About MrSoundNoise

Md Mazharul Islam

I am Md Mazharul Islam and I am also a technical SEO analyst. I completed my BSc in engineering in 2013 and I am interested in technology, the internet, websites, etc. I have more interest in soundproofing noisy areas with acoustic tools. I have learned some practical appliances and still, now I am learning new things about new technical applications. I have worked with tools, industrial attachment, lean manufacturing tools, process development, etc. These topics are my core subjects. I write about soundproof information on my website (Mr Sound Noise) so that some sufferers can get easy help for making their environment silent. You know that in our world, some people can’t live in peace in noisy areas. This is the reason why I have decided to share some soundproofing techniques with those people who don’t know about it.

Note: Read the disclaimer. If you don’t understand about soundproof accessories for implementation, it will be better to call a professional person.

Another project I am working on is Mr Brand Web


Best of luck