Is Car’s Rear Suspension Squeaking Over Bumps? 4 ideas!

is car's rear suspension squeaking driving over bumps

You will be glad to know that you are getting the solution about your car that makes a squeaking sound (creaking noise) while turning or driving it over the bumps on the roadside.

This may happen because of some fixable problems in the rear suspension of that vehicle but it is fixable. It seems that the noise comes from the car wheel (back side).

Sometimes, wheel bearings make noise during turning and you should also read the tips to reduce that noise.

Some people have followed the tips to overcome this situation seriously and some people also follow these effective techniques.

If you face this situation, you can take the necessary steps for solving that issue.

Is rear suspension or coil overs squeaking when you drive a car over bumps (dips)?

When you drive a vehicle with your friends, you may fall into an embarrassing situation. They may suggest you to overcome that noise by following effective guidelines.

Now, you may ask me how to solve it.

To solve that embarrassment, you can read some reliable guidelines. You will be happy to know that those guidelines are shared below this post.

If you have bought a new vehicle and don’t know anything, you can also solve that noise. Don’t worry, you can get this easily, if you read the blog post regularly.

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What are Car Suspension and Its Function?

It is a setting that helps the vehicle to absorb vibrations and unwanted movement of the wheel. This setting also allows the vehicle to move smoothly.

In summary, I can tell you that car suspension is required to control car movement spontaneously.

The back part area of the two wheels is called rear suspension which is the central place where unwanted noise may create.

Car Suspension Parts with Diagram

car suspension

This setting includes rear springs, ball joint, damper, axle, control arm, rear shock mount, rear sway bar, sway bar bushings, frame, etc.

Some names of the suspension parts are given in this picture. This setting controls the maximum vibration of the vehicle.

Sometimes a used car squeaks when you drive it over the speed bumps but you don’t worry.

When you start that vehicle from the parking spots, you may also hear that noise and I want to say that you can also reduce this sound easily.

When you drive over the speed humps suddenly, this setting balances the car so that unnecessary movement can’t happen.

Is the Squeaky Suspension Dangerous for the Car?

People must solve car noise and this type of action can bring a better result to their vehicle. If there is any type of problem in that rear area, it may create an unwanted sound that you can reduce.

Rubber bushing may dry, the damper may have a problem and the ball joint may not work properly.

In those situations, you may lose your car control for unexpected movement that you can control by doing positive activities.

Especially though the back side wheel part (rear Coilover area) has some problems, you can reduce that problem.

If the gear of the vehicle doesn’t work, you can follow some directions. You can break the car window silently, if you need.

In my personal experience, I have seen that the helper of the bus had worked in the back suspension area when they thought the problem happened. Sometimes noise came from the passenger side (under the car seat cushions) and that helper fixed it spontaneously.

When You Push Down on Your Car, Does It Squeak?

After breaking down the vehicle, you may need to do a manual push. At that time you may hear a sound that comes from the back sidecar wheel and it concerns a noise.

This suspension noise may be created if the rubber or poly bushings become dry. So the surface of these rear bushings turns too hard and friction is also created in that area.

As a solution, you need to replace them by following easy techniques. In this situation, if this is not possible, you can apply another useful material through a lubrication method in that place.

Besides, there may be a problem in the area of the strut mount, front struts, and rear struts. You should also check those strut areas properly.

Why is the New Suspension of the Brand New Car Squeaking?

You will be pleased to know that you can also fix this issue when your new vehicle starts making squeaky noises during driving over bumps.

In my opinion, it also may happen in your brand new car. For that reason, you shouldn’t worry and I think you can also repair it without a problem.

You may stop that noise by doing some effective activities. The vibrating of the loose parts may create a metallic-type clunking noise when you ride in a car.

So you should check if the bolts and the metal parts are loose or not. After fixing this, you can stop that noise that comes from new vehicles.

Is Your Car Making a Creaking Noise When Driving Slowly?

Brake pads are the reason for creaking noise during slow driving but you don’t need to worry. After driving for a long time, these pads may wear.

So you need to check these pads if these pads squeak during the time of slow driving at low speed.

How to Fix the Squeaky Suspension of the Car

You need to concentrate on this section where I have tried to share some important points about the reasonable ways of fixing a squeaking car.

There are some portions of the car that you can check before fixing that noise. Especially you need to focus on the suspension area where the main noise may be created.

1. Check the Suspension Area

You can inspect the total suspension area, if you give time. If the parts of that area are not tightened, then it may create noise during driving a vehicle.

So you should step by step check that whole area with patience and Ithink, you can do it. You should also check the axle joint perfectly.

This area may include frame, ball joint, axle, bushings (one type of rubber sleeves), damper, spring, control arm, control arm bushing, etc.

You need to check the spring or shock absorbers because they may wear after a long time. Now check if the ball joints have worn or not.

If there is wear in that ball and joint, noise may create. So remove the rust that may store in that joint area. Try to lubricate to minimize joint friction.

If you see that fixing the ball joint is not possible, replace it. You should also check the anti-roll bars that have a problem or not.

If you find a problem by searching, replace it quickly. If you see any kind of faulty parts, you should mark them immediately and take the necessary steps to fix them.

2. Replace the Rubber Bushings

You can see these rear trailing arm bushings in the suspension area. This bushing is required to absorb vibration and stop the friction of the selected parts.

After checking, if you see that the bushings have some problem (wearing out), you should replace them as early as possible.

3. Check the Steering Wheel and Linkage

You can directly control the car by turning the power steering and steering wheel that is near the driver’s side.

It has a direct connection with the parts of the rear side and this is one kind of steering geometry.

If the joint section of the wheel bearing and the suspension has a problem, sound may be created. So you need to check that section and properly tighten the related parts.

4. Check the Serpentine Belts

In the motor engine, you can see this type of belt. If there is a problem with this belt, noises may be created.

You can check if this belt got hampered by weariness. If you find a wear problem with this belt, replacing is important and you can do that work.

Without a good serpentine belt, the motor may create a squealing noise suddenly.

The good news is that honda motor company and other brandable manufacturers or dealers try to keep good quality motors.

Suspension Creaking Noise is Created When Braking a Car

This type of noise may be created when parking brake pads have a problem and the good news is that you can also repair it. These pads may be hampered by debris (dirt).

A damaged brake pad is also harmful to your car. As a result a sudden accident may happen at any time and you can change the pads for avoiding that accident.

In this case, you need to check whether these pads are well or not. If you find some problems with them, replace them quickly.

Besides, there may be other problems in the brake shoe, torsion spring, and spring area that you can repair quickly. So if you can’t understand, you can take help from an auto repair mechanic.

Squeaky Suspension Cost Range

Cost may vary for different vehicle models but you can repair most of the section with a low budget.

Replacement of spring coil is not cheap. But the replacement cost of other components is not as high as the coil springs.

Here, I have given some pricing examples for your understanding. Please don’t make this pricing range as a standard and this range may vary with time and location.

Lubricate suspension cost is around $95 to $141 (source1, source 2)

The cost of the spring coil replacement in the suspension area is:
Buick LaCrosse ($1809), Toyota Venza ($1520), Ford Taurus ($1358), Mercedes-Benz ($4033), Acura RSX ($1773), and Jaguar XF ($1869). (source)

The replacement cost of the brake pad is:
Kia K900 ($169), Kia Forte Koup ($169), Jeep Grand Cherokee ($169), Cadillac STS ($197), and Audi A4 Quattro ($177). (source)

Replacement cost: Stabilizer Bar Bushings
Nissan Sentra ($119), Jeep Wrangler ($126), Ford Explorer ($143), Mercedes-Benz ($108), Cadillac STS ($163), Audi S5 ($120). (source)

The cost of a single ball joint is maybe $40 to $140. (source)

My Viewpoint

In this post (content), I have tried to share some important notes about suspension squeaking. I have focused on the rear suspension systems.

Because extra pressure is loaded in that area during driving a car. So automatically there may create noise from that area.

I have also shared some basic information about these parts. So that you can easily understand this area.

If you read the total post, you will get some ideas to remove squeaking noise from that area.
You can also fix the car door to block the sound transfer inside the vehicle.

After doing your vehicle silent, you may focus on your room. For soundproofing a room, you need to install some acoustic materials.

For knowing more, you should read the FAQ section, where I have included some questions with short answers.

FAQ: Car Squeaking When Driving Over Bumps

Is Rear (end) Suspension Making Creaking Noise When You Drive a Car Over Bumps?
Yes, it may create creaking noise in that area.

Is Front Suspension Creaking When You Drive a Car Over Bumps?

Less noise is created in the front suspension and maximum creaking noise is created in the rear suspension area.

How Do You Stop Your Suspension Bushes from Squeaking Noise?

Just replace the problematic bushes immediately.

Can You Spray WD40 on the Suspension and Bushing Area?

No, you can’t but you can set other accessories to that location. WD40 includes one kind of petroleum distillate. So it may hamper the rubber bushing slowly.

How Do You Apply Lubricant to the Suspension Area?

First, you need to clean dust from that area where lubrication is needed. You may use a soft cloth to remove the brake dust and apply sufficient lubricant.

You should check all the parts and repeat this process and I think you can repeat it.

Can You Lubricate the Strut Mounts?

No, you can’t lubricate the strut mounts to some limitations but you can clean it.

Can You Lubricate the Area Where the Suspension Bushings Exist?

Yes, you can apply lubricant to that area (bushing parts) and be careful during lubrication time. If you find that the bushings are worn out, replacing them is the best option.

What is the Best (Reliable) Grease for Suspension (Ball Joints)?

I have shared some examples below and you may try them if you are interested.

  • Lucas Heavy Duty grease.
  • Mobil Synthetic Grease.
  • Mystik Grease.
  • Valvoline Moly-Fortified Synthetic Grease.
  • Triax Atlas Synthetic Grease.

Do the Ball Joints are Pre-greased?

Yes, ball joints are pre-greased from the manufacturer’s company or factory. These joints may also have grease fittings.

Do Rear Shocks (Spring Damper) Make Noise?

If the spring damper has some problem with the movement issue, it may create noise that you can fix.

Can You Apply Too Much Grease in the Suspension Ball Joint?

No, you can’t apply too much grease to that location but you can replace the ball joint. Pressure may be created in that location if you apply excess grease.

How Many Miles do the Ball Joints of the Suspension Last?

Normally, the ball joints can last around 70000 miles. Besides, it depends on the driving location and your driving habit.

How Do You Know If the Rear Suspension of Your Car Turns in a Bad Condition?

In bad situations, a vehicle may turn into any kind of accident.
Some signs or indications, I have shared below:

  1. Repeated noise comes from the rear side.
  2. Your vehicle may not be balanced during driving
  3. Uneven tires (tires) for wear and uneven spare tires

N.B: You can check the bounce test for finding the problem.

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