How to Stop Rain Noise on Skylights? 6 Soundproofing Tips

how to stop rain noise on skylights: soundproofing tips

You can’t sleep because of the sound of rain hitting, which comes from the skylights (roof windows).

For soundproofing a skylight or reduction of wind noise from it, you want to know reliable information. I know, most people like that rain noise but some people can’t tolerate the cracking noise which comes into the room through the skylight.

Overall, you may have a question: why are the skylights making rain noise or popping noise?

Besides, you want to stop the sound transmission of airflow and other noises that come to the room through the flat roof windows (skylights).

For the solution, you are finding the data on the internet. But you are not getting a clear solution about it. In this situation, I want to tell you that you have come to the right place where this type of problem with answers is described.

If you want to soundproof a skylight, you should continue reading.
Before solving this type of problem, I will share a basic introduction about it. After reading this information, the unknown person also gets the idea of using it.

What is Skylight and Where to Use It

what is skylight and where to use It

It is a one-type roof window that is placed in the roof section. Sometimes it is also called roof light and it is made with transparent glass. (source)

You can open and close it at any time when necessary. The structure of it is like a normal window that is used on the wall side. On the other hand, it is used in the roof surface of the room and bathroom.

Some people use bathroom skylights. The frame of it is made of hard material (iron, steel, etc). Normally the panel of the roof window is hard glass material.

It has no vents or ventilation system but you can open the glass panel of the skylight. It is not suitable for all the roofs. Only It is preferable in the stick-framed roof. Glass pane may be used in it.

Pros and Cons of Skylights

Here I have shared some basic advantages and disadvantages so that you can know about the function of the skylight better.


  • It helps to release hot air (with carbon dioxide) outside of the room
  • Enough natural light can enter inside the room through this window
  • Enter fresh air into the room and it can change the atmosphere (positive) of the internal room
  • In the winter season, the room stays warmer
  • You can see the beauty of the blue sky (at day), moon, and stars (at night)


  • Expensive to install
  • Feeling disturbed when noise enters the room through a roof window (has also solution for this problem)
  • Low quality of roof window may create roof leaks
  • UV (ultraviolet rays) may enter the room when the skylight is not closed and soundproof
  • Cleaning the roof window is not easy for its high position

Are Skylights (Roof Windows) Noisy?

It may be noisy when gaps are created in the frame joint or entire frame corner. As a result, a drop of rain and sound may enter the room.

Normally the pane of the roof window is made with glass. If the pane is single, the noise may pass through this pane. In this case, you need to increase that pane.

The skylight is making noise for these two problems. So you should be alert about this issue so that you can fix it quickly.

For fixing the problem of that roof window, you should plan to collect acoustic accessories first. Before collecting any material, you should read the total information about it.

How to Stop Rain Noise (Sound) on Skylight?

This is the main question which most people also ask. You may try instant noise reducing earmuffs that you can collect from reliable marketplace.

For blocking that noise you should follow some guidelines. You should implement some acoustic material in the skylight.

So don’t skip it…

skylight leaks or gaps

Some suggestions are given below:

  1. Find the skylight leaks or gaps between the frames and joints. After finding those gaps, fill them by using reliable sealing strip or weatherstripping (rubber-type composite material). For blocking very small gaps, you can use acoustic sealant. There are different types of weatherstripping (airtight seal), you should collect the right seal for use in the gap of the skylight. Two types of seals are available in the market. One is a gasket seal and the other is an expanded foam seal. When you apply the tight seal in the gap, be sure that the seal should fit well and block that gap correctly.
  2. You may use mass-loaded vinyl (MLV), if possible according to your room design. You may add MLV by using cardboard or other hardboards.
  3. Check the number of transparent panes of the skylight. You can check it visually in an easy way. The place of the basic window panes is parallel. So you can find the number of glass panels in the roof window. If you have a single pane in your skylight, multiply it. Because exterior sounds like rain noise, air noise, bird’s sound may easily enter through this single pane. If you install multiple panes, noise can’t enter easily into your room.
  4. You can use the fiberglass sheet around the skylight shaft. It will dampen the sound all the time.
  5. You may use sound removing window film as a layer on the glass of the roof window. This film will be able to reduce noise by around 5 decibels.
  6. You can also install soundproof window treatment kits for any roof window if you can. You can remove it anytime when necessary.

If you can do these methods properly, I think, you can remove sound energy from the acrylic panel or sheet of the skylight (laminated glass). Acrylic layers of acrylic plastic sheets are also weatherproof.

N.B: if the acrylic bathtub of your room creaks or makes noise, you should also know the exact issue for removing that noise. After making your soundproofing the roof window, you should also need to soundproof other areas of your room. Because any kind of noise may come any way into the room.

So you can take the reliable steps that are given below.

My Viewpoint

In overall viewpoint, I just want to tell you that you should read about it before starting installation. Normally it is used in the slope surface of the roof.


There is also a reason for using the slope surface for the skylight. In the slope position, the rainwater and dust can’t be stored in the skylight and normally it is installed in that place.

Besides, degrees of UV light can enter at an angle in the room. If you don’t set up this window at an angle range, daylight enters directly in the room and that room will be very bright.

In this post, I have tried to share some pros and cons of using this window. After reading these points, you can get clear data about it.

I have also written how to remove the sound of heavy rains, airplane sounds, and other noise from the roof window. You should read that data if you need it.

Besides the skylight window inserts, which have good thermal insulation, also last for a long time.

You should focus on the installment process for proper setting. If there are some mistakes in that setting, small gaps may be created around the joint side of the installed roof window.

You should place the skylight at the exact location. Also, it depends on you where it will be placed. For getting light, the choice of the setting place of this window is important.

So I think you have understood the point about the setting and placement of the roof window. I have also discussed some answers in the FAQ section.

You can read those answers if you want to know more about them.

FAQ: Skylight Soundproofing

Can You Soundproof a Skylight?

Yes, you can block all the leaks, when created. By using acoustic material at the exact location, you can get a better soundproofing facility from the old skylight.

In this post. I have also shared the solution to solve this problem. If you want to last this window for a long time with soundproofing, you need to collect quality roof windows at the early stage of the installment period.

Do the Skylights Actually Cause Problems?

Yes, a skylight may cause some normal problems. Such as it may create sound when getting old.

Even when you collect poor-quality roof windows, some skylight leaks may create around the frame of it. Besides, extra light may enter your room.


A roof window has some benefits that you need to read. Some skylights also have rain sensors so that this setting can alert people about the rain.

In this post, I have also shared some more facilities for using it.

Will the Skylights Always Leak?

It may create leaks when poor installation is done. Besides, if you use the wood frame, leaks may be created after a long time.

When this wood frame contacts with rain frequently, it may gradually spoil. So after a long period, there are some small cracks or leaks around the wood frame.

Besides, if the setting of the window frame is not properly adjusted, Then there may remain small gaps in the joint section of the frame.

So you need to call a professional person for setting this window at the beginning time. When you replace the old skylight, you should alert the setting of the skylight frame.

If you can do this properly, you may not face the leakage problem of this window.

Do the Skylights Always Get Dirty?

In the inside surface of the skylight, mold spores may be created. You should clean it after a certain time. If the cleaning process is done properly, it doesn’t get dirty all the time.

Do the Skylights Make Any Room Hot?

In the winter season, you can store some heat in your room.


By using a skylight with a glass pane, you can do it easily. This method is like the greenhouse effect. In the greenhouse, sunlight enters the house.

After entering this ray it transforms into heat and this heat can not go outside through the glass. As a result, that heat makes the greenhouse warmer.

So if you use this window, the produced heat also can’t go out through the glass pane of this window. For this reason, that heat makes that room hot in the winter season.

Can the Skylights Add a lot of (Enough) Light?

It may depend on the size of the skylight. If you use a larger roof window, it adds more bright light than a small roof window.

So I think you should plan the actual size for the exact light that you want. After calculating the measurement, you should collect it.

The installment position is also a reason for getting low or bright light. So check the location of the roof surface where daylight is available in high or low amounts. After targeting the location point, set this window.

N.B: If you want to get low light, set the skylight where the tree shadow has fallen.

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