How to Soundproof (Sliding) Window with Window Kits: 8 Tips!

soundproofing a window

When you are facing some extra noise that comes from outside into your room, then you feel unhappy. If you find that the major problem is your window, then you think to soundproof it.

But you can not find any solution on how to do it. In this situation, here I will tell you that if you think that the major problem is window setting, then outside noise can enter your room through the weak parts of the sliding windows.

If you live in a populated area, industrial area, or roadside then this sound forms noise and comes to your room through metal or wood (timber) windows.

Don’t worry there is a solution to soundproof it with an easy way. And also you can do it with less investment. For this, you should follow some steps that I will describe below. Before that, I will tell you some notes.

There are two major sources for entering sound frequencies in your house. The major sources are doors and windows. So basically you need to control the high and low frequency of sounds for soundproofing sliding glass doors.

If you have no problem with your door, then you can go to the next step that is effective for your sound insulation.

There may be a bad quality of material when you have installed it during building construction. Also, there may be a lack of proper installment of window accessories.

For this reason, there may be some gaps or cracks around your window and its joints. Through these cracks or gaps, sound may come to your room.

You should find these cracks accurately and fill all of them. Besides, you should be aware of whether your total room is soundproof or not.

If your entire room is not properly soundproof then you should focus on soundproofing a room in an easy way. So that unnecessary sound can not come into the room.

If you have no issue in your entire room then let’s start learning the details to soundproof a window with the window insulator kits (inserts).

First, you should know what soundproof windows are. It is a setting that doesn’t permit sound to your room and most of the time it is also used as exterior magnetic storm windows for soundproofing.

For this, the setting must be special, and now you may have a question in your mind.

Does the soundproof system of a window work?

According to my suggestion, this system actually works, if you can follow the steps with full concentration. You also know that basically, the window is a thin part where the wall is not thin like it.

This is the reason why windows have weaker points for protecting sound. You cannot block it because you need the daylight and air too. In this situation, to block sound, you should set a special setting.

Now, I will tell you the guide step by step. For this, you should concentrate on these window treatments given below.

So don’t skip it.

How to Soundproof Sliding Windows [DIY] in an Apartment

I have worked to find the best ways to soundproof a window. After finding all these things, I want to tell you the main important steps with sound barriers (soundproofing window kits) that you should follow for sound reduction.

For this reason, I made all the information as a guide for your easy understanding.

Step One: Find and fill All Cracks or Gaps of the Window

insulated sealant for filling the cracks and gaps for soundproofing window

First, you should find a relaxing day when you can take the first step. You should collect marker pens or ink for crack or hole marking.

After collecting these items, start your implementation process in the daytime. Now, close all doors and windows. Make the room dark. Now, enter the room and go to the window side.

Here, you can see that unwanted lights come to your room from different holes or cracks in the window. Mark all these cracks with concentration. Because of the outside daylight, you can see all the cracks from the inside window view.

Be sure, inspect cracks from the darker side and this is how you can find all the holes. After finding these holes, you should fill these for soundproofing.

Now the question is how to fill these cracks or holes. The answer is that you can use a preferred insulated sealant to block the holes or cracks.

Besides, there are various types of sealant or acoustic caulk available and please choose the best one. Besides, you can use soundproof window plugs for fixing some holes.

If the existing windows are old enough, then you can change them by soundproof replacement windows with curtain rods. If you are interested in a window draft stopper, then you can use it to the bottom side of the window for more insulation.

Step Two: Use Soundproof Window Curtains

soundproof curtain for soundproofing a window

You can find regular curtains in the marketplace. But in this situation, any normal curtain can not protect sound very well.

This is why you should arrange a specific noise-reducing window curtain for solving this issue. The proper curtain can take a maximum role to soundproof it.

Various types of noises come to your room through the window. After entering the outside sound, there is also a sound reflection created inside the room.

If you don’t use absorption accessories for this sound reflection, then it makes a louder sound inside your living place. The good news is for you that this type of curtain can be a good sound absorption accessory.

So proper selection of curtains can be useful from both sides (absorption and reflection). This type of curtain also helps to protect the outside sound. Here is a term that you should know and that is the echo.

Now, the question is what is the echo. I have also told it before. The echo is the reflection of sound. Normally echo is made in an internal room.

When sound reflects the wall in your room, a large sound wave is created by this reflection. So this is called echo, according to scientific language.

You should keep concentration to remove unwanted noise (annoying sounds) and echo. When collecting curtains, it will be better to collect acoustic curtains with extra layers.

These heavy curtains absorb echo and noise very well. I recommend that you cover the full window with a curtain so that you can get better results.

There is a hooking system in the curtain. So you don’t need to worry about maintaining this curtain.

There are two types of curtains. One is, you can close and open it in a horizontal line. The other is, from top to bottom, you can fold it for opening and closing the soundproofing curtains. Top-to-bottom folding type window curtains are more useful.

For getting better results, you can use a sound dampener in the wall too.

Step Three: Block the Entire Window

In this article, here I mean ‘block the entire window’ so as not to use the current window. I don’t mean to block your window with cement and sand.

There are many reasons not to use the existing window. If you don’t want to use it for your reason, then there is also a tip for you.

You can block it by keeping bookshelves in front of it. These bookshelves can be a barrier to the sound that wants to come to your room.

Besides, these bookshelves may act as sound absorbers too. You can use any soft material like a sofa in place of bookshelves so that it can also absorb echoes in your room too.

You can also use acoustic foams inside your room so that the energy of these acoustic foams can absorb sound reflection from your room.

So the acoustic property has the energy-efficient capability. Using acoustic foams, you may have better results and keep your room more soundproof.

Using these types of foams from the outside room looks very ugly. So my suggestion is that you should set up these foams only inside your room.

Yes, there is also another solution to block windows, if you want. The solution is that you can use the soundproof blanket if you want to block sound for a long time.

This type of blanket has the facility of a hanging system. You can maintain it as your own choice.

Besides, this soundproof blanket is heavier and thick. This is the reason why it protects more sound than a curtain. This blanket also absorbs more echos than curtains.

There are various types of soundproof blankets. Also keep in mind that when you will collect this blanket, please check the purchased customer review.

Step Four: Use DIE Acoustic Foam

There is also another solution by which you can make your room soundproof. You can manage and remove the die acoustic foam as you wish.

When there is sound pollution near your window then it is easy to pass the noise through it. Here, acoustic foam is suitable for this situation.

Now, you may have the question in your mind: what are die and acoustic foam?

Die is one kind of frame that needs to hold the acoustic foam. These acoustic panels are one type of foam that can absorb sound and protect sound to pass within it.

First, prepare the frame size with wood or plastic. Normally, it may be rectangular in size. So that frame can fit with the design of the window.

Now, add this foam set with glue to your prepared rectangular frame. Thus die acoustic foam is prepared. I recommend that you select color foam so that your window looks well decorated.

Step Five: Use Weather-Stripping

Next, you should use adhesive tape for filling the window joint gap. In the marketplace, this tape is called weather stripping. It is one kind of glue tape by which you can fill the joint gap in the window steel and glass.

Find all the gaps and use these airtight seals as a requirement. Also make sure this glue tape should be strong and good soundproof, dustproof and waterproof.

Add this tape with time and press it with your finger for fine smoothness. After that, wait a while for some time. After some time you can see the tightens of the applied glue tape and it blocks the joint well.

Remember, self-adhesive foam seal strips last for a long time. So don’t worry about it lasting. You can collect from the marketplace. When collecting this adhesive material, check customers’ reviews with time. Also, check the return policy.

Some points that you need to follow for noise reduction before adding weather-stripping to the gap. Points are:

  1. Please wash the surface area where you add weatherstripping tape.
  2. Wait for a while to dry the surface area of the joint.
  3. Measure the stripping lengths (in feet) and cut them according to measurement.
  4. When you add weather stripping, press weatherstripping in the gap area so that gap is filled accurately.

Step Six: Use Clear Soundproofing Window Film

New technology is now available and it is soundproof window film. This is a plastic-type quality material that absorbs sound.

The special thing about this film is that it has a softer soundproofing material. The soundproof film has two parts.

The first part absorbs sound and the second part of the film stops the sound energy from passing other ways. This is why no sound can’t reflect this film. Normally, any sound wave easily reflects any glass surface because the glass surface is hard with the plain surface.

On the other hand, the surface of the soundproof film is soft. So any sound doesn’t reflect this film.

Here, I am telling you that if you have placed the soundproof film on your glass window, then it can absorb some outdoor sounds and help to keep the inner room silent.

This film also reduces noise levels from passing through it. You can collect soundproof film in any marketplace. Be careful, to collect professional soundproof film.

Now, the question is how to use soundproof window film. Don’t worry here I am telling you about how to implement this film in a short brief.

First, wash your window glass so that there is no dirty thing on the glass. Next, you should dry the glass with a soft and clean cloth. After a few moments, add that film.

Make sure there is no bubble inside the film plastic. Finally cut an extra film part around the glass. Thus you can set up soundproof film. There is no need for any knowledge to set up this film. To add this film properly, you just need concentration.

Step Seven: Use Window Shutter if Possible

Among the ways to soundproof the window, a shutter is also a useful way to stop noise pollution that comes from outside the room.

Actually, in the door shutter, some panels are closed to protect from outside bad activities. Normally, a shutter is used to protect from outside light, wind, sound, etc.

This shutter can be divided into two parts. Such as, one is, window exterior shutter and the other is, window interior shutter.

Window Exterior Shutter

It is placed from outside the room. This shutter is used for protection from the main difficulties such as weather, storm, rain, sound pollution, etc.

Different types of shutters are not from the perspective of quality. You should keep in mind that, of course, collect only soundproof exterior shutters with water and fireproof.

Window Interior Shutter

There are multiple panels in the interior shutter. It may be made of wood or metal plate.

There are also some advantages to using an interior shutter for keeping the inside room soundproof. Just you need to collect soundproof interior shutters to set up in the window.

Step Eight: Double Window Panel

If you have enough budget then you can replace your single-layer window with a double layer. There is also a triple layer of windows in the market. You may set two or three layers.

Adding multiple layers of windows, you can get an extra soundproof system in your room. You can also use a multi glass window if you will. You can decide about this after inspecting the situation.

Important Suggestions Before Constructing a New House

I have discussed almost all the steps that you can follow to soundproof a window. If you are thinking of building a new house, then it should be better to follow the following important issues.

1. Sound Transmission Class (STC) Rating

According to Wikipedia information,STC is an integer rating to measure good performance to protect from airborne sound. (source)

That means I want to tell you that if the STC rating is higher, then the sound block performance is higher. So I suggest you keep in mind the STC rating of any soundproof material that you want to use in building a new house.

2. Quality of Glass

You should not set up normal glass for soundproofing. The better solution is that you should set up a multi-layer of soundproof window glass. By setting two layers of quality glass, you can be able to get benefits earlier.

3. Window Glass Pane

Some people don’t know about glass panes. For them, I am talking about glass panes. A glass pane means a glass layer.

This language is used in the glass industry and glass business area. When a window has multiple glass panes, it has more ability to protect sound than single glass panes (single pane windows).

For this thinking, nowadays, many industries are focusing on producing windows with multiple glass panes for creating laminated glass windows. For higher STC ratings, these industries merge glass panes.

You also know that multiple glass panes have a higher STC rating than single glass panes. For multiple glass panes, noise waves cannot pass through them.

So before collecting new glass, it will be better to know about glass panes. Keep in mind that, always try to collect the window which has double (dual) panes (double-hung) windows or multiple glass panes.

Some people use plexiglass for soundproofing their windows of acoustic glazing (glazed windows). This type of acoustic glass sheet is made from acrylic plastic.

4. Quality of Window Frame

Frame quality can affect soundproofing windows. For more soundproofing, it will be better to use a soundproof frame.

The wood frame may be a good example to protect the sound. If you want to get better results, then choose vinyl as a frame.

Vinyl is one kind of plastic material that has more sound absorption capacity. The vinyl frame is also light in weight.

So you should think about which frame that you should collect. Also, you can choose other frame material that has a good soundproofing capacity.

If the frame is poor, there may be a chance to have holes, cracks, and noise leakages in the frame. So my recommendation is to choose that window that has a quality frame.

My Overall Viewpoint

Use the torchlight or sunlight when you will find window cracks. I have already explained how to use light to find cracks in this article ‘how to soundproof a door.

I advise you to fix your window first. Then do all these steps step by step. You should keep concentration when you start to implement these steps.

Before starting for implementation, please prepare all requirements that I have already told you. If there is a large noise area near your home, then you can use multiple layers of windows that fit this situation.

After setting the window, make the arrangement of your furniture in your room. If you don’t set up the soundproofing wall, you should do it.

FAQ: Soundproofing a Window

Can Any Window be Soundproof?

You can reduce noise from home by applying acoustic elements in the window. This is the reason why acoustic accessories are important for making the sound barrier.

So you should apply these types of elements in the sliding window and other sections in the room.

Do Soundproof Window Inserts Work?

Yes, it works but you can’t soundproof the window 100% by applying window inserts. It is also necessary to reduce noise from home. So it is also important to install these inserts for minimizing noise.

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