Does Cardboard Absorb or Reflect Sound? is it Soundproof?

does cardboard absorb or reflect sound? is it soundproof?

Do you have any confusion about whether the cardboards are absorbing materials or not? You also want to know: does cardboard absorb or reflect the sound (noise)? Is it good for soundproofing? You don’t understand how to use it for noise absorption.

Here I am giving you a reliable answer about this.

So don’t skip before reading the actual information of the sound absorption capacity of cardboard.

First, you should know some details and functions of this board. Then you can automatically understand the absorption capability of this board.

If you don’t know what cardboard is, then you need to continue reading to know more details about it.

What is Cardboard

Cardboard is a heavy thickness paper-based sheet that has higher durability than normal paper. (source)

It includes a multilayer of paper sheets for using various activities. You can make this board in your home because the process is not complicated.

You can make a normal type board by using paper and glue. It has poor thermal insulation (thermal performance). Cardboards are not impenetrable materials for sound transmission.

For more durability of this board, corrugated fiber is used in it. This is the reason why there are various types of boards for using various work fields.

Now you should know these boards for knowing their function more deeply.

Types of Cardboard

cardboard types

There are three types of cardboard. Such as single wall, double wall, and triple wall type (see in the image).

But, you need to know the other two types of cardboards and their function. They are:

1. Corrugated Fiberboard

This fiberboard is made with two flat heavy thick paper sheets and one (fluted material) zig-zag folded heavy paper sheet. This is the reason why it is heavier and has a higher strength loading capacity than other paperboards.

This type of board is used in shipping boxes, book covers, etc.

Thickness of Cardboard (Corrugated Fiberboard)

cardboard thickness

There are 5 types of flute cardboard according to different thicknesses. They are:

  • ‘A’ flute is 4.8 mm. It is used as the shipping box, packing cardboard, and packaging of fragile items.
  • ‘B’ flute is 3.2 mm. It is used as a partition and pad.
  • ‘C’ flute is 4.0 mm. It is used as a shipping box. It is also used for the security of furniture and glass.
  • ‘E’ flute is 1.6 mm. It is used as the ballot box, packing of consumer products.
  • ‘F’ flute is 0.8 mm. It is used as a box of fast food and other consumer goods.

(thickness source)

2. Paperboard

It is one type of single paper sheet which is used for box setup, flooding cartoons, etc. It may have multiple layers but it is not like a corrugated board.

Normally it is used for various purposes but it is not suitable for making any place silent.

Basic Function of Cardboard

If you know this board, then, you may have known the term ‘fluted material’. This material is like a wave, squire, or zig-zag type sheet that is covered by two heavy thickness and flat sheets.

This is the reason why the corrugated cardboard can reduce some echo (reflection of any sound) and other impact noise.

When any noise touches this type of board, some energy of that noise is reduced by the fluted material and flat sheet. If the layer of corrugated fiberboard is multiple, noise reduction will be high.

This type of board is not made for noise-reducing purposes. But you can use it for reducing some noise (40%) if you require.

Does Cardboard Really Absorb Sound?

Cardboard is not able to absorb any noise very well. Though it does not have smooth surfaces, a small amount of noise is absorbed by this board.

If you want to use good acoustic absorbers for noise reduction and make your room more silent, then you can use acoustic foam and other soundproof accessories.

But if you have a small budget, then you can use this type of board for sound reduction. The advantage of this board is: It is recyclable and you can use this recycled cardboard again to reduce unwanted noise in your room.

According to the thickness of this board, there are different sound removing activities in them. So you should read the different types of these boards to know their thickness.

Normally c flute-type cardboard is more effective for noise reduction in your room. You can reduce almost 40% of noise if you use this type of board.

The insulation properties of cardboard panels, those usually used in the packaging industry, are lower than insulation panels. (source)

You can use this board in the project of soundproofing and sound deadening. But you should use other acoustic accessories if you want to make the room soundproof.

Best Materials for Absorbing Sound in Replacement of board

If you want to reduce noise from a room, you need to set up the below accessories:

Besides, there are also other accessories that you need to collect for implementing in your room.

I have also shared some information about these in my other blogs. So you can get a reliable idea from those blog posts.

N.B: you can also use MLV on the floor and other surfaces. For soundproofing a door, you can use weather stripping for filling the door gap. For blocking the bottom door gap, you can use the door sweep.

Does Cardboard Absorb any Vibration?

Sound or noise can be created by any type of vibration. Now you may have a question: how to stop the transfer of noises for reducing more sound?

From an investigation (source), it is found that cardboard has a relation to control vibration. Normally rubber is used for stopping the vibration.

But the problem is that rubber is harmful to the environment. This is the reason why this investigation is done for using this board in replace of rubber to control vibration.

You can use this board for reducing any vibration in your room. But if you want to get a maximum reduction of any vibration, my recommendation is you should use MLV for reducing the vibration of noise.

Is Corrugated Cardboard Good for Soundproofing?

Corrugated fiberboard is better than other paper cardboard in using soundproofing activities. But one thing that you should remember is that you don’t have effective soundproofing performance by using corrugated fiberboard.

If you want to be interested in soundproofing your area with maximum silence in the room wall, you need to read this article about how to soundproof the wall of a room.

However, if you don’t have enough budget, you can use this type of fiberboard for reducing a little bit of noise in your area.

Do All Cardboards Reflect Sound?

There is another name of reflecting sound that is the echo. Some echo is reflected by the paper cardboard sheets.

On the other hand, some echo is absorbed by this board. But corrugated type fiberboard works better than normal paper type board.

You can keep aluminum foil or underlayment between layers of this board so that it works well in the soundproofing appliance.

How to Reduce Some Noises with Cardboard?

If you want to use the cardboard panel in your house to remove some noises, you can do it. First, you should collect it according to the measurement of the wall of a room. Then you should prepare this board for the wall. You can use adhesive or a stapler for adjusting this board to the wall.

But you shouldn’t use this type of board for maximum soundproofing in any area.


Because this type of board is not a better soundproofing element than other acoustic elements. If you want to make a room soundproof, you should set up acoustic accessories in every section of the room.

After applying these accessories, you will be able to remove maximum noise from any area.

How Do You Soundproof a Cardboard Box Panel Easily?

If you want to make this board more soundproof, you can do it. For this, you need to follow some points.

First, you should collect soundproof foam from a reliable marketplace. Then, You need to cut this foam by using the measurement of this board.

Now you should place this foam inside this board at the bottom place. You can add this foam by using the adhesive spray. After adding the foam, wait for a few minutes.

You can also add the foam panel around this board (outside). You should do it as per your priorities.

You should add Acoustic foam panels because any sound can be absorbed by this acoustic foam. Thus you can be able to make this box, more soundproof.

My Viewpoint

I think you can understand the overview of this board. Normally it is used in many areas for various purposes.

It is not preferable for soundproofing actions. In this post, I have tried to share the basic function of this type of board.

You should read the types and functions of this board before using it. I have also tried to share specific data about corrugated and paperboard cardboard.

If you read the total post, you will know the characteristics (absorption and reflection) of the cardboard. If you have any doubt about the sound absorption or reflection of concrete, you can read this topic.

Cellulose is produced from wood. If you want to know the soundproofing ability of cellulose, you should know it.

If you want to make your area noise-free, you should try other acoustic materials that are available in the marketplace.

But before using these soundproof materials, you should know them first. By following the basic guidelines, you can apply these acoustic accessories in your place.

If you have some more time, you can read the answers to the below questions (FAQ). There are some short answers in the FAQ sections.

FAQ: Does Cardboard Absorb Sound

Can a Cardboard Panel Soundproof a Full Room?

You can use the paper cardboard on the room wall. But you can’t get a better result from it if you want to remove noise from a room.

You need to implement acoustic accessories to the room wall, window, ceiling, floor, bathroom, etc. For the application of these acoustic elements, you also need easy guidelines that you can find from other posts on this site.

You should know reliable data for gathering knowledge about soundproof panels.

Is Cardboard a Good Insulator for Using All Areas?

You can use this board for removing noise. But you can’t benefit from it like other soundproof accessories.

If you want to use good insulation, you may try a better alternative to cardboard-like acoustic materials, sound-deadening materials, and a white noise machine (noise device) which is found in your local marketplace.

Before using these materials, you should follow some guidelines that will not be tough for you.

Does Cardboard Absorb Heat All the Time?

This type of board has lots of air pockets or air gaps. Cardboard has many layers and air gaps contained in this section.

These pockets can hold the heat for some time. This is the reason why these air pockets slow the heat transfer anyhow. But you can’t say it is the best heat absorber like other materials.

It doesn’t last long like other acoustic elements. So you should also focus on this point. For example, acoustic foam lasts for a long time and less reaction happens with the moisture.

On the other hand, this board reacts with moisture and may damage after using it for some time.

Is Cardboard a Better Insulator than Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is better than cardboard in consideration of soundproofing activities and it is better for acoustic performance.

Because styrofoam sheets have lots of small air gaps, they help the styrofoam absorb the annoying noise instantly.

On the other hand, cardboard doesn’t have this type of facility.
It will be better if you use this type of foam for noise removing issues.

Can All Types of Papers Block Noise?

Paper is not as strong as other acoustic materials. Paper boards can’t stop the transfer of the high frequency of sounds.

But a corrugated fiberboard is better than a normal paper board. For soundproofing activities, acoustic material is stronger than corrugated fiberboard.

So I think you have understood which is preferable for implementing any area.

Can You Soundproof a Shipping Cardboard Container?

You can use sound dampening materials and acoustic foam on the surface of the cardboard container. Dampening material removes the sound vibration during shipping time.

On the other hand, that foam absorbs some irritating noise. It is important to stop the sound waves which are created from the movement of different shipping items.

This is why you should use sound deadener material for removing that sound.

Can Aluminium or Tin Foil Increase Sound Insulation of cardboard?

You can‘t get better facilities for using that foil. It can remove a small amount of noise. So you need to install acoustic elements in your home place for reducing maximum noise.

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