How to Stop a Metal/Wooden Bed Frame from Squeaking-1 Way

how to stop a metal, wooden bed frame from squeaking

You do all things for your room but now the one problem is that your bed makes a sound when you use it. Sometimes it makes a squeaky sound during sleeping time.

This may be an annoying matter for you. You are also finding the solution about how to stop (fix) a wooden/metal/platform bed frame from the squeaking sound that may create from the mattress and bed.

But you can’t get any solution after browsing the internet. You also check the bed frames for non-squeaky sound from the marketplace. But you aren’t sure about collecting.

So you need a soundproof bed frame for your nighttime rest. I think you have come to the right place for getting reliable data about it which also lasts for a long time.

Why does Squeaky Sound Make from the Bed Frame?

When the joints of different frame parts are not strong and they are loose-fitted, then the creaky sound may be made from that slat support.

If you have an old bed, then sounds may also come from that frame. To avoid these problems, you should fix them. But fixing it is also complicated work.

So the easy solution for you is to replace the frame. For that, you should collect the right one. That frame which you will collect should have included steel slats so that they can last for a long time.

Find out the Squeaky Sound Location from Bed

If there is a creaky sound, then you should find out the exact location for creating that sound. The maximum time you can solve this problem, if you can find the exact location of the bed creaking sound.

It may be for the frame, mattress, frame joint, or poor structure. For knowing details to solve bed noise, you should read the steps below.

  1. At first, you should separate all things for exact inspection. So remove the mattress from the bed and put it in another place.
  2. Then separate the squeaky wooden or metal bed frames. After doing that, now inspect for finding the exact sound source.
  3. Check the mattress very carefully because the sound may have been created from the coil of the mattress.
  4. Now check that frame and its joint. Maximum time sound may be created from loose joints of that frame. By creating pressure, you can find the sound source of the mattress foundation.

If your mattress has a problem, then you should replace it. If you have found that the slat support has a problem, you should have the option to fix it at home.

If you want to fix it, then read the below guides that you need to fix that frame. Otherwise, you can change it, if you don’t have enough time.

N.B: if you are not interested in a quiet bed frame, you may try a sound reducer (listed below) for specific times (sleeping, working, reading, etc).

  1. Noise reducing ear muffs
  2. White noise machine/device

If you are interested in alternatives to earplugs for blocking noise, you may try as early as possible.

How to Make a Bed Frame Quieter?

You may also have a question: how to stop the total bed frame and legs from shaking? For this reason, You should know how to stabilize a metal or wooden bed frame, if it has a problem.

You need to collect some tools if you fix the noisy mattress foundation. For doing this you should collect a wrench, screwdriver, and washer if your slat support has bolts and screws.

1. Tighten the Frame Joints

If the frame is metal, then there must be screws. Normally nuts and bolts are used for joining the frames with each other. Now check the joints.

After finding a loose joint, tight the joints by screwdriver or wrench. You can use washers if needed. A screwdriver is needed if your slat support has screws. On the other hand, a wrench is needed, if the frame has bolts for adjusting.

2. Use Lubricate or Wax

Lubricant reduces the friction between two hard surfaces. (source).

If you find that the joints of bed frames create sound after tightening up, then you should do the next step. You can use wd40 lubricant or candle wax in that joint. In lubricant or wax, sound can’t be created easily.

3. Keep Soft Cloth

If you can create a barrier between frame and mattress height, then created sound can’t easily pass. This method helps stop squeaky sounds.

As soft cloth, you can use old t-shirts, old socks, etc. after putting on this soft cloth, there will be no friction between mattress and bed slat support. This is the reason why that sounds can’t be easily created.

4. Examine the Bed Legs

Check the floor touches areas of all the bed legs. They may create sound if the legs are uneven.

So even all the legs by cutting the legs or adding something in the area where the legs touch the ground. Making even all the legs will not be easy work for you. So the better way is to add a hard thing at the end of the legs where they touch the floor.

They may also create sound if all the legs make friction with the floor. Then the sound is created by this friction. More sound is created, if the legs of the bed are metal.

Now you should solve this problem by adding leg cups or furniture pads to the leg. After adding a leg cup, you can stop the friction between the floor and legs.

By doing above these activities, you may fix the noise problem of your existing frames.

5. Collect Noise-Free Bed Frame and Why Should You do That?

After doing all these things, you can get the expected result from a noise-free mattress foundation. But if there is still squeaky noise created from that frame, then my suggestion is that you should purchase a new one from the marketplace.

You can get this type of bed slat support for a limited budget. But you should collect the right one from the market.

If you have problems collecting this frame, then you should read the factors that I have given below the post.

I also have a problem finding a noise-free bed. But today I have reliable data about it. To find it, I have given a huge amount of time to check the right one for me. You know that a strong material structure of a frame is needed for long-lasting too.

After searching, finally, I have found two types of frames that are popular in the marketplace too. The foldable quiet bed frame has also a good structural design for easy maintenance.

If you don’t have any time, then you can try these frames for staying in your room without squeaky noise. Otherwise, if you have some time for searching it, then my suggestion is that you should know the factors before collecting the quiet platform bed frame.

quiet platform bed frame

A. Easy Assembly & Noise Free Bed Frame

It will fit in your private small room. You can assemble all the parts for the total setup of it. You can also disassemble when it requires moving to move to another place at any time.

The legs of this bed do not harm the floor surface. Because there are available plastic caps for the bottom legs of this frame. Outer sizes are 81.5 inches long and 61.5 inches wide.

You can set the mattress to this mattress foundation. You can also use the memory foam mattress if required. It is well designed for mattress setup.

There is an available gap under the bed (13.5 inches of clearance space). You can put the required accessories under it because there is plenty of storage space.

Heavy-duty steel slat is included in it. This is the reason why it has the durability for long-lasting. The main issue is that you can’t get a squeaky sound from this frame.

You don’t need any box spring for it. For rough activities, you can use it. There is also good news for you that you can also attach a headboard to it.

Because it is compatible with setting the bed with the headboard. The weight capacity of this frame is around 2000 lbs.

There is included a middle leg for heavy strong support for central slats. There are different sizes available for this frame. You have an option to choose the size you require.

B. Foldable & Noise Free Bed Frame

It has the extra advantage that you need. Yes. it is foldable and for having the foldable facility, you can store it in a short place, when it is not required.

For quick transport, you can fold it for easy moving. An open space is available for keeping any items under it. You can set it in your room. It takes around 2-3 minutes to install it.

There will not need any tool for installing it. Heavy steel metal is included in it. The middle leg is also included in this frame for good support.

This is why the noise will not produce from it and different sizes are also available. So you should check the size of it if you are interested.

It is designed for 250 pounds (including body weight). But, from many users’ reviews, it can take more load up to 500 – 1000 pounds.

There are also available holes in it to attach a headboard. Rubber caps are included for using the bottom legs. By using these caps, you can avoid scratches on the floor surface.

Factors Need to Know Before Collecting Bed Frame

There are some issues that you need to know before collecting. Of course, you should measure your installed area with measuring tape, before collecting it.

Specifically, you need to know about the material property, scientific facilities, long-lasting issues, and strong structure for non-creaky. So there are some factors that you should read before collecting.

1. Material

For good structural design, the material of a squeak-free frame is also important. Two types of materials are used in it. One is wood and the other is steel metal frame.

The question is which one is better for a good frame. The answer is that these two types of material are reliable for suitable slat support.

But if you especially need it which has no squeaky sound, then you should need a metal platform bed frame. Besides, a heavy-weighted wood-type frame has also no squeaky issue.

Normally steel bed frames are available in the marketplace. But you need to check the weight limit of it before collection.

2. Mattress Setting

The mattress foundation which you will collect should have the non-slip (anti-slip support) heavier mattress setting. The mattress should be well fitted on the frame. So you should check the size of the mattress before collecting it.

3. Noise Issue

You should understand which type of bed doesn’t make a sound during your sleeping time. Normally old bed frames, lightweight wood frames (wood platform beds) create squeaky sound.

Sometimes frame adjustment in the joint section may be an issue for creating noise. So you need to collect a strong structural design type of slat support for the frame for getting a better facility.

4. Loading Capacity.

This issue is also an important point for you. What loading capacity do you need in the mattress? I think, before collecting a bed slat support, you should plan the loading capacity that you need.

How many people sleep in the bed? Or do you need it just for you? So consider these questions, before choosing it.

5. Budget

The budget is also an issue if you want to collect a high-class bed. Just you need to find the right frame according to budget.

Above all the factors that you should read for getting more information. I think, if you will be able to collect it for you, then you can take a deep rest without noise. So you should focus on these points before collecting.

My Viewpoint

In summary, here I want to say that you should focus on the right bed slat support if you want to collect it.

If your current bed creates a noise problem, then you should find the exact location where noise is created. After finding the exact noise location, then you can fix it in your home.

Just you need some accessories for fixing that frame. I have also mentioned those accessories in this post. If you don’t have enough time to fix it, then you can collect noise-free frames.

Here my suggestion is that you should collect the metal type of bed slat support. It has a high loading capacity because the frame joint of metal is so strong that any vibration can absorb it and make the bed sound free.

But keep in mind that you should collect well-structured designs of metal bed frames. Otherwise, you don’t get higher facilities from it.

You should also collect sound-free heavy wood designs which are also capable of absorbing the high load. But you can’t collect it for a lower budget.

Here I have also shared how to make it quieter. You need to read those points and implement them in your sleeping place. Now, I think you may be able to make your room quiet.

But remember, you should check the product review where you want to collect this type of frame.

Before collecting, you should also read the customer’s negative and positive feedback. You should match the product image with the description of your selected items.

One last thing is that if you have some more time, then you should read the questions with answers in the FAQ section.

FAQ: Bed Makes Noise When You Move

What Type of Bed Frame Makes No Noise?

You know that there are different types of bed slat support available in the marketplace. Among them some are qualities and the rest of all are not suitable.

So you should select the right frame among them. For that, you should know all the information about reliable frames which is also popular in the marketplace.

Good quality and heavily weighted bed frames are good for non-creaky. Poor quality wooden bed frames with wooden slats may create noise because the joint section of all slat supports is not strong enough.

Now the question may be: How to stop these slats from creaking sound?

For getting the answer to this question, you should read the methods for fixing bed noise that I have already shared in this post.

A well-structured metal type of frame doesn’t make noise. Because the joints of all the metal frames are not loose.

This is the reason why that metal type of frame doesn’t make any vibration. If any bed slat support doesn’t have vibration, automatically it will not create any noise.

Sometimes it may create sound if the legs of the slat support are not equal. So well structured bed slat support has an equal leg in the frame design.

Why does the Foam Mattress Make Crunching or Popping Noises?

Foam mattresses may make a sound if the spring setting is not properly allocated. If there is no barrier between the bed slat support and the foam mattress, then that mattress may create sound.

To solve this issue, you can keep soft cloth under the mattress that I also told before. You should also make sure the measurement of the mattress and the size of the bed frame are the same.

Otherwise, that mattress will not fit with that slat support. When you are moving in the mattress, then there may create some noise, if the fitting of the mattress and slat support is not accurate.

Why Does My Bed Make Noise (Creak) When I Move?

During moving in the bed, there is pressure created in the frame joint and the spring of the mattress. If the joints of the frame are not well enough then it may create squeaky sound during moving.

Besides, there is a vibration created after loading in the bed. The well-designed structure can absorb that load and doesn’t create any vibration.

On the other hand, the poor structure of bed slat support doesn’t absorb the load properly. This is the reason why vibration is created. During vibration of the frame joint, there may create noise in it.

Heavy weighted woody frame joints also can absorb the load properly and don’t create creaky noise.

Why is Bed not Comfortable During Sleeping Time?

In deep sleeping time, you may feel some problems. You may face the noise of bed slat support. Sometimes the mattress may slip on the floor.

This problem is created if the size of the mattress is larger than the frame size and there may be no grip system in it. So all these situations may be uncomfortable when you sleep in a poor bed.

Can I Make a Noise-Free Bed Frame?

You can not do it easily if you don’t have any knowledge of creating a new frame. Besides, making it is also a hard work activity.

Normally carpenters do woodworking activities. They also have special knowledge for creating any bed slat support. So making it at home may be tough for you and the best solution is that you should collect the right one with your budget range.

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