Best Mass Loaded Vinyl Curtains For Existing Wall & Others

mass loaded vinyl (MLV) for existing wall & others

If you are thinking of using mass-loaded soundproof material to make your area more soundproof, then this is the right place for you. I also support your thinking about noise proofing with heavy-duty vinyl material properly.

Now, I am telling you the most effective soundproof accessories that really help you to stop more sound in your working place or living room.

For soundproofing the area, mass loaded vinyl is used to decrease the power of sound waves instantly.

Yes, I want to tell you about the best mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) for existing walls, curtains, over drywall, and other places. You can use this MLV to stop high and low-frequency noise. Normally, it is thicker than other soundproof materials. More noise reduction materials and denser materials are included in it.

But keep In mind that you should collect the best MLV to get better performance. If you can’t choose the best one, then you don’t need to worry about that.

Here, I am trying to tell you about vinyl so that you can select the quality one from any marketplace.

But if you have a little hurry, then you can check these recommend reliable MLV list that is given below:

Best One Pick: Noise Grabber Mass Loaded Vinyl

In spite of having some limitations of this MLV, it still stands top position from other soundproof accessories. It has no bad smell. You can set it up easily. There is no complicated process in it.

The quality of this soundproofing pad is high. Because it includes quality acoustic materials. You can use it as a last solution to remove deep bass noise. There is a black color available and this is a really good chance to collect black color MLV.

Because only black-colored vinyl has the ability to block sound instantly. This heavy weight vinyl is able to reduce unwanted astounding sound transfer.

You can use it on any top surface of the entire wall, ceiling, floorboards, etc. Besides, you can set it under the floor mat too.

If you have existing layers of drywall, then you can set it inside the drywall or outside the surface of that drywall.


  • Most effective soundproofing MLV
  • Waterproofing material
  • Most popular selling product
  • High rating (STC)
  • More durable than normal MLV
  • No toxic chemical


  • Can’t be painted

Above all these notes are important for all who are looking for reliable vinyl. So keep reading to know more for getting accurate information.

At first, I also didn’t know about audio sound deadening MLV. But after studying soundproofing elements on the internet, I got some effective information about it.

So if you want to collect quality MLV in a quick time, then you can try the best-recommended pick, otherwise, you can collect it from any marketplace.

Runner Up and Alternative Mass Loaded Vinyl

Now I am telling you another alternative to mass-loaded vinyl. If you can’t collect the best recommended one, then you can try this alternative.

TMS Sound Proofing Padding

This is another type of MLV that you also can check as an alternative. The name of this MLV is TMS soundproofing padding. You can use it for the ceiling and wall sections.

Besides, you also can use it from floor to ceiling and ceiling to floor. There is an absorbing panel in this TMS vinyl. There is also another good news that you can hang it to the side for reducing the traffic noise issues.

Actually, this method works! Many users use this method and they also say it’s higher ability as feedback.

You can use it in indoor and outdoor places for building soundproofing walls. The thickness of this is 1/8” and the STC rating is 27. The installation of this vinyl is user-friendly.


  • High ambient noise reducer
  • High acoustic absorption panels
  • Use it anywhere
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive is available


  • You cannot install it with any glue

But if you have some more time and want to collect reliable picks by yourself, then you should read below this information with patience. So keep reading.

Factors Need to Know Before Buying MLV

1. Availability of soundproof material

You know that elasticity is included in MLV. Heavy weighted soundproof material is also included in it. This is the reason why it is called mass load vinyl.

According to science, when any material includes elasticity and heavily weighted properties, then that type of material can be able to absorb and block airborne noise waves.

So we can say that it is also capable of absorbing and stopping any external noise wave spontaneously. For example, you can prove this theory by doing a little work.

Suppose, you are using rubber air plugs to your ears. You can’t hear outside sounds when you use air plugs. After a while, you remove those rubber earplugs from your ear.

Now, you can hear every sound easily. Here, the question is that why don’t you hear anything, when you enter a rubber air plug to your ears?

The answer is that when you wear air plugs, then any sound wave can’t enter your ear. In the same case, any background noises can’t also pass through the vinyl.

2. Smell of MLV

You should collect chemical-free MLV for safe and effective noise reduction. Only better quality mass-loaded vinyl has no smell. It is also eco-friendly too.

This is the reason why you can use it at your home place anytime. If you collect normal vinyl, then it may have some smell after a long time. So my suggestion is that you should try to collect an effective soundproofing pad for your future safety.

3. Availability of Toxic Elements

When you choose any vinyl, then you should collect nontoxic MLV. Don’t worry the recommended MLV is also nontoxic because harmful chemicals are not included in it.

Especially the main harmful element barium that is not included in this MLV. Besides, after a long time using MLV, normally there are no chemical changes due to weather conditions. This is the reason why you can use it without any tension.

4. Capacity of MLV

The ideal MLV does not have poor sound insulation because it has a high insulation rating. The density of any MLV must be high to reduce vibration energy for blocking unwanted sounds.

So you should check the capacity of MLV before collection. Now the question that may have in your mind: How to measure the capacity of any MLV?

The capacity of MLV means how many pounds(lb) is included per square foot. if there is the available high weight (lb) per square foot, then automatically that MLV has a high STC(Sound Transmission Class) rating.

Normally normal MLV has 1 pound(lb) per square foot and STC rating is near 26. Sound transmission loss(STL) can be gained by using these active noise barriers (vinyl panels).

So everyone should have the idea of noise transmission for proper implementation of any soundproofing pad.

The good news is that here the recommended MLV has 1.1 lbs per square foot and 32 STC rating.

According to the STC rating, vinyl absorbs sound. It has a special character to reflect all kinds of frequency of airborne sound waves instantly.

But it also has the other capacity to absorb some sound waves instantly. The maximum time it stops sound passing spontaneously. Even, you don’t need any sound isolation clips and resilient clips, if you can use them properly for additional sound isolation.

For the high elasticity and heavy density material, a quality vinyl stops and absorbs any sound noise instantly. This is the reason why this MLV is becoming popular day by day.

5. Water Resistance

The ideal MLV should be water resistance. So check it before collecting it. The recommended MLV has a high vinyl element. So it is highly waterproof. You can easily wipe it dry if water falls in it.

6. Budget

If you really want to reduce more sound energy then you should collect high soundproof MLV and at the same time you should check your budget for installing that MLV.

What Is Mass Loaded Vinyl

Do you know about mass-loaded vinyl? There is no need to worry if you have no idea about it. Now, I am telling you about this soundproof accessory.

It is a thin sheet with heavy density viscoelastic material that is not actually fabric. In soundproofing activities, these sheets of vinyl work well because there is strong sound dampening material. So it blocks sounds easy. This MLV is not the same as acoustic foam which also absorbs sound.

It is a nontoxic material. So you can use it at your home place for the setting of noise-proofing your environment. Normally, people who are interested in soundproofing a place, are also interested in this accessory.

This accessory is also flexible so you don’t have any problem using it. Actually, it has the extra facility from other noise control products. Such as you can use it on the ceiling side, wall side, partial wall side, reference wall side, tiles floor side, car and car doors, fence side, automotive companies, and outdoor activities.

You can cover any noise leakage by using it. Specially, you can also use vinyl tapes to cover sound leakages from any pipe.

On the other hand, Other soundproof accessories do not have many facilities like MLV. This is the reason why many people are using it in replacing other accessories.

Where to Use Mass Loaded Vinyl

Normally mass loaded vinyl is used in the most important areas where soundproof is actually needed. Yes, I am talking about the area of the room ceiling and room wall panel.

These two places require a more soundproof setting to keep a room more silent. If you want to get more silent in your room, then you should install it to the original wall side and ceiling in your room.

Besides, there are other more uses of MLV for residential applications. You can use it on the sheetrock if necessary. To insulate any pipe you can use it too.

When you need to set up ceiling drywall in your room, then you can set it to the internal part of the drywall. This setting will give you a more soundproof area in your room.

In the floor section of your room, you can use it as floor underlayment to make your floor more soundproof.

You can also use it in your car soundproofing to block noise leaks. Besides, if you really need your windows more soundproof, you can use them as soundproof curtains just by hanging vinyl curtains.

How To Install Sound Safe Mass Loaded Vinyl

If you are thinking of installing MLV, then there is no need to worry, if you don’t know about the installation of it.

Now, I am telling you with a small brief about the installation process of it. Just you need to give full concentration about my given information if you actually want to set it to your workplace or room.

Required things are measurement tape, utility knife, scale, heavy-duty stapler or screw with screwdriver or nail with a hammer, foil tape, and acoustic sealant.

Step one: First, take a measurement with measurement tape and collect effective MLV according to that measurement.

Step two: After collecting MLV, again take a measurement of the area where you want to install it. Measure the distance where you will set up it.

Step three: Place the roll of MLV in your selected area. If you have any adjustment problem, then place it accurately by cutting it with a knife.

You should also use a scale when you cut it. After doing that observe the position of MLV is right or wrong. You can also do it with the help of another person.

Step four: Cover your required area with this vinyl and use foil tape to the joint section of MLV. You should use a heavyweight stapler or screw to that vinyl for tight adjustment.

Step five: Then place the drywall or any hardboard material. Seal all the joints with acoustic sealant. Now you can finish the field according to your requirement.

This is how you can easily install MLV to the room ceiling section or room wall or room floor. You can use wallpaper with this vinyl for decoration purposes.

But remember, you should collect all accessories before starting the installation process of this vinyl.

Some Guides Before Purchasing MLV

Before selecting any MLV, you should know some common ideas. Read the full description of any sell page of MLV. Read also carefully their return policy about it.

Also, go to the customer review section and read all the reviews about it. If you have enough time, then my suggestion is that you should also give some more time to read most reviews of verified customers of MLV.

Check carefully the product photo and match those photos with the product description. Check the rating point of your selected vinyl. After doing all these things, I think you will be able to select the best one for you.

It will be better if you read the basic data about MLV. After reading all the information, then you should decide to choose an effective MLV for you.

More Information You May Need about MLV

Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier Near Me

If you are thinking about the MLV marketplace that is near to you, then there is good news for you. In this situation, you don’t go to the marketplace to collect reliable one.

I think you have an internet connection because you are reading this post right now. So you can collect your reliable MLV soundproofing barrier from the internet.

If you don’t have enough time and don’t know any idea about MLV, then you can use my best recommended MLV.

But if you have some more time and some idea about MLV, then you can also collect it from any marketplace. Remember, collect just effective MLV for getting more benefits.

Mass Loaded Vinyl For Fence

There is also another good news for you that you can use this type of MLV to the fence which is already installed around your home.

If you do it, you can block road noise pollution like automotive noise that comes outside your home. You can also use this effective noise barrier to any noisy place as a fence for keeping safe from noisy neighbors.

Sometimes, soundproof exterior walls like fence walls and gates are required for large traffic volumes. In this situation, you can install this type of vinyl for a long time.

By creating a fence by using this impact sound deadener vinyl, you will be able to block transmission of sound from a special place.

Mass Loaded Vinyl For Ceiling

If you are thinking of installing this soundproof material to the ceiling, then you should collect an effective MLV for better soundproofing of the ceiling section.

The installation process is the same that I have already explained to you. This will be more good if you take help from one more person for setting it to the ceiling section of your room.

If you don’t want to use a hardboard like a gypsum board, then there will be no problem. But it will be better if you set up the hardboard after installing this vinyl in the ceiling.

You know that excessive noise comes through the ceiling section of your house. This is important to you for soundproofing your home ceiling section with quality MLV.

Mass Loaded Vinyl For Floor

To keep more soundproof, you should install this noise-proof material on the room floor. The installation process in the floor section is the same as that I explained before.

But be sure to collect good quality vinyl and install it on the floor. You can remove structural sound noise by installing it. You know that maximum structural sound flows through the floor.

This is the reason why you need to block your floor section in a proper way. In this situation, it can help you to block this structural noise and other excess noise waves.

If you have any confusion about the setting of mass floor vinyl in the wall, especially the lower part of that vinyl should touch the ground or not. In this situation, it will be better if you install it from top to bottom in the wall section.

If you set it from top to bottom, then the total wall will be soundproof fully. So my suggestion is to measure the top to bottom length of the wall with measurement tape.

After getting that measurement, collect that soundproof material according to that measurement so that you can set it from top to bottom place of the wall.

I think you have understood my point about the height setting of that vinyl.

Mass Loaded Vinyl For Soundproof & Covering Existing Wall

For installing MLV to your existing wall, first, clean your existing wall. Then prepare to install it for soundproofing. After installing it, set up drywall if you want to get a good result.

After setting drywall to the wall, you can color the wall for decoration purposes. But be sure to block all joints of drywall with acoustic sealant before coloring the wall.

For noise reduction purposes, you should not cover all electrical outlets or outlet boxes with this vinyl. You should also focus on bathroom outlets too.

Mass Loaded Vinyl vs Green Glue

If you don’t know about green glue, then you can’t understand the difference between MLV and green glue. To block all joints, holes, and cracks, Green glue is used as an additional sound stopper.

On the other hand, you also know what MLV is. After installing it, you need to set drywall. In this situation, after installing drywall, you need to block all joints of the drywall sheet.

Then this glue is needed to block all these joints for soundproof. Now, I think you can understand the basic difference between this vinyl and green glue.

Screws are needed after positioning MLV to any place. If you don’t like screw fixes, then you can use a heavy-duty stapler to adjust the vinyl to the selected surface area strongly.

That is your choice to use screws or heavy-duty staplers according to the current condition of your house. You should make a decision to adjust vinyl to any surface area for long-lasting.
So make a choice for soundproofing your apartment wall.

Mass Loaded Vinyl For Under Carpet

If you are using a normal carpet and want to soundproof your floor, there is also an option to use mass load vinyl in this situation. You can place it under this existing carpet.

This setting will increase the additional sound deadening layer of vinyl on your floor. This is the reason why no structural noise can’t transfer through the floor easily.

According to the current condition, you should install it with your existing carpet. So I think you understood the easy setting of this insulating material instantly.

Mass Loaded Vinyl For Outdoor Use

The extra facility of the MLV is that you can use it outside your house and anywhere. Because it is also waterproof. This is the reason why any weather season can’t damage it.

It has a high waterproof capacity. So you can use this in any place when necessary. There is no problem with it in the rainy season.

So my suggestion is that to get all types of facilities from this vinyl, you should collect the best and quality mass-loaded vinyl from the marketplace.

You also know that you can use it as a fence outside your house. It really works in the population area to reduce the noise levels.

You can cover any noisy area like the generator room for additional sound blocking. Nowadays, most people are using soundproof accessories for keeping their area silent.

But among those who don’t know about this sound absorber, they have already replaced many soundproofing accessories with vinyl after knowing the effectiveness of this vinyl barrier.

So my suggestion is that you should use a reliable MLV and install it quickly in your most noisy area to get better results. The good news is that it is becoming popular in the commercial and home sector.

This is the reason why many industries took the decision to produce effective quality vinyl. If you want to install MLV to your room wall and ceiling, then of course read the full data that I have included in this post.

Otherwise, you will not be able to collect the required vinyl as a soundproof accessory to remove more sound noise in your private room.

My ViewPoint On Best Mass Loaded Vinyl

Here, I just want to give you the information about MLV that actually gives you a soundproof environment. Though it is expensive to set up MLV in apartments or recording studios, you can block more sound waves by using it.

Besides, you can use it for a long time soundproof service. According to the research, this vinyl is more powerful than other soundproof accessories.

Scientists observed that if there is powerful and flexible soundproofing material to any substance, then that accessory turns into a high soundproof accessory for reducing high decibels of sound.

This is the reason why many industries have decided to produce such effective mass-loaded vinyl for creating a proper soundproof area.

If you like this post about this soundproof insulator, then you should share this information with others so that they can learn about this useful vinyl.

If you want to know more notes, then you must read below these questions with answers that are in the FAQ section.


Can You Paint Over Mass Loaded Vinyl?

You can not get better results if you use soundproofing paint over this vinyl material. But there is also a condition.

That is, you should collect quality vinyl to paint over it to last for a long time. Otherwise, there is no guarantee of long-lasting paint over that soundproofing pad.

Is Mass Loaded Vinyl Flammable?

Don’t worry. It is not affected by heat energy for a specific time. It is not flammable like rubber or any other acoustic foam.

It has the capacity to stay at maximum temperature. But no normal soundproofing pad has this character. Only this character is available for quality and high-branded vinyl.

How Do You Cut Mass Loaded Vinyl?

When you start to install MLV at your home place, there may be a need to cut some parts for proper position. This is the reason why you need to follow some instructions for cutting it.

First, you should measure the cutting area of that vinyl. Then mark with a marker and scale. After doing all these things, now you can cut with a sharp knife slowly.

What is MLV Made of?

It is a viscosity and elastic sound deadening material. There are some chemical compositions in it. Barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are included in this type of vinyl.

For the presence of elasticity and acoustical energy, it has the capability of deforming. This is the reason why it has a great power of absorption of sound and reduction of impact noise and air noise instantly.

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