How to Soundproof Hollow Door of (Interior) Bedroom: 11 Tips

soundproofing a bedroom door

Already you have tried all activities for removing noise problems in your home without a door. But you cannot get an actual solution for soundproofing the bedroom door or hollow door.

If you do not soundly protect a door, the problem will remain the same as it existed before. However, you should implement some activities for soundproofing the entrance path.

There is a big portion that should be fixed for soundproofing a room for silence. Working with the entrance path is the big portion to solve this noise. This entrance is the main way for passing the noise.

If you have already completed the setting of soundproofing windows with the acoustic curtains, then the next step is that you should work in the entrance path of the room.

You can also collect the best soundproofing interior solid core door from the marketplace.

A model of the acoustic door is able to reduce traffic noise and it has two components. Such as ventilation and light units. (source)

The good news is that If you don’t have this type of acoustic door, you can implement soundproof accessories to any existing door.

Now, let me explain the full process of how to soundproof a door (interior or exterior) with household items. For this, you should give full concentration here.

So keep your eyes on this post and continue reading.

If you live in a dense area in a populated country, I think, you face many types of sound pollution that you want to ignore. There are many reasons for noise coming into the room through the door.

If you stay in a single small room, then airborne sound may come through the entrance path from another room. In this situation, the entrance path is a big reason to enter sound in your private small room. Now you should target to soundproof it in a specific way.

When you start to solve this question: (how to soundproof a bedroom from outside noise?)

First, you need to fix the entry path of the bedroom.

Then you will face another question: how to strengthen a hollow core door with soundproof?

Don’t worry, you can solve this problem if you follow the guidelines accurately. This specific way is not complicated like others.

Now, according to the condition of the entrance path (solid wood slab doors, solid core interior doors, single and double doors, french, garage, glass, metal doors, etc), you should take steps for noise reduction.

Stay with me and focus on the points below.

How to Soundproof (DIY Way) the Door Panel with Steps

the soundproof setting is applied in the parts of the door frame

Can you think that most of the homes always suffer from weather conditions, poor door material, poor setup, etc? Then sound can enter the room through this entrance path. For easy understanding, I have introduced different parts of the door (see the image). After introducing these different sections, you can also take the necessary steps quickly. There are some methods that you should focus on seriously.

a. Gap Under the Door

Normally, most of the interior or exterior doors have a problem. The problem is that the door does not touch the floor.

This is why there may be a gap between the floor and the bottom end part of the door. Outside sound can enter the room through this bottom gap of the door.

So it is important to fill that gap for reducing the noise level that comes from outside.

b. Cracks in the Door

There is a door frame (jamb) that holds the door with the help of hinges (hinge plates and hinge pins). Sometimes there have seen cracks between the frame and the door panel.

The sound may also enter through this crack and you should fix these cracks. You can add a piece of fiberboard (drywall) in that panel, if possible.

c. Fracture Around the Door Frame

There may be some fractures between the door frame and the room wall. Through this fracture, any kind of sound may come to the inner room. So this fracture needs to be solved.

d. Door Hole

When a door is old enough or the material of it is poor, there may be some small holes. You should find these small holes and fill them by following these steps.

For completing an entrance path soundproof, you should maintain some required steps.

So let’s follow the steps. First, you should find out the main problem. I will guide you on how to find this main problem with a trick.

With this technique (which will be described below), you can be able to solve this problem. So after finding the main problem, you can go to the next step.

1. Find the Door Holes and Cracks

Now, the first step is that you should find the holes or cracks in the door and it is not an easy task. It takes a long time. But you can easily do this activity with less time.

You should follow the suggestion that is given below. For understanding, I will tell you a matter for you. Please keep concentration in reading this writing.

In your house, normally two rooms are separated by one door. Now, in one room, switch the light on, and in the other room, switch the light off.

Collect a pen or ink for marking holes. Next, go to the darkroom and identify holes. With this tricky system, you can be able to find out all holes from the complete door kits quickly and easily.

The technical theory is that you can find any hole of any substance when there is a light on the opposite side. That’s the trick that you can follow by using light for finding holes.

After finding all cracks and holes, mark all of them for identification. And the next task is that you should fill the finding holes.

insulating sealant for soundproofing door

Now, you need to do work to fill the door hole. The solution to filling the bigger cracks is that you should use insulating sealant or acoustical caulk (soundproof material).

This acoustic door sealant is available in various colors. Green glue is one example of many types of acoustical sound sealants. You can also use any sealant for filling those holes.

You can use any color as your choice. Using sealant (soundproof glue) is the one way to fill these cracks and holes. Using outdoor and indoor weatherstripping is the other solution for filling the joint.

2. Fill the Door Joint by Weatherstripping

I have found another preferred way to fill the joint. Yes, I am talking about weatherstripping tapes (padding tapes). In my findings, most people are suffering from door noise.

Now, I think soundproof weather stripping is the easiest way to block that joint and you can collect it in any marketplace. But be aware of accurate weather striping when you collect.

The thin and long strip part of weatherstripping is easy to add to the door gap. Because weather stripping has a glue facility for adding that gap. Besides this strips are also better than duct tape.

You can get help by using these seal kits (adjustable door seals or interior door soundproofing kits) for solving this problem. If you collect it from another market, then you should check the positive rating of this item.

After using the airtight seal strip (sound masking tape), you should go to the next step. The next step is that you should use a special type of sweep. If you want to know more about filling the gap between the door frame and the room wall, you should read it.

3. Use Door Sweep

After filling all gaps, you should focus on the door sweep.

Now, the question is, what is this sweep?

It is a long strip of metal that is used to the bottom side of any door. It is useful for many reasons. Such as soundproof, dustproof, etc.

On the bottom side, there is always a big gap. This big gap means the gap between the floor and bottom end part of the door and this gap should be closed. For blocking gaps, this door draft stopper can help you.

Without noise proofing, this type of sweep has other facilities. Insects and dust will not come to your room if you use adhesive-type rubber door sweeps.

You can make a permanent solution by using the screw door sweep. This screwing type sweep needs screw, screwdriver, and mechanical parts to install.

The installing process of screw sweep is a long time process. You also should work hard to set it up.

Don’t worry there is another quick and easy solution that you can use. By using this sweep, you can block the bottom door gap.

There is no need to adjust the screw with a screwdriver. You need to remove the sticker of the adhesive part and add that sweep to the bottom side of the door without hassle.

This sweep includes more layers for extra protection. Different layers have different activities for keeping your room dust-free, sound-free, insect or snake-free, waterproof, etc.

You can check the adhesive sweep that I have recommended for you because this item has some positive reviews. Otherwise, you may collect it from any marketplace.

But keep in mind that please collect accurate adhesive sweeps for your door.

So that you can more understand why you use this type of sweep. Now I am talking about more accessories that make the room more soundproof.

4. Use Sound-Proof Expanding Foam Tape

If it is not possible to fill the gap with an insulation seal then you should use special foam material. Yes, I am talking about expanding foam. Now, you can ask me what is expanding foam.

Don’t worry, now I am telling you what is the difference between expanding foam and normal foam and what is the main function of expanding foam to fill any gap for sound insulation.

At first, expanding foam stays compressed. After using expanding foam in any gap, this foam slowly expands more as the requirement to fill the gap perfectly.

Expanding foam may be of two types. One is expanding spray foam and the other is expanding tape foam. For filling cracks, holes, and large gaps, expanding spray foam is best. On the other hand, expanding tape is used in the gap and joint.

Now, I will tell you how to use expanding foam. First, you should wear hand gloves so that expanding foam spray cannot contact you.

This insulation spray foam could be dangerous to your body because spray foam is made for using hard concrete walls and hard material. So please read the user instructions before applying expanding spray foam.

Then apply the expanding foam directly to the hole or gap. When you apply this spray foam, start at the deep hole point. Just spray to the full gap area.

Then wait for a while at least 60 minutes. After some time, automatically this foam will fill exactly. At the end part, cut the extra portion when the foam comes out from the gap.

Finally, you can paint that area as your required color.

5. Use MLV

MLV means mass-loaded vinyl that you already know and it includes dense materials. When a door is thin, sound may also pass through various ways.

In a thin plate door, there may be small holes or cracks. If any door has a high width, then there may be low cracks or holes.

So the proper solution is that you should add more layers to the door. In this case, mass-loaded vinyl (sound deadening) solves this issue. This noise reducer (sound insulator) has a high capacity of blocking impact noise.

It is also more durable, water-resistant too. You can set it to the door panel. To collect this mass-loaded vinyl, you need to select it as a roll.

You can cut it for adding to the door as your requirement. MLV is better than any other soundproofing panels (acoustic panels).

If you don’t want to set up mass-loaded vinyl, then use any other alternative step as your requirement that is described above.

6. Use Soundproofing Blankets for Door

After doing all the activities, I want to tell you that you have done a great job. But if you need more extra facilities, you can use this blanket with grommets.

I know, now you have a question: what is a soundproof blanket?

A soundproof blanket is like one type of window curtain that you have installed before according to the guideline. This soundproof blanket is used for hollow doors or foam core doors.

If you have hollow-core doors, then no need to replace that door. In this situation, you can use the acoustic blanket without changing your hollow door. This blanket can be used for all doors for better acoustic performance.

This soundproofing door blanket or curtain can block the sound transmission because it is made from fiberglass materials. You can maintain this blanket because it has a feasible hook system.

For this hooking system, You can remove the blanket from the door at any time. These acoustic blankets are also perfect for thin regular doors.

So you can try a soundproof blanket for a door. Make sure to check customer reviews before purchasing any item. To get more guidelines about this read this article about how soundproof works.

Here, I want to tell you a more important thing that is also an alternate way of installing soundproof blankets or curtains. The alternate way is that you can use soundproof foam.

7. Use Foam for Soundproofing Hollow and Other Doors

As your choice, you can use soundproof foam (open and closed cell foam) or a blanket. If you like it, then you can avoid the soundproof blanket that I have mentioned before.

Now, the question that peaks in your mind is what foam panels are. It is one type of soft foam product. You can get it in the market as a set.

It has the same activity as a soundproof blanket. You can take any one of those as your choice. The advantage of using soundproof foam for you is that there are different colors of that foam available in the marketplace.

But you should collect it as a set of acoustic soundproof foam. Don’t worry, you can understand when you go to the marketplace.

After collecting foam sets, add these to the hollow door with strong adhesive. You can also use adhesive spray to add this soundproof foam quickly.

You can also fill the hollow door with foam, but it is professional work. This is the reason why it will be better if you use other methods that I have mentioned.

For better performance, use a rug in front of the door floor. This rug will absorb echo and sound waves that come from the lower part of the door.

Using the rug is not a hard way. You just collect and use it and you don’t need an additional installment process.

If any rug becomes rougher, then it will absorb more sound and echo. So my recommendation is that you should collect heavy rough rugs as your choice for better results.

8. Use Soundproof Door Draft Guard

It is also an alternative way if you don’t want to use the door sweep. This draft guard is like a foam system long stick that is used on the bottom side of the door panel.

You can collect this draft guard from any marketplace. But before collecting, check if the door draft guard is soundproof or not. This type of draft guard has the same function as a door sweep. But this draft guard is no longer durable.

9. Setup Door Threshold

If there is a gap under the door and you don’t want to use the door sweep, there is also another solution. The solution is that you should use acoustic door thresholds.

If your previous threshold is old and doesn’t seem soundproof, then you should replace it. So the better solution is that you should install a threshold. Now, the question is how to install the threshold.

First, you need to measure the length with tape. Then cut the wood piece by following the measurement. If you don’t like to prepare it by cutting, then you can order a new threshold with size and length measurement.

After removing the old threshold, place the new one. While removing the old threshold, you can understand how the new threshold will be placed.

If you didn’t have a threshold before, there is no problem, just place it at the bottom of the door. Remember, the end part of the door should touch the threshold that you already placed.

After placing the threshold, screw it for tight-fitting. If you cannot use screws, then you can use adhesive to add a threshold to the door floor.

For more advantage, you can glue around the threshold for more vacuum and soundproof.

10. Setup Door Gasket

There is also another soundproof solution for a door. But this system is not for all. The name of the system is the setting of vinyl (acoustic) door gaskets.

You cannot set it alone. You may need to hire a professional to set up this type of gasket. The setup processing is complicated too. For setting the gasket, you need a high investment.

Here I mention this gasket because people who don’t like other steps but have enough budget to invest, then this type of gasket is for them. Otherwise, you can choose any step that you will require most. Besides, these gaskets last for a long time.

Now, I will tell you a little brief about the door gasket. Normally, it is made of aluminum or neoprene rubber. You can use it by yourself.

To set up, first, you need the cutting hacksaw to cut the gasket (soundproofing rubber or neoprene seals) for sizing. I want to say that If you are interested in setting up this gasket then of course get help from a professional.

11. Replace Door

At this moment, I want to tell you that after reading all my information, you will try your best. I think you will implement it well.

If you have the biggest budget, then you can think of collecting a new soundproof door and window that will last for a long time. Also, collect a high thicker door in width.

Keep in mind that the new collected one has an easy installation process. This is your choice of collecting a new one or not.

I will suggest you collect a new door or window if the condition is very bad. Otherwise, you should not collect a new one at a huge cost.

Just follow all the tricks or suggestions that I have given in this post. By following my suggestion, you can be able to soundproof a door.

But the result of setting the door gasket is also good.

My Viewpoint

Finally, I want to tell you that a door is the main part of passing airborne noise into your room. So it is necessary to check the place on the side of the door for a long time.

If there are cracks, holes, or air leaks (sound leaks) available after work, then your total hard work cannot go to success. So here, my suggestion is to find all the door holes and fill all of them, when you have time to relax.

Try to follow all the activities that were mentioned before. If you live in a small room in a small house, then you should at first focus on the door and wall soundproofing.

In a small house, the entrance path is the main way to pass noise from another small room. So do all activities to soundproof your door seriously.

After doing all activities, please revise your entire task. This revision will remind you of the missing task. After finding a missing task, complete it seriously.

Finally, I can think that you are enjoying all your tasks. You can read the article about room soundproofing if you want to install complete noise-proofing accessories.

FAQ: Soundproofing a Door

Can Hollow Core Doors Block Sound?

The material of the hollow core door is cardboard and It is also lightweight. This is the reason why it is not well soundproof. So you should install other acoustic elements to the door to make it more soundproof.

Can You Use Spray Foam in a Hollow Door for Soundproofing?

Yes, you can put spray foam on the inside of the hollow door by drilling. For doing this, you should take help from a professional person.

After applying this spray foam, you can apply other acoustic accessories to that door according to guidelines.

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