How to Break a Car Window With a Ceramic Spark Plug? 1 way

how to break a car window with a ceramic spark plug

No one can imagine that his beautiful car window needs to be broken. Even though the sound is noisy, the car window needs to break when necessary.

Many people use sparking-plug, hammer, claw hammer, seat belt cutter, porcelain bit, glass cutter, punch tool, and duct tape trick/method to break the glass of a car window.

Now, you are finding a better answer to this question: how to break a car window silently/quietly with a ceramic spark plug and other tools?

When the car door is locked and there is no way to open it, then you should break the glass to rescue your family with children and to get out of the car immediately.

I know, you are thinking about kicking or hammering the window for breaking.

But wait…

Your process is wrong and breaking the tempered glass by kicking or hammering, may cause another accident for the person who is inside the car. But you want to rescue that person safely and more silently.

Now, what to do?

There are reliable ways that you can follow and rescue your family member from the car safely. Among the ways, using the sparking plug is the best one to break the tempered glass instantly.

But you should know the other ways. When you don’t collect the sparking plug instantly, you can use the other methods. Now I am telling you the most common and reliable ways.

If you are interested to know the answer to this question: does soundproofing in any area work?

So continue reading…

If you know sparking plugs, then I think you can easily use them to break the glass. But if you don’t have any knowledge, you should know what it is.

What is the Spark Plug of the Engine Made of?

spark plug diagram

There are different parts of a sparking plug and they are made with different types of materials. In the image (spark plug diagram), you will see the basic parts of it.

Such as steel shells, electrodes, and insulators. The electrode is made with nickel alloys, and the steel shell is made with steel wire.

There is another major white part that is called the spark plug insulator. This insulator is made with broken material (aluminum oxide ceramic). The scientific name of this ceramic material is 3Al2O3.2SiO2. (source)

Sparking Plug Ceramic Part vs Window Glass of a Car

I think you may be confused to understand the difference between the ceramic of a spark creator and a window.

Glass is a transparent, solid, and non-crystalline material that is used for many purposes. (source)

For breaking the window of a car, many people use the ceramic part of a spark creator technically. So this ceramic part of a sparking plug (see the image above) is also important for breaking the glass of a vehicle.

Why does the Broken Ceramic of a Sparking Plug break the Glass?

You may have a question in your mind: what part of the spark plug instantly breaks the glass of windows. To know the answer, read the below topic.

You have to know that a ceramic portion is included in the sparking plug. For the specific composition of that material, it can be able to break the glass of a car.

But you need to follow some methods for doing this. When you throw the broken ceramic at the window, it hits the small area of the glass with energy.

This is why glass is shattered instantly by properly throwing the sharp parts of the broken ceramic or porcelain material.

Can You Break the Glass With a Sparking Plug Silently?

The actual answer is that there are some sounds during this operation. When any ceramic portion hits the glass, then there is a medium level of noise. Because both two types of ceramic and glass are solid materials.

But you can reduce that noise by following the duct tape method ( see the end part of this post).

How does a Ceramic Spark Plug Break a Window?

By applying the below methods you can also break the glass panel of a house window or any car with a sparking plug. For doing this you need to follow the below method to break a window from a selected distance.

For applying this method you need to follow two steps.

Step One: Collect ceramic from the sparking plug.
Step Two: Throw the sharp part of the broken ceramic at the glass.

First, you should ready the small parts of the broken ceramics. Now the question is: how do you manage that broken ceramic. For finding the answer, you should read the topic below.

How to Break the Porcelain/Ceramic Portion of a Spark Plug

For a better understanding of this sparking-plug method, please see this video.

video credit: TKOR (

After observing this video, I think you have learned how to break a car window with the ceramic of a spark plug from a distance.

N.B: If you think that using a sparking plug is boring and dangerous, you can follow other alternatives that are given below.

Other Alternative Ways to Break the Car Windows

1. Break Window With Glass Breaker (Most Reliable)

glass breaker

This type of breaker may be the best tool to break the glass/windshields of a car window for a quick time.

The design of this emergency hammer has a strong endpoint like a regular hammer/ball peen hammer and it is also easy to operate. This is why you can use it as a hammer.

When you hit the glass surface with this breaker, that surface breaks immediately at the lowest time.

2. Break Window With Duct Tape and Hammer

duct tape and hammer

This process needs a few times. But you can break any glass surface at low noise. For starting this operation, first, you should collect duct tape or rubber tape at any market.

After that collect a hammer for hitting the glass. Apply the tape to the total surface of the glass panel (see the image). Now you smoothly hit the glass surface slowly.

After doing that, you will see that that surface will break and be separated from that section.

3. Break the Glass With Porcelain Pieces/Ninja Rocks/Pieces of Ceramic Ashtray

There are also some more alternative options that you can try. By using porcelain or ninja rocks, the glass will be broken.

But the problem is that you don’t carry these types of rocks and the broken shards of porcelain with you because you should maintain the road law all the time.

If you carry any kind of harmful rocks, broken glass, or porcelain pieces with you, these things can get you jailed at any time.

Safety Precautions Before Breaking Any Glass

Always carry below protective equipment for special safety.

1. Wear the Safety Glasses

You should wear special safety glasses or safety goggles before breaking anything. This type of eyeglass helps to protect your valuable eyes.

2. Wear the Hand Gloves, Protective Clothing, and Boots

Before starting the operation, you should wear reliable gloves, clothing, and boots for protecting your hands. You can get this equipment from any marketplace.

N.B: Of course, you should collect this personal protective equipment (PPE) and keep them with you forever. If tiny pieces enter your eye, then you may face serious problems.

So the best way is that you should wear safety equipment before shattering the car window. You should also maintain a safe distance during breaking time.

My Viewpoint

In summary, I want to say that you should be alert before shattering any car window. If you have no preparation, you may face a huge problem during breaking any car window.

Besides, when the opening system of the window of a car has a problem and your family member can’t come out from that car, it requires you to break that car glass instantly.

In this situation, you should ready effective tools for shattering that car. For solving this problem, I have tried to share some methods that you may apply as required.

I have focused on the sparking plug to break that type of panel. I have also shared some alternative ways to shatter that panel in this blog post.

Here I have discussed which method creates minimum noise during breaking that panel. You can select the required method by following the proper guidelines.

Don’t forget to wear safety equipment before starting that operation. Remember, you are breaking the car window for the quick safety of you and your family.

This is why you should collect this safety equipment when you drive a car. You should have other basic car repair tools with you. If you want to solve the wheel bearing noise, you should know it.
You may read below the questions and answers (FAQ section) to know more about breaking the car window.

FAQ: Ceramic of Spark Plug Breaks Window Glass

Can the Insulator of a Spark Plug Shatter the Window Glass?

Yes, you can shatter the glass panel by throwing the ceramic chips and you should be careful before throwing them.

You should throw sharp pieces of ceramic material at the glass surface quickly. If you technically do this, you will be able to break that surface instantly.

What Portion of the Sparking Plug Breaks Window Glass?

In the image above, you will see that there are basic parts included in the sparking plug. So you will see that there is a ceramic insulator in that plug. You can use this ceramic material for shattering the car window.

Are Ceramic Pieces Able to Break Bulletproof Glass?

The pieces of ceramic material can shatter the common car window. But if this panel has multiple layers, then it may not work. So this method is effective for the single glass layer.

What Makes the Insulator (Ceramic Part) of a Spark Plug Crack?

You can easily crack the ceramic part by sudden dropping or using a hammer. Be sure, you should use safety equipment, before preparing the spark plug fragments.

Do Sparking Plugs Smash the Glass Windows of Houses?

Yes, it can be able to shatter the glass panel of the house. Before doing that, empty the window places and keep cloth below the window. As a result, you can easily clear shards of glass (broken pieces) from that location.

How to Break Window Panes Without Making High Noise?

Some sound will be produced during breaking the car window. You can minimize the noise by using the duct tape method. I have already shared this method in this post and you should read it for knowing more.

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