Soundproofing Backyard & Privacy Fence Panels [4 Methods]

soundproofing backyard & privacy fence panels

If you are living near crowded places like industrial areas, roads, highway noise, etc, you may face regular noise.

Besides, you get disturbed, when your neighbor’s dog barks loudly. Most people want to make their room soundproof.

In this situation, you can implement acoustic elements in your room for reducing noise.

But the main problem is that you can’t focus on soundproofing the backyard and privacy fence panels.

You can’t also soundproof the outside area of your house. This is the reason why loud noise outside can directly enter your room and makes your life dangerous.

In this situation, you are thinking of getting specific guidelines for implementing acoustic material to the home fence or enclosure.

If the noise level is below grade, then you can get better results by soundproofing any enclosure.

In this post, you will get important notes about soundproofing fences.

So you shouldn’t skip this page.

Can You Soundproof a Backyard or Outdoor Fence?

Yes, you can soundproof the outside area, if you follow some easy guidelines that I have shared below.

There is a specific distance that you need to measure for getting the highest result. Don’t worry, I have also shared these issues with easy words.

At the same time, you need to increase the layer of the outdoor walls for UV protection and retrofit solutions.

Do Soundproof (Acoustic) Fence Panels Work?

This type of sound-absorbing fence panel has acoustic elements that can reduce airborne noise.

You know that maximum sound comes into your house through the air medium.

If you install soundproof panels on the enclosure, you can obviously reduce the maximum sound wave. So this system actually works for reducing sound. (source)

For this reason, most people attach sound-deadening mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) to the fence surface but it is not lightweight.

It is a great sound barrier and it is suitable for installation outside.

How Effective is the System of Soundproof Fencing?

Now, you know that the acoustic element is a great acoustic barrier and you can apply it outside the fenced area easily.

You can also set up a polycarbonate noise barrier that is transparent. You can’t stop 100% traffic noise or dog barking sound but you can reduce the maximum noise level.

For doing that you can follow some techniques and rules of fence position. Don’t worry. I have described these topics below in easy words.

Can You Soundproof Your Total Garden Fence?

You can install MLV in the total fence area for getting positive results that I have already told above.

In the industries, you can see aluminum barriers that also work great for reducing noise transfer. Besides, you can keep trees in the enclosure area.

Effective Methods to the Soundproof Backyard Fences

There are four effective methods that you should know to get extra benefits from soundproofing fences. They are:

1. Avoid the Wrong Position of the Fence

avoid the wrong position of the fence

The position of the acoustic fencing is also important if you really want to avoid environmental noise.

For a clear understanding, see the image carefully. You should not set the fence in the middle position between noise sources and your house.

There is also a scientific reason, that is: the sound wave can flow in the air like a waveform (see the image).

When you have an enclosure in the middle position, some sound waves can pass the upper side of that barrier.

So you should avoid the middle position when you install a new enclosure.

2. Set the Fence Near the Road

set the fence near the road

The second option is that you should set the fence near the roadside if possible. When you have installed a fence in this location, sound waves will directly hit that fence surface.

As a result, these waves don’t overtake that barrier. For better understanding, I have attached an image that you can inspect.

If your existing enclosure is not in this position, you should change the position for getting better results.

3. Set the Fence Near the House

set the fence near the house

There is also another method that you may try and you can set the enclosure near the house if possible.

If you do this, you can stop the maximum sound waves that come from the road. These sounds will be reflected by the surface of this barrier.

Maximum sound waves can’t overtake this barrier (see this image).

4. Increase the Density of the Fence

The fourth method is that you should attach MLV to the fence surface with some screw pins. If you have a wood, metal, or chain link fence, your best choice must be MLV.

You may have a question about how to collect this type of MLV. Don’t worry, you can get MLV from an acoustic marketplace.

How to Soundproof Outdoor or Garden Fence

If you have no sound barrier fence, you need to set up this type of outdoor soundproofing.

If you have installed wooden fences (timber fencing system) or fence posts, you need to attach a high-density panel to that barrier.

Besides, there are some more tips that you can follow. So, here I have shared some important notes that are given below:

Build a High-density Barrier (wall)

You can build a brick wall with concrete material (brick, sand, and cement mixture) around your house.

This type of tall fence has a high-density property that helps to block some sound waves. Though this type of wall is costly and needs more budget and time, this wall will last for a longer time.

Besides, you can build gabion walls that are also highly effective for noise reduction.

So first, make a plan to build this type of wall construction, if you seriously need to reduce noise pollution.

Attach MLV to the Wooden or Hard Wall

Now, the next task is to arrange an acoustic layer (MLV) for the garden wall. Before installing MLV, you need to know some easy guidelines.

That is why I have also shared some guidelines (given below) for you. MLV is a strong sound barrier and it also has a long-lasting capacity.

During the rainy season, you don’t need to worry about it. So take a measurement of the fence size and arrange it.

Grow Plant Hedges

If you don’t have any type of enclosure outside your house and you also don’t like it, you may follow quiet fence alternatives.

Yes, you can grow plant hedges around your house. You will be glad to know that plant hedges are a very good sound absorber.

It also increases natural style and your mind remains fresh when you look at these areas.

Create a Small Pond or Water Feature

If you have no budget issue, you may create a water feature in your garden side. It will be better if you establish a small pond and connect it to this water feature.

When sound waves pass over this pond and water features, these waves will weaken and create less backyard noise.

Create an Artificial Fountain or Waterfall

Most people can’t make artificial waterfalls in their gardens because of the high budget issue. In this situation, you can make a small fountain in that place if you have no problem.

This fountain can also weaken the sound wave too. Besides, a small type of fountain can also increase the beauty of your garden area.

Set Windchimes

You can hang some wind chimes outside the house. These chimes will merge the noise and you can hear beautiful noise from these wind chimes.

Some people are using these chimps and you can get these from the marketplace.

Plant Large Trees

If you keep some large trees inside your garden, that will be great for reducing road traffic sound or neighbor’s noise.

But the problem is that growing these types of trees takes a long time. But when you have these types of trees, you can feel the advantage.

Grow Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are also helpful for weakening the noise. These types of grasses also increase environmental beauty and reduce sound waves.

So my suggestion is that you need to grow these grasses outside your house.

How to Install Mass-Loaded Vinyl (MLV) to the Fence?

Now, I will talk about how to install this vinyl to your current enclosure.

You can also use other acoustic panels but I think MLV is the better choice in this case. This panel is easy to attach and it’s also durable.

So read these steps with guidelines…

Step One: Collect Acoustic MLV

You can go to an acoustic marketplace or collect it online. But before collecting it you need accurate measurements so that you can cover the total enclosure by this panel.

You can use a measuring tape for the actual size of that panel. You should also take a preparation of what square feet of MLV is required for covering the enclosure.

If there will be an adjustment problem, you can cut any section of this panel and attach any side of the enclosure. It will be better if you increase the layer of MLV.

This will increase the density of your current enclosure and powerful noise can’t pass through it.

Step Two: Collect Screw Pins, and Other Accessories

For installing MLV, you need to have screw pins, hammers, screwdrivers, cutters, etc. I think you can collect these accessories easily.

For tight attaching of an MLV panel, screw pins are important.

Step Three: Contact any Person for Helping You

It will be tough if you try to attach this panel to the enclosure alone. So it will be better if one helper works with you.

As a result, you can hold the panel and the helper will set screw pins easily.

Step Four: Unroll the MLV

Now, time to install MLV in that location. First, unroll the collected MLV. Then adjust it to the outside surface of the fence. Mark the points where you need to set screw pins.

Step Five: Attach MLV Panel

Attach this panel to the outside surface of your metal or wooden fence. In that situation, you can take the help of a chalk line for leveling that panel.

Make sure to cover the total surface area with this panel. After covering the inside and outside sections of the fence, you need to inspect that adjustment area.

Step Six: Cut the Excess Panel

After inspecting this installed MLV, you may see the excess panel part. Cut this excess part from the top and bottom parts as necessary.

Step Seven: Fill All the Gaps in that Enclosure

After installation of MLV, you may find small gaps between the joints of the panel. Mark these gaps and block them with acoustic sealant (sound blocker).

Cost of Residential Soundproof Fence Panels

You may ask me what budget you may need. Well, here, I have shared the average cost that may require you.

Remember: this cost may vary according to time and location.

You may also ask me what is the total cost of residential outdoor sound (noise) barriers, acoustic fences, or walls.

In this case, I will tell you that, after calculating the panel cost, you can understand the total fence cost.

The total cost may vary according to the existing enclosure type.

If you already have an enclosure that is made with wood or other hard material, you may require less cost.

In this situation, you just need acoustic material or soundproofing polymer.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any type of enclosure outside your house, you will need a higher cost for setting up a soundproofing fence.

As my measurement, if you want to install mass-loaded vinyl fences, you need to spend around $220-$250 per 100 square feet (4′ x 25′).

Besides, there is also need more extra costs such as labor cost and some accessories cost like screw pins, cutter, hammer, or screwdriver.

If you don’t have an enclosure, first you need to install it and this will need more extra cost.

Choose the Right Fence Wraps or Panels (Factors)

Before Choosing the right fence panel, you need to focus on some important factors. Those are given below:

Acoustic Property

If you want to reduce noise, you need a panel that has acoustic properties. So be sure, before collecting any type of acoustic fence wrap.


When you set up something outside your home, it needs high durability. Because bad weather and heavy rain may damage the accessories that stay outside the room. So, I think, a vinyl type of panel is the better choice for this case.

Water Resistance

The material that has water resistance is suitable for keeping outside the room and vinyl panels will be better because water can’t damage it easily. That is why this type of panel can last for many years.


Before collecting any type of panel, be sure that it is paintable or not. If you use a paintable panel, you can color as you choose.

Easy to Uninstall

You can uninstall MLV easily after a long time. But you may need a helper during the time of uninstallation.

My Viewpoint

In summary, I want to tell you that you can reduce outside noise by following some technical methods.

That is why I have shared some methods in this article. After reading these, I think you will get an effective idea for starting your project.

Here, I have shared the required cost that may help you. I have also shared the installation process of the MLV panel so that you don’t face problems.

You need to know the important factors before collecting the vinyl panel. So, I have shared some notes about these factors for your easy understanding.

I think, after installing soundproofing material to the enclosure, you will focus on soundproofing your room (if you need).

If you are interested in room soundproofing, you can read my other blogs that have easy guidelines.

You may read below questions and answers if you want to know more about fence soundproofing.

FAQ: Best Fence for Noise Reduction

What Type of Fence is Best and Most Reliable for Soundproofing?

Normally, you won’t find ready-made or DIY soundproof fences (outdoor sound barriers) panels from the market.

But you can install the acoustic panel to your existing enclosure. If you want to do this, you can read this total blog post.

Here I have shared some guidelines for installing acoustic panels for soundproofing the enclosure.

What Type of Soundproof Material is Preferable for a Fence?

As for my study, I suggest you attach an MLV panel to the enclosure. Besides, there are also other options (shared in this article) that you can follow to reduce noise.

Can a Soundproof Privacy Fence Block Traffic Noise?

Normal privacy fences can’t block maximum traffic sound but soundproof fencing can block some sound waves and reduce dog barking noise.

In particular, you need to attach mass-loaded vinyl to the enclosure wall. Then, you need to establish some ideas that I have already shared above in this post.

Does PVC Fence Wall Block Noise?

Vinyl type of panel works well for reducing noise. Besides, mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) is also a better solution, if you want to install it in your garden fence. In this post, I have already shared some notes about the MLV panel that you can read.

How Do You Deflect or Reduce Outside Sound (Noise)?

You can deflect the noise by following some effective techniques (effective positions of the outside barrier).

You need to read these techniques if you want better results. Besides, you can grow tall plants, plant hedges, artificial waterfalls, etc. These settings also help you to reduce some sound waves.

Is a Wood or Metal Fence with Vinyl Better for Noise Reduction?

Wood fences, brushwood, and timber fences can reduce noise but this type of noise-reducing fence needs more insulation.

Because lots of holes and gaps may be in those enclosures. That is the reason why you need to overlap it with the panel of mass-loaded vinyl. It will add extra insulation to your enclosure wall.

How Much Sound (Noise) Can a Vinyl Fence Block?

A quality vinyl panel can block 50-95% of sound waves. So, you need to check the vinyl quality before collection.

Does a Private and Normal Fence Reduce Road Noise?

An enclosure without the acoustic panel can reduce minimum traffic or road noise whereas an enclosure that has the acoustic (MLV) panel can reduce maximum noise.

Does any Type of ColorBond Fencing Block (Reduce) Noise?

Colorbond fences can increase the design but it is not a higher sound barrier. The good news is that you can easily attach an MLV panel and color it for increasing design.

Is the PVC Fencing System or Acoustic Fence Panels Better than Colorbond?

Yes, PVC or vinyl panels work better. So, the acoustic, MLV, or vinyl type of panel is a better choice for reducing noise.

Can Mass-loaded Vinyl (MLV) be Used Outside?

Yes, you can use this MLV outside your house. This type of noise-screening fence (soundproof garden screening) is suitable for the rainy season and you can use this panel for a long time.

Is a PVC Fence Set up Cheaper or Preferable than Wood?

Making your outside barrier with wood will need more work than the PVC fence setup. Besides, You may need a high cost to set up a PVC panel but it will last for many months.

On the other hand, wood doesn’t last for a long time because of bad weather. So, in this case, I suggest you should use the vinyl panel.

If you already have a wood fence, you can attach this panel to it for blocking more noise.

What are the Disadvantages of MLV (Mass-loaded Vinyl) Fencing?

Though this type of panel is highly effective, it also has a little disadvantage. Such as:High cost.

Does an MLV (vinyl) Fence Increase Home Value?

If you want to reduce noise from your home, then vinyl and acoustic-type blankets can be a better option for you.

For knowing more information about it, you need to read some more facilities that are given below.

Besides, I have shared more soundproofing information in this blog, you can read the guidelines for getting more facilities.

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