Does Sound Deadening (Soundproofing) Really Work? Clear it!

does soundproofing really work in real life

Do you have confusion about the question: does sound deadening or soundproofing really work or not? For this doubt, you can’t take any decision for implementing any soundproof accessories in home, car and other required places.

Are you struggling with sound pollution? Cannot do any work for noise? Want to convert a noisy room to a silent room? I think you have come to the right place for a solution.

Just keep reading with concentration. I am trying to share information in a simple way.

Do you have general science knowledge? No problem, the information that I will tell you to step by step, you don’t need science background knowledge to understand that information.

Follow my given steps with concentration and you will be successful in reducing the noise level in your room.

There are various types of noise. Such as the sound of the engine compartments (engine buzz), crowd, road noise, tire noise, vehicle horn, industry, living creatures, etc. affect our regular human life.

You want to avoid this noise but you cannot find any solution to overcome it. You always think, is there any solution to live in peace without noise in a private room, office, or family home!

In our modern world, of course, there is a solution to this question and the answer will be positive. Technical soundproofing systems work with a simple setup. You need quiet soundproof barriers for the application of this system.

I will tell you details about how to set up a silent area. But at first, you should know the technical terms for proper installation. To know these terms, you Just concentrate on my writing.

Don’t worry,

I will describe it in a simple method. First, you should know the answers to the below questions those are given below:

Question One: What is a decibel?

Question Two: What is noise?

Question Three: What is an echo?

What is Decibel

Decibel (dB) is a unit that is used to measure sound level. Sound volume is an energy flow to a specific media.

Sometimes sound waves flow with high pressure and sometimes it flows with low pressure. In science, decibels are used to measure the pressure of sound waves.

Such as the lowest sound that humans cannot measure is called 0dB. 0 to upper-value people can hear it. For example, people can hear 10dB, 11dB, 12dB etc.

Now, I will tell you some measurement ranges that you should know for living your life healthily.

Measurement One: People’s conversation that we can hear, is below 65 dB

Measurement Two: Traffic pollution is around 85 dB

Measurement Three: The sound of the concert is around 102 dB

Measurement Four: Maximum volume of mp3 player is around 105 dB

Measurement Five: Any sporting event in the gallery sound, is around 105 dB to 130 dB

I think you can understand above all these ranges. Those are different according to sound pressure. So avoid any type of sound level that is harmful to your health. And also tell others about these ranges.

What is Noise

When you hear any unwanted bad sound then you can call it noise. There are many sources of that noise.

Such as people’s vocal sounds, loudspeakers, factory machines, traffic, etc. are common sources of noise. It is measured with frequency because every second it varies in the media.

In the pressure wave of air, sound force creates more pressure in the media. That’s why there are different waves according to pressure.

So I can tell you that loud sound has high pressure in any media. On the other hand, low sound has low pressure in any media.

Atmosphere pressure varies, when noise floats in the air. If you are crying in your private room, this volume is louder.

The volume becomes louder because there is noise reflected by the room wall. On the other hand, in an open field, there is no reflection.

So in the field area, that volume becomes lower. According to the world health organization, there is sound pollution above 65dB. So we can tell this type of pollution as noise.

What is Echo

Another term that you should know is the echo. So now I am telling you what echo is. It is the reflection of a normal sound.

When you are shouting in a private room, this volume reflects from the room wall and becomes louder. But in an open field that shouting volume cannot reflect because there is no wall or boundary.

So in an open field, that volume cannot grow louder because there is no echo. If you want to check practically, you can check it in your bathroom.

Above the brief, you can understand that echo or noisy sound is created by reflection and does hamper our daily life. To avoid it, you can use a soundproofing system that helps to keep the allocated place quiet and peaceful.

What is Soundproof and Sound Deadening

The media through which sound cannot pass is called a soundproof system. In detail, I want to tell you more points about this.

Sound depends on some ways to pass from one place to another. These ways are air and metal or hard substances.

That means it can flow through only air or hard substances. So there is also an easy way to stop external noise or wind noise from passing from one place to another.

Yes, the easy way is to remove air or hard substances from the way. Then sound cannot pass from one place to another.

According to this theory of science, many industries produce soundproof accessories for giving help to people. It will be better if you have a basic idea of insulation material.

Especially noise deadening material is used to stop sound vibration and keep that place silent.

What is Soundproof Material

The material which absorbs or stops noise transmission from passing from one place to another place is called soundproof material.

In sound deadeners, there is included in this type of material. According to industry language, these materials are also called soundproof accessories.

Sound deadening material (made of elastomeric rubber) or damping material should have a high density. Sound waves can pass through low-density material. On the other hand, this wave cannot pass through high-density material.

Normally, hard material has a high density. The soft material has low density. For example, a thin white paper has low density. So sound can easily pass through this thin white paper.

One more thing I want to tell you is that sound cannot reflect on rough surfaces. Suppose, a mirror has a plain surface. So it can reflect this mirror.

Remember, the characteristic of sound reflection is the same as the characteristic of light. So you can understand that the material that has a rough surface, doesn’t allow it to reflect it.

So by using these theories of science many industries have decided to produce insulated accessories. These accessories both have the capacity for noise absorption and stop the vibration of sound waves from passing from one area to another area.

Now, I think, you can understand the insulating material and what its function is.

Does Soundproofing (Deadening) Really Work?

According to science, we know that shouting volume cannot pass without way like air. If we block the air passing, then we can stop impact noises and airborne noises from passing one to another.

For example, on our earth, we hear sound. On the other side, on the moon, we cannot hear it.

The question is, How does sound deadening happen?

The answer is, air flows in our earth while on the moon, air does not exist. You can prove this experiment in another way, that is: when a man enters a drum and somebody locks this drum, then the person in the drum cannot hear the outside loud noises.

I am saying that this experiment is just an example of knowing the soundproofing conditions. Don’t try this experiment in your room because it’s dangerous.

Now, you have understood that if you block airflow and noise source, then you can stop unwanted noise from passing into the room. It is just a theory of science. I have just simply told you.

By following this method, I will explain step by step how you will perform to insulate your private room. But before that, I will tell you more information. So keep your eyes on this topic so that you can also remove sound from home.

If the shouting volume goes to a surface and at the same time that surface isn’t able for sound absorption, then that volume is turned back to the starting point.

This turning back of that volume is called reflection. Shouting volume grows higher for its reflection. Now, at this point, you can understand that reflection that also makes a noise in your room. If you can perform to remove this reflection then you will be able to minimize noise.

Now, the question is how to minimize sound reflection in your living room?

In Science, it is said that to minimize any reflection, you should systematically remove the sound.

Don’t worry.

I will also simply explain this theory. To understand this rule, you don’t need to be a scientist, you just need sound-deadening insulation and continue reading with concentration.

How to Perform Soundproofing System

It is possible to perform soundproofing if you follow some proper techniques. To keep your room silent, you should remove echo (sound reflection) and common noise. Let’s start with how to remove echo and noise.

1. Remove Noise from Room

This is the crucial part that you should give more concentration. If you follow this crucial part, you can understand what the problem actually is.

So keep reading this writing. Normally, noise comes from outside of the room. We already know that noise may be created by traffic, vehicles, industry, and many more things.

To keep free from noise in the room, you should lock the way by which noise comes into your room. For this, you should observe all holes or cracks that have existed in your room.

The sound comes through these holes or cracks. After doing that, you can attach acoustic foams to the wall section. You can also install a layer of drywall with resilient channels on the wall side. For this setting, some sound will be absorbed by cell acoustical foams.

For starting to implement accessories, at first, you should notice two main parts of your room. These two main parts are the door and window.

For soundproofing the window and door, find all cracks seriously. For removing gaps in the door and window, you can use weatherstripping (soundproofing tape). You can also use laminated glass in the window for sound insulation.

2. Lock Cracks of Doors

After finding cracks, you need to lock these cracks for Insulation. If your door is new, you will find a small number of cracks and If your door is old, you will find a large number of cracks.

First, fill these cracks or holes with insulated glue (sealant). It will be better if you can cover the whole door with foam panels (open and closed cell foams).

If you want to know more, here is my suggested method: pacific ways to soundproof a door easily.

3. Keep Accessories Near the Door

After filling all holes with electrical outlets then you need to go to the next step. In the room, make sure to keep sound-absorbing materials near the door.

These absorbent materials are soft things like furniture, beds, and other things. After setting these, you can prevent noise from coming from the door.

4. Lock Cracks of Windows

Lock all cracks of your window like door cracks, you have done before. Also, fill holes with insulated glue. It will be better when you use a soundproof curtain.

Want to know more suggestions please visit pacific ways to soundproof a window.

5. Lock Other Cracks

Without window and door, Now, you should find out other cracks by which noise may come to your room. Fill all these cracks so that noise cannot come from outside of the room.

6. Remove Echo (Sound Reflection) from a Room

Now, the second problem is the echo that creates more pollution in your private place. With the high reflection, the normal sound grows louder which is called echo.

If you can remove the reflection system in your private room, you can get a better result. Now, you should be ready to solve it. First, you should know how echo is created.

You should know the affected areas where echo is created. If you can find out these affected areas, you can remove this or rearrange accessories for the sound reduction of echo.

The echo is created from hard plain surfaces or flat metal surfaces in your room. Hard plain surfaces maybe your room ceiling, glass window, floor tiles, room wall surface, and other solid and heavy materials that absorb less sound.

By replacing all these hard materials, you can get rid of this echo. But replacing things can be a huge cost for you.

Don’t worry there is also another alternative way.

If you follow this way, you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money.

If you want to follow this alternative method then read this article carefully. First, you should identify the major reflection areas in your room. By finding all affected areas try to fix these as your thinking policy.

Now, a question may come to mind: how can this echo be removed?

Read the below description with time.

7. Remove Window Sound Reflection

The window is also a major part where the sound reflection is created. If you have a glass window then this reflection grows higher than a normal window.

For removing this reflection, use a noise-absorbing special curtain to your window. This window curtain has the specification to absorb that noise.

Besides, normal curtains that are found in the marketplace cannot absorb noise. So I recommend you use an acoustic curtain for removing this problem.

If you collect this type of curtain from a store and implement it, you can reduce the window echo.

8. Remove the Sound Reflection from Floor

Hard wooden floors or floor tiles are also a major part of high reflection sources. The major noise comes from the floor by our legs or other accessories.

Besides, on the floor, the reflection is created too. You should solve this problem by following this method.

For doing this, you should install sound-deadening materials like mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) or soundproof underlay for carpet underlayment or Sound deadening mats. Sound absorbing carpet is also soft in feeling. Your legs get softness from this carpet.

Besides, normal carpet that is found in the marketplace has not much capacity to absorb noise. Remember, the more thickness of the carpet, the more ability to minimize noise reflection.

However, by using proper underlayment, you can remove this reflection from the floor. Also, try to do better work using your thinking. You can also read this guideline: soundproofing a floor by easy way.

9. Use More Sound Absorbing Accessories

Other accessories can be a pillow, sofa, bookshelf, cloth shelf, and many more soft furniture (soft furnishings) for keeping the room less noisy. Now, I am telling you the most interesting thing that makes you more enjoyable.

You know that our world is developing day by day. This is the reason why technology is becoming advanced. Researchers are discovering more new advanced accessories for our human life.

Especially, some researchers have experimented with these things or ways. At the time, they discovered that some sound waves can absorb bad noise. Yes, now I am telling you about it and it makes your life comfortable.

After discovering the useful sound waves, the researchers name these waves white noise, brown noise, etc. Here, you may have a question about how noise can be helpful to us. You are also curious about what is white noise and brown noise.

I know that you will be curious about these special noises. So let me tell you about this topic in short. Among these special noises, to reduce sound pollution, most people are using white noise machines in their living life.

White noise is a specific frequency that absorbs bad noise and creates a uniform sound wave that makes people feel better. Brown noise is also a part of white noise but white noise is becoming more and more popular.

A white noise machine is a machine that can create white noise. Now, many factories are creating these machines because they are growing popular now.

Normally, no mp3 music is included in this machine. It includes a fan that creates artificial natural sound waves. You can manage these natural waves because there is a switching button in the white noise machine.

The size of this machine is not big. It is just a hand portable machine that you can carry easily. This type of machine can give you some benefits. They are given below.

  1. For deep sleep, people are using this machine.
  2. For baby sleep, parents are using it.
  3. For removing the pollution of bathroom sound, most of us use it.
  4. To stay away from high traffic volumes, many of us keep this machine with them.
  5. In highly noisy places like factory and machine areas, some workers are using this white noise machine for their better work.

Besides, you should use soundproofing blankets that will help you to remove maximum noise in your room.

If you want to know more, you can read the article about the best white noise machine with guidelines.

You can also use sound deadening color (soundproofing paint). Using this acoustic paint, you can’t get a fully soundproof facility but it is better than regular paint.

In the last part, I want to tell you that use any facility that you will need as much as possible for getting better performance.

My View Point

In real life, a soundproofing system is a true system to remove audible noise and echo from a personal or private room. You should follow all these activities to perform and implement this system.

There is no need for extra huge money, just collect the right accessories from the marketplace and set up as per your requirement. Just make sure to fill in cracks or holes around your door and window.

Also set up sound-absorbing accessories, those told above, bring more advantages to keep a room more silent. If you use any rubber carpet on the floor, there may decrease some sound but you cannot get a proper result.

According to research, rubber materials absorb only 40% of sound and at the same time, 60% reflect. This is the reason why you should collect proper accessories to remove noise and echo very well.

When you select accessories for set up, make sure these are of quality. You should read product reviews and specifications. And also check the return policy before collecting.

You can also use soundproof headphones or earmuffs if there is excess noise in a room. After that I can think, you have understood that it is possible to reduce sound energy from home.

FAQ: Does Soundproofing Work?

How Much Sound Deadening Do You Need?

You should cover above 60% of sound deadening accessories to any metal for getting maximum vibration reduction. To arrange an anti vibrator in your area where sound vibration is generated (vibration may produce from the generator, fridge, pump, car, etc).

Is Sound Deadening Really Worth It?

When you can successfully implement the acoustic element and sound deadening material in your room, office area, car parts, etc, then you can benefit from those materials and those will be worth it to you.

Otherwise, you will not soundproof any area after the wrong implementation of acoustic material.

What is Sound Deadening Spray and Where to Use It?

It is a spray-type material that you can use by throwing spray in the required places. Normally this type of deadening spray is used in auto parts.

These parts create vibrations that produce sound. So to reduce this type of sound this spray is used spontaneously.

Does Sound Deadening Material Work in Cars/Vehicles?

Yes, it works. But you should choose the right material for the right position. In the car section, you will need an anti-vibration pad for removing the energy of sound vibration which is produced from different car parts.

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