2 Best Soundproof Underlayments: Laminate Flooring [Reliable]

soundproof underlayment for laminate flooring

Are you finding an ideal floor soundproofing solution for yourself? But you don’t find any effective data.

Quiet walk underlayment is one kind of floor laminating material that is used in the ground surface like floor carpet or cement subfloors for creating sound-absorbing flooring systems.

The actual work of this material is to provide a fine ground surface for easy walking without sound. There are also other facilities that you need most.

Yes, now I am telling those facilities to use proper layers. Proper use of it can make your floor soundproof. But how can you find reliable underlayment for a soundproof flooring system?

Now, you are searching for the best underlayment (soundproof) for laminate flooring (overlay the floor) to reduce noise. So don’t worry I will give you reliable data.

Why is Soundproof Flooring Underlayment Reliable?

In the past, I also didn’t know about the availability of this type of soundproof layer. After searching a lot, I have found this type of layer which is available in the marketplace.

Finally, I selected it as the most reliable one. If you have no time then you can check this recommendation. Here, I will also give you some short notes that you have found in the last portion of this post.

N.B: For residential noise control and insulation in the flooring area, underlayment can be effective. (source)

Best Pick: Quiet Walk 100-Square Foot Underlayment

It works well on the concrete, hardwood floor, and radiant heating floor. It is also popular for use in condos and apartments.

It is reliable in using subfloor. It contains a natural color (green). It is comfortable to use. It increases the floor layer so that any sound can’t pass through that layer.

It creates noise insolation which is required to keep any layer silent. You can easily use it on any hard surface for creating silence.


  • Stops airborne sounds and structure-borne noise (STC rating is 66)
  • Protect floor moisture
  • Most popular selling underlayment
  • Includes multiple layers for more soundproofing


  • The people who don’t need soundproof floor
  • The people who live in a silent area

Best Alternative Soundproof Underlayment for Vinyl Plank Flooring

There is also another alternative of underlay that you can check. The name of this underlay is MP global quietWalk laminate flooring underlayment (Attached Vapor Barrier).

It includes soundproof fiber that reduces structural floor noise. It has also the facility of moisture protection.

There is no hamper of air quality by using this mp global underlayment.
This underlay has the approval of heat system technology. It has also the facility of vapor barrier

More Information on mp Global Laminate Flooring Underlayment

  • Easy to cut any portion when necessary
  • No bad smell


  • Reduce sound (Has good STC rating)
  • Easy to cut for custom setup
  • No petrochemical smell


  • Not designed for under carpet

Above all these points are mandatory to be a good soundproof layer. So according to the finding, there are also other good features of this underlay. So don’t skip the post. Just continue reading, if you want to know more details about it.

You need to know proper guidelines to set up the best underlayment (noise insulator) for laminate flooring on concrete (hard surface) and another floor surface. That’s why I will give you guidelines that I already have found.

At the end of this blog, I will also tell you some important tips that you really need to reduce noise properly. So keep an eye on this blog (Mr Sound Noise).

For finding actual underlayment, you should know what laminate flooring is. For better understanding, I will give you an easy example. Here it is.

Do you laminate any writing paper or any printing pictures? Have you seen any laminating pictures? I know, you will say that yes, you have seen laminating paper which is used in printed pictures.

Normally, laminating is done to increase the stability of that picture. To last longer, a hard copy picture is covered by a plastic thin layer which is called laminating. Normally, laminating means covering something with the plastic layer when it is needed.

Now, I think you can understand what floor laminating is. Actually, laminate flooring means, the ground surface is covered by any layer. Yes, basically this layer is called underlayment.

If you cover the ground floor with a good underlay, then you can get some facilities from soundproofing and a sound-absorbing system. Only the right layer can give you the best result to reduce ground noise.

It is an easy term that a little boy can understand. But the important thing is that you should collect proper underlay for laminate flooring to reduce ground noise and the noise of other rooms properly.

In your mind, you have a question that ‘ do I actually need these rolls of underlayment to reduce noise? So continue reading to learn more information.

Factors You Need to Know Before Buying Underlayment

1. Foot Noise Reduction

If you want to reduce foot noise, then you should multilayer your home or office floor. In this case, you should use noise-blocking underlayment to the ground surface or wall surface of the room using drywall. Thus those surfaces are created in multiplayer.

2. Thickness

If you really want to use soundproof underlayment, then you should be aware of its thickness. Normally 2mm to 3mm is found in the marketplace.

But the best solution is that you should use above 2mm thickness for removing maximum noise. The good news is that here the suggested underlay is around 3mm.

3. STC Rating

A good STC rating is important for sound blocking underlayment. It will be better if you use an upper than 60 STC rating of any underlayment. The maximum STC rating of any element has a higher capability to reduce more noise.

4. Budget

You need to keep an extra budget if you really want to keep your floor silent. But for getting better sound control, you should collect this type of layer.

Types of Underlayment

Normally, there are five types of underlayment. Such as:

  1. Tiles floor underlay: The material may be natural stone, ceramic, or hardwood.
  2. Wood floor underlay: The material may be hardwood or acoustic elements.
  3. Carpet floor underlay: The material may be acoustic or sound barrier elements.
  4. Cork underlay: The material is cork element (coated by suberin and lignin).
  5. Laminate underlay: The material may be cork element, hardwood, ceramic or acoustic element

If you want to know more, you should read about how to reduce floor noise by the Installation of underlayment

Importance of Underlayment to Reduce Room Noise

Of course, there is also the importance of underlayment for removing the room noise. Before knowing the importance of it, you should know some more things.

Did you know about airborne noise and structure-borne noise before? If you know these two terms, then it is ok. Otherwise, you should know this to reduce noise.

Now, I am talking here about airborne and structure-borne noise. Basically, there are two ways where sound can flow easily. Air and hard substances are the main ways where sound can transfer from one place to another.

When any noise passes through the airway then you can call it airborne noise. On the other hand, when noise passes through a hard substance, then you can call it structure-borne noise.

I know, now, you want to know what are the examples of structure-borne ways. Hardwood material, iron metal, and hard plastic material are the main examples of structure-borne ways. On the ground section, there may be noise from the sound of footsteps and other falling materials.

Normally, the floor is constructed by hard substance material, and by the footsteps, there may create a sound that passes to other rooms through floor structural material.

To stop creating sound from the floor, you need to cover the ground surface with underlayment. It creates noise insulation to the floor. It also controls the floor moisture too.

Basically, it covers the ground surface and creates more floor layers so that it can generate barrier structure. Through this barrier structure, noise cannot pass.

If there is any family living below your apartment, then flooring underlayment may be a great help for you. Suppose, if any noise is created below your apartment, then that noise cannot pass to that floor. This is how you can save yourself from that noise.

So here you know that if the existing ground surface is soundproof, then you can avoid floor noise easily.

There are different types of soundproofing materials that are used on the floor for soundproofing. Such as acoustic material, sound removing vinyl material, insulation material, floor tiles material, sound-absorbing carpet, and soundproof underlayment material.

Nowadays, material for underlayment is widely used for floor soundproofing. There is also a big reason to use that ideal underlayment material. The reason is that acoustic material (sound removing material) is included in this underlay flooring material.

You can cut it to your required size (according to square foot) and place it on the ground surface at any time.

underlayment is for flooring and hard surface

More Information on underlayment you may need

Eco Silent Sound Underlayment

Do you have any idea about eco silent? If you don’t know about this topic, then don’t be upset. The place where sound reflection is stopped is called the eco silent area.

To do an eco silent environment, you need to use special soundproof accessories. I think you have understood what I am talking to you. Yes, I am talking about a quality soundproof layer that works best. Do you know that these underlays act like an eco silent underlayment?

Because in the soundproof underlay, there is a great barrier for sound transportation. So it is also a great eco silent underlay that is most widely used in condos and apartments.

Soundproofing Underlayment for Hardwood Floors Noise Reduction

I have already told you about it in the top part of this post, this soundproofing underlayment acts well on the nail-down hardwood floor. Besides, it works well on a hard surface like a concrete floor too. So you don’t need tension if you choose this accessory.

In the hardwood flooring section, this laminate floor underlay for soundproofing is the right choice for you. There is no need to worry about effectively soundproofing your wooden flooring because this accessory may the actual solution for you.

Basically, it is made for concrete and wood floors. No noise can’t pass through this quiet walk underlayment if you set it on your wood floor.

In the case of soundproofing for hardwood floors in condo floors, this durable underlayment may be an effective choice for you. Normally, there are other flooring accessories that are not mostly fit-able in the condo floor section. Besides, any rubber mat is also harmful to health and condo apartments.

Besides, in the condo room, you need to solve sound pollution because there are a maximum number of people. Because of having large manpower, there is creating some noise and this noise goes through the main section of the condo.

Yes, the main section is the condo ground surface where sound waves try to enter inside the room. This is the reason why your main responsibility is to soundproof your ground surface at first. After soundproofing a floor with a better layer, concentrate on soundproofing a full room.

Soundproof Flooring for Apartments

In the apartments, there are many ways to cover the floor. Many of us also try to soundproof that surface in different ways. Such as covering the ground surface with carpet, using rubber mat, rubber underlayment, etc.

But most of them don’t find any proper solution to soundproof any apartment floor.
Besides, here, you should know why you need noise-proofing on the floor of apartment buildings.

In that place, most of the structural noise waves (impact sounds) have passed from one apartment to another apartment through the ground surface.

This is why the only way to stop structural sound and thermal transmissions (thermal insulation) is to have a noise-proof apartment floor with a quality layer.

Then you need to focus on soundproofing a window in that apartment. Because in the apartment room, the second main noise source is the window.

So after soundproofing a ground surface, you can start your job to noise-proof a window by following some easy steps.

Acoustic (Soundproof) Underlayment for Carpet

Are you thinking that, is there a possible way to set up an underlay with carpet? Yes, it is possible to install it with your favorite carpet. You should install the right underlay under the carpet.

Then this acoustic layer will create multiple layers for increasing your floor thickness. Thus you can easily set up this underlay for preventing structural flooring noise.

Besides, a good acoustic underlay can help you from different sides. It can also control your carpet and floor moisture at the same time. It can be able to absorb the reflected sound of a room.

This is the reason why, inside the room, a good amount of noise can be reduced by installing it. So my suggestion is that you should set this accessory under your floor carpet for getting extra results.

My Viewpoint about Underlayment for Noise Removing

In this post, I have tried to introduce the underlayment for laminate flooring for saving your valuable time. Here, I have also included some important points that are really helpful to you.

Especially the people who are newbies to this soundproof section can get some required data for their proper implementation. For heat resistance from underfloor heating, you can use underlay.

Besides, I have also wanted to inform you about the features of sound reduction underlayment so that you can easily find reliable floor soundproofing underlayment.

You know that without soundproofing a ground surface, a full room can’t be noise-proof. This is the reason why you need to concentrate on noise-proofing your room floor.

I know that some people installed many types of soundproof accessories into the room. But finally, they didn’t get any result for one reason.

The main reason is that they ignored the floor for soundproofing. As a result, structural noise (impact noise) passes through the ground surface from one apartment to another apartment. For scientific reasons, a soundproof floor is really needed to silence your private room spontaneously.

My suggestion is, don’t install any type of layer. Just install the reliable underlay in the acoustic floor tiles. If you have a huge time, you should get more idea about it and choose an effective soundproof floor underlayment for you.

If you are eager to know more about underlay, then read the below questions with answers in the FAQ section.

FAQ: Best Soundproof Underlayment for Laminate Floors

How do You Soundproof a Subfloor?

There are many ways to soundproof a subfloor. But the best way is to soundproof a subfloor by using a quality layer properly.

For the Installation over the subfloor, you should learn more about the process of installment. If you use any noise-proof underlayment to a subfloor section, then there creates a barrier to stop impact noise transmission too.

Multilayers are included in a quality soundproof underlay that helps to increase more layers of subfloor. So my suggestion is, collect a quality noise-proof underlay and implement it to the subfloor. After implementing it, I think you will be able to soundproof a subfloor.

What is Acoustical Underlayment?

The term acoustic is related to sound. So acoustic material means that the material that can absorb or remove any sound wave, is called acoustic material.

Now, I think, you can guess what the acoustical underlayment is. It has the quality of impact sound absorption that works on the ground surface.

Because it includes acoustic material that can be able to absorb or remove noise waves easily. You can use overlap film (built-in joint tape) or self-adhesive tape (adhesive strip) for linking multiple rolls of underlayment in the floor.

This advanced sound blocker (underlayment) has some features for giving extra facility to the ground surface. Such as moisture-proof (built-in moisture barrier) helps to stop mold growth. Sound insulation facilities are also available in this underlay.

What Happens if You don’t Use Soundproof Underlayment Under Carpet?

Normally most people are using carpets on the ground surface. But they don’t keep any effective floor soundproofing material under the carpet.

This is the major problem for room noise. In this situation, there has no barrier on the ground surface for stopping floor structural noise. This is the reason why outside noise can easily pass into a home through the ground surface.

Now the best solution is that you should set up soundproof underlay under the carpet so that sound waves can’t transmit through the ground surface.

Do You Need to Clean the Area Before Setting Up Soundproof Underlayment?

Of course, a clean area is needed to install a quality underlay because there may be gaps between the ground surface and underlay. This is the reason why sound passes through this gap.

Besides, a clean surface is needed for the proper use of adhesive material. If there is dust below the underlay, then any underlay can’t adjust to the ground surface properly.

What Material is Included in Soundproof Underlayment?

Many types of acoustic materials can be included in the acoustic underlayment. What material properties are included, depends on the type of underlay. Such as some underlay includes fabric and some other includes acoustic insulator.

Keep in mind that a reliable soundproof underlay includes an acoustic insulator for more soundproofing. So I want to tell you to choose the right underlay before installing it to a ground surface for soundproofing.

Is Installing Underlayment the Only Way to Soundproof a Room?

For soundproofing a ground surface, a good layer is needed. But there are also other tasks to soundproof a total room.

For example, you need to soundproof a window, you need to soundproof a door, you need to soundproof a wall and you need to soundproof the ceiling in that room. By doing all these things, then you can be able to noise-proof a room successfully.

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