Made of?

Normally it is made from mass-loaded vinyl material and fiberglass material. Using these soundproofing materials creates more density and heavy thickness in it. So it can easily block any sound waves.

How to Hang on an Acoustic Curtain?

This is a good question. There is a hook system in the acoustic curtain. So there is no need to worry about hanging it. Besides, there are many eye holes for proper management of it.

By using regular curtain rods or curtain rod brackets or industrial hangers, you can hang it easily.

Can All Curtains Absorb Sound?

All types of curtains cannot absorb sound. Only those curtains absorb sound which has acoustic properties. Because it includes fiberglass or other cotton material for the heavyweight property. This is why this cloth can easily absorb any sound.

On the other hand, ordinary curtains don’t have any fiberglass and also don’t have any extra layer to soundproof.

Only Soundproof Curtains are Essential to Soundproof Windows?

An effective acoustic curtain may cover maximum sound protection for a window. There are other more implementations that you need to require.

You need to fill all the holes and join gaps in the window. Acoustic sealant and weatherstripping are required to repair those holes and gaps. If your window is old enough, then my suggestion is that you should replace the total window if you have enough budget.

Does there need to be a Wash before Installing an Acoustic Curtain?

Well. This is a good question about washing acoustic curtains. When you buy it, there may be many germs on it. Before installing it, wash it by the given instructions of that product.

Can I Remove the Acoustic Curtain Quickly?

When you feel that there is no need for any acoustic curtain in the window area, you can remove it quickly. Because there is a hook system for easy maintenance and you can easily remove it from the window.

Besides, there is an available eye hole for easy removal of that curtain. So don’t worry about removing it.

Is the Acoustic Curtain Fireproof?

Normally the acoustic curtain is made from fiberglass. So most of the time they have not included any fireproof material.

Can Water Do Any Harm in an Acoustic Curtain?

Keep in mind that you should keep any acoustic curtain dry. If you always keep it in a dry place, then it may last for longer. If any curtain gets wet, then try to dry for better performance.

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