How to Soundproof an Existing Bathroom, Toilet Flush: 6 Tips

soundproofing a bathroom and toilet flush

The situation becomes very boring when the sound of your bathroom comes to the bedroom. In Particular, the sound of shower and flush comes to the bedroom when you sleep.

This situation becomes very bad when any guest is living in your home and hears the sound of the bathroom. Then you feel shy and think: why aren’t bathrooms soundproof?

Now, in this situation, you seriously want to hide bathroom noises that come into your room. In this condition, you may have a question in your heart,

Is it possible to soundproof a bathroom with a toilet flush?

I want to tell you that it is possible to solve that situation after implementing some acoustic material.

It will be better if you make your room soundproof. After doing that you should focus on soundproofing a bathroom.

To noise-proof a toilet room, you need to follow some suggestions that actually work!

Here, I will tell you some brief suggestions and give you some important points at the end of this post.

So I think you are now in the right place to find additional soundproofing solutions for quiet toilets. Keep reading the full article with concentration.

Before describing suggestions step by step, I want to introduce some terms that are needed for your implementation.

Sound Types

First, you should know the information about the way the sound passes. According to Wikipedia data, I want to know about the transfer of airborne sound (noise) and structure-borne sound (noise).

According to that data, I want to tell you that sound can pass through the air and hard material. So unwanted noise also can pass through the air and hard material.

For example, the sound of hair trimmer, the sound of the motor, the sound of any shouting that you can hear directly. These sound waves pass through the air and come to you.

This is the reason why you can hear it. On the other hand, structure-borne noise occurs when any hard material dropped to the floor or you are knocking on the bathroom wall.

However, to remove both types of sound in the washroom, you should follow some suggestions that I will give you step by step.

I want to ask one question: what amount of flush noise is created in your bathroom?

If you don’t know, then no problem. According to the report, on average 62 dB to 80 dB noise is generated in a bathroom.

In that section, there are different sources of noise that produce sound. Such as the sound of water pressure of toilet flush (that water comes from the toilet tank), showering, hairdryer, gurgling noise, toothbrush, and many more.

When this sound is produced, it reflects the bathroom wall and creates more sound volume. So this volume passes to the living room and annoys you. Now let’s know, how to soundproof a toilet room or existing bathroom.

How to Soundproof a Bathroom or Powder Room with Steps

Most of the time, modern construction is not following the soundproof system in a toilet room. They only follow a highly decorative view. Now, you should take action to soundproof the existing bathroom area if you require it on an urgent basis.

1. How to Soundproof a Bathroom (Toilet) Door

First, find out the sources where toilet sounds are produced and make a list on white paper. Besides, in the modern world, many people normally use hollow core doors or solid core doors. In that door, there are gaps in the internal part.

So for this gap, bathroom sound can pass through this hollow door. For noise reduction, the best idea is that you should use a cotton roll to that door to stop most sound waves from passing.

You are pleased to know that cotton has the high capability to absorb noise waves. If the fan of the bathroom makes some noise, then replace it with a quiet bathroom exhaust fan

Now you should follow some steps for the proper implementation of a soundproofing system for the entire washroom. So the first step is that you should use a door sweep with a guideline.

a. Use the Soundproof Door Sweep

The bath door is the main area to pass bath sound into the bedroom. At the bottom part of that bath door, you will see that there is a large gap.

Now, you should fill the gap so that the bath sound cannot pass through this large gap. To solve it, you need to use the soundproof door sweep. Now, a question may be born in your mind:

What is a soundproof door sweep?

It is one kind of mat that can absorb sound. This door sweep is waterproof and dustproof too. Remember, this type of door sweep works better than a normal bathroom mat.

There is an adhesive system in it to add the door side with an easy way. There is no need to screw and drive for installation. Generally, it is called a door sweeper in the marketplace.

Before collecting it, you need to check the proper soundproof of this item. After using it for a few days this bath door sweep can be made by hand wash.

However, if your bathroom door is old or new, you can set the door sweep as your requirement. Normally, it is made of aluminum and silicone material.

The best way for setting indoors is that you should use the elastic door sweep because of water and dustproof condition.

b.Use Weather Stripping

All of you notice that the sound of the toilet room comes from the bathroom door gap even when the door is closed. Here you need to fill the gaps for soundproofing bathroom doors in a specific way.

Don’t worry. This thing is also available in any marketplace. Now, I am telling you what thing you should use to fill the bathroom gap. So concentrate here and read with time.

After using the door sweep, now you should use one kind of foam gasket tape (adhesive foam tape) that suits the weather condition. Yes, I want to tell you about a special stripping which is called weather stripping.

It is one kind of adhesive foam material that is used indoors. When you close the bath door then there may be a gap in the side of the bath door hinge. So to fill that gap you need that weather stripping tape.

Before setting door weather stripping, you need to check the door hinge. Now, you may ask me what a door hinge is. Don’t worry, here I am telling it now. It is an iron or steel material that is required to join the door panel to the door frame.

The door hinge helps the door to open and close. You should keep alert that the hinge must be tightened with the door frame. Have that hinge tightened or not, you can check that.

Slowly lift the door and check the door slightly moves upward and downward. If your door doesn’t move upward and downward, then the tightening of the door hinge is ok.

If the door hinge is loose, then tighten it with the screwdriver. Now, you can prepare to use these strips very well.

Next clean the area where you will add weather stripping. You can clean these areas by hand washing. Then wait for some time for adding weather stripping. After that, add weather stripping with full concentration so that the adhesive part can attach to the area very well.

c. Use Door Blanket

This soundproofing blanket is manageable and also comfortable for use in a door bath. It is used to remove sound echoes that are created inside the washroom.

If you don’t know what echo reduction is, then I will tell you in simple language. Echo noise is the sound reflection that creates inside the toilet room. If you reduce echo in the bathroom, you can get more benefits.

The acoustic blanket that is heavier in thickness, is also a good one for your bathroom door. Be sure, it is fully covered by a door blanket.

Don’t worry, you can manage the door blanket as per your requirement. The hook system of the door blanket makes it easy to set it to the door of the toilet room.

Also be sure of the right product for soundproofing, when you are thinking of collecting this type of blanket or bathroom soundproofing curtains for bathroom doors.

After setting up the door blanket, you should go to set up the next step. Remember, the next step is also a vital issue that you should solve with proper care.

2. Setup Soundproof Mat on Floor.

For soundproofing the bathroom floor, you need to set up acoustic elements. On the bathroom floor, there is the noise created when you walk.

This is the reason why a noise-absorbing rug is suitable for your bath floor. Don’t use any kind of floor mat. Use the floor mat that is prepared for only the toilet room.

Normally, the bathroom floor mat is prepared with rubber material because it is suitable for any kind of wet weather.

So you should rubber mats or sound dampening rubber Pads (soundproofing barrier mats) or cork flooring tiles or acoustic underlayment on the floor for absorbing bath sound.

You should avoid porcelain tile or ceramic tiles if they are on your bathroom floor. Because noise can transfer through this tile. If ceramic tiles already exist on the floor of the toilet room, then cover them with insulation mats.

The best way is to use the rubber mat for the bath floor. Because all the time there may be water on the bath floor. This rubber mat is also waterproof.

You can use it as a tile on the floor. Be sure, there is more rug in the rubber mat so this soft and rug material absorbs any kind of sound.

3. How to Soundproof Existing Bathroom Pipes

The sound may come from the pipe of the toilet room and you should focus on this topic is also the main issue. In the pipe, the sound is created due to the water hammer (hammering noise), the vibration of the water pipes, and the sudden closing of the water valve (shut off valve).

In the bathroom pipes, more noise also comes from the water flow of the pipe. This can be solved by putting a new arrestor and accurate bath pipe during construction. But to set it up in this way there needs to be more investment.

Don’t worry.

There is also another solution with less investment. People who don’t have enough money but need to make soundproofing the bathroom pipes will prefer it as the second solution.

Now, I am telling you the second solution for soundproofing a bathroom pipe. You should use spiral pipe wrap insulation or foam pipe wrapper.

This insulator is like a wrapper tape that doesn’t allow passing the noise. If you wrap it around the pipe from outside, then the bathroom pipe cannot pass sound in because this wrapper insulator stops the transfer of that noise from passing.

You should fix the pipe cavities if it is available. You can insulate the soil pipe of the septic tank if possible.

It will be better to keep a professional pipefitter when you add an insulator to the body of the bathroom pipe. This pipe wrapper helps to stop vibration and make the pipe quiet.

If the vibration of the pipe is stopped, then noise will not be created from the bathroom pipe. Thus you can reduce the sound of the bath pipe.

You need to collect that insulator and call the plumber to wrap it around the bathroom pipe. If you are confident, then you can wrap it around the bath pipe too. That’s not complicated work.

There is also one news for you: try to use a white noise machine, when you are disturbed, feeling bored, or getting a bath. I know, now the question in your heart is what is a white noise machine.

White noise is a mixture of high and low frequency, that helps people to stay relaxed. It is one kind of machine that produces a white sound like an enjoyable sound for growing your feeling better.

Even when you cannot sleep, then you can use a white noise machine for a quick sleep. When you are relaxing in the bathtub, then this machine may help you to stay more relaxed.

4. Soundproof Toilet Bowl

soundproofing the toilet bowl and toilet making noise

However, when you use a white noise machine, it helps to reduce the noise levels. But it is more important to reduce the sound of the toilet bowl.

You should check the durable seat hinge of the round or elongated toilet bowl. There may be some noise in that hinge. Some noise is produced from the toilet seat cover and during the flush time.

For this, use a sound damping rubber pad or pieces of rubber gel under the toilet seat for reducing sound. Place it under the toilet seat as required.

You can do it as your way of thinking. If you don’t find any solution to the noise-proofing of the bathroom toilet seat, then keep any kind of rubber plate under the toilet seat.

You should be aware that the sound dampening rubber plate that you keep under the toilet seat should be fitted with a toilet seat plate. If it doesn’t work, you should change it at any time. Thus you can soundproof a toilet seat.

You can also use the toilet lid cover if you are interested. Besides, you should cover toilet tanks with tank lids.

You should use the quiet toilet flush and fill valve because some noise is created during the flush time.

You know that when any guest stays in your bedroom, suddenly your guest hears a toilet noise that comes from the toilet bowl. Then what is the bad situation there! I know, then the situation is very bad and you also feel shy.

This unexpected situation may happen to others like you. So, not to repeat this situation, you should take steps to soundproof your toilet room so that any unexpected sound cannot come to your bedroom from the toilet room.

If you cannot implement it alone, then get help from another experienced person.

5. Arrange Shelving Unit

Keep a shelving unit (maybe bookshelf, cloth rack, etc.) to block the connection of your bedroom and bathroom door. So that any direct sound cannot come to the bedroom from the noisy toilet.

Place the shelving unit as your preferred area so that there is no direct connection between the bedroom and bathroom. Also, cover the shelving unit with thick plush or fluffy towels.

You can also use towel racks for your current situation. You can use this unit as your daily household requirement and place it smartly.

After placing a targeted location, you can realize that some bathroom sounds cannot pass the shelving unit for entering the bedroom. Thus, you may be able to reduce structural impact sounds (noise) of the bathroom in that situation.

6. Bathroom Door Replacement

Bathroom doors are the main way for passing noise. So the best idea is that you should stop noise from passing that door.

If you find that the existing old door has many holes (air leaks) and gaps, then you need to make a strong decision. If you want to fix these holes, then you can use noise-proofing sealant (one type of glue) or acoustical caulk.

You can also fix the wall cavity of the bathroom by using this acoustical sealant. If you think that your bathroom door is poor enough, there is no way to turn this old door into soundproof and you have a budget, then try to replace the entire door.

Also please do this installation with the help of professional people. When you replace a new brand bathroom door, make sure that it is also soundproof.

It will be better if you collect sound-insulated doors. Also, keep in mind that the new bathroom door has a bottom sweeper. The door bottom sweep has many types.

If you collect a pre-adjusted sweeper with a bathroom door, this is also better for you. Pre-adjusted sweepers are adjusted with the door by screw.

So you don’t need to set up another door sweeper again. This sweeper will save your time too.

Keep Knowledge on STC

STC means sound transmission class that I have mentioned before. When you collect any soundproof accessories, you should check the STC rating.

If the number of STC is high, then the sound reduction capacity of that accessory is high. Normally, there is a 40 STC rating in a silent home.

There is a minimum STC recommended by the international building code. For this recommendation, there should be a 50 STC rating on the wall and floor.

I think you should check the STC rating as a recommendation. If you can collect accurate accessories, then I think you will soundproof your toilet room spontaneously.

Besides, without STC, there are more points before collecting any soundproof accessories. These points are checking customers’ feedback, accessories return policy, instructions of the follow-up accessories before collecting any accessories.

Hope you understand what I have told you about STC and other points.

Insulation of Bathroom Wall

You know that soft materials are always more capable of absorbing noise than hard & dense materials. So in the beginning, when you construct your bathroom, try to use acoustic soundproofing or sound absorption materials in the inside wall of the bathroom.

Now, the question is what type of acoustic material that you can use as sound resistance. There are many types of acoustic tile that you can use in your bathroom wall.

Different colors of acoustic tiles are available in the marketplace. Acoustic tiles don’t allow reflecting sound.

This is the reason why using acoustic tiles creates less sound reflection in the toilet room. So high noise cannot grow there.

If you don’t like acoustic tile, then you can use acoustic layers of soundproof drywall at the beginning of the construction of the bathroom. Also, there is a double drywall sheet available in the marketplace.

So always try to set up double drywall or sound insulation bathroom stud wall at the beginning construction of your home.

There is the resilient channel part in the double drywall. So any noise cannot pass through it easily.

If you build your bathroom wall with proper insulation at the beginning, then you don’t need to worry about future noise proofing of the bathroom. This insulated bathroom wall benefits you for a long time in the future.

Now, the best option is that you should use fiberglass insulation, acoustic foam panels for walls (sound absorption panels), soundproofing padding, and cellulose to the bathroom wall.

After doing that, you can make the wall more soundproof. Using fiberglass for insulating a wall is risky. For better results, you can hire professional builders for setting these things.

For decoration (bathroom colors), you can also add waterproof and soundproof wallpaper to the bathroom wall.

My Viewpoint about Soundproof a Bathroom

In the end, I want to tell you that when you will do any work, you should concentrate on that work. Then you will succeed in implementing any task.

If you like the above suggestions, then I think you should start right now to remove bathroom noise. This task is also important for your family members too.

If you gather more knowledge about soundproof information by reading, then you don’t need to worry about installment. Then you can also get success because you will understand what things that you should do.

There is one more thing that I want to remember you, collect all accessories before starting implementation. For this, you need to make a checklist of what things you should collect.

Then read the full article carefully. Select what tasks you need to do for implementation. When you decide to implement, you should read more and more before implementing any accessories.

For your easy understanding, I want to tell you some basic activities shortly. First, you need to identify all noise problems that come from the bathroom and make a list to a whitepaper.

After identifying all problems, collect the required accessories that are described above. Also, collect the best accessories from any marketplace.

This is easy for you to set a soundproof door blanket in your bathroom door. Remember, that door is the main way to pass noise from bathroom to bedroom.

You can reduce noise levels that come from the bathroom if you will use a soundproof door blanket. The second point is that you should use a door sweeper to fully soundproof your door. Besides, you should implement the required steps that you need most.

FAQ: Soundproofing a Bathroom

How to Flush the Toilet Quietly at Night or Day Time?

You should install a quiet flush valve with a water fill valve in the water tank. Check if all the toilet pipes are tightened or not.

If you find the loose pipe, tight it with the help of a plumber or other experienced person. You should reduce the amount of water in the existing tank. Do all activities that I have mentioned in this post.

Why are the Bathroom Taps so Noisy (Make Sound)?

It may happen for the aerator of the tap. First, you should unscrew that aerator from the tap. Now turn that existing tap on.

If there is no sound, you should replace that aerator. I think you can get a good result by replacing the aerator.

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