Car/Wheel Bearing Makes Noise When Turning Left/Right: Tips

car (wheel bearing) makes noise when turning right

Do you face wheel-bearing scraping noise when turning right at low speed? You assume that wheel bearings (inside the brake disc) may be the reason for that clunking sound.

Do you hear the grating or grinding sound/noise from the car? But you don’t understand why this sound is created?

In this situation, I want to tell you that you will face a serious problem if you don’t solve this problem. In this blog post, I have tried to share some important notes about this type of sound.

If you face the fact that your car makes this type of noise when accelerating and turning right but not left, you immediately want to solve this problem.

For fixing this sound, you need to understand the main reason. At the same time, you should find a solution for removing the sound that may come from the vehicle.

If you still have any confusion about removing noise, then you can read this topic “does soundproofing work?”.

So continue reading to know more details…

For this type of problem, grating (grinding) noise may be created when turning in any direction.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about car parts and don’t know the actual function of bearing elements, you should know it immediately. Because these elements are the main essential part that creates the free movement system of a car.

The Function of Bearing Elements

These elements are a complicated part where metal (steel) balls are adjusted by the metal ring frame (bearing race). These ball joints and frames absorb the extra carload.

These balls are adjusted with bearing seals. When you drive a vehicle, turning and breaking it when required, there are created axial and radial forces in these elements.

These bearings adjust the wheel and the metal axle or drive shaft joints (long metal rod) of a vehicle.

Why is a Bad and Noisy Wheel Bearing Dangerous?

When there is creating this type of noise, it seems that there are some problems with controlling the car (vehicle) steering. Your vehicle may have less responsive steering.

Noise may be created when turning the steering wheel while stationary (parked) or at a low speed. For that reason, unexpected pressure may fall on the tire. Uneven wear (tear) is found on one side of the tire. As a result, that tire may not last long. (source)

Besides, a bad alternator bearing may stop the vehicle suddenly.

Six Symptoms of Noise of Rear and Front Wheel Bearing

If the bearing has a problem, you can know it by common symptoms. Here are some basic signs:

  1. Grating, grinding, humming, squealing, growling, and clicking sounds (rhythmic noise) may be created for bad bearing.
  2. When any wheel wobbles (moves unsteadily) suddenly, it may be a symptom. You can check it by lifting the car and checking the car wheel including brakes/brake rotors, brake shield, and brake pads by manual turning.
  3. The speed sensors/ABS sensors of the wheel may not work, if the wheel and tire wobble.
  4. Vibration and loose steering wheel may also be a sign of this problem
  5. uneven or abnormal tire wear, power steering pump, steering gear, steering box, and fluid may be a reason for these problems. If any tire wears, the other tires wear quickly. So you should also focus on these bad tires.
  6. Worn wheel bearings may be the reason for the problem of pulling a car to the right or left side when you brake. At this time, pull signals are noticed and road salt is also the reason for it.

After noticing these symptoms and you still don’t understand how to solve these mechanics, you should take the help of the vehicle repairer.

Diagnosis of Wheel Bearing Noise

wheel bearing noise diagnosis

If you feel that noise comes from the tire, you need to check properly to solve that issue. Here, I am sharing some reliable notes that you should follow for the diagnosis of this type of noise.

One: Drive the Car/Vehicle on the Straight Road

Drive any car in a straight line and check whether the whining noise comes from the tire or not. For doing that you need to choose a silent road so that no accident can’t happen.

The wheel bearing may make a humming/clunking noise when cornering the car by turning left or right. Besides, wheel bearings may make noise after hitting the curb of the road.

For solving that noise, you should check the steering wheel and steering knuckles by turning right and left. If you can hear any knocking noise, the sound may come from the bearing ball and ring frame.

Two: Using of Hydraulic Jack

hydraulic jack for car

Park your existing car and lift the left side wheel of a car by hydraulic jack or vehicle lifter. After lifting, manually rotate it and inspect whether any sound comes or not from the left wheel bearing.

If you hear noise during the rotation of the tire, I will say, that wheel may have a problem.
You need to check the right side of the car wheel by this same procedure and you may use the dial indicator gauge for checking that bearing.

Common Causes of Wheel Bearing Noise

You know that the bearing element has a connection with the tire. So there are some reasons for creating noise from that element. If you want to know these reasons, you should continue reading.

1. Driving a Car Through Water

You should be careful so that water can’t go inside the bearing element. This is the reason why you should avoid the road that is filled with flooded water if possible.

The lubricant of those elements can’t stop water all the time. When these elements touch with water, moisture is created in that area. So rust may be created in that area.

After creating rust, friction will increase to those roller balls and finally make noise during driving a car.

2. Driving a Vehicle Through the Rough Road

When you regularly drive your vehicle on the bad road, the bearings may get damaged smoothly.

During driving through rough/uneven roads or rumble strips, uneven pressure receives the bearings regularly. This is why these rollerballs will be damaged quickly and make strange noises.

3. Wrong Installation

You have recently replaced this bearing element and noticed that unusual noises are coming from them after a few days.

In this situation, I think, you may not properly install this element. So check the total installation process of that set correctly.

4. Unbalanced Tire Noise

unbalanced tire noise

During tire replacement, you should keep alert that all tires should be balanced. If you accidentally install unbalanced/imbalanced tires, then irregular pressure is loaded to the tires.

As a result, this irregular force impacts directly to the ball bearing. Finally, they may damage rapidly and make noise.

5. Bad Shocks of Vehicle

car shocks

Car shocks help to absorb speed bumps with the ground. If the condition of shocks is not good, then extra force is loaded to the wheel gear and may make a sound.

How to Stop (Solve) Wheel Bearing Noise?

a. You may apply wheel bearing grease [Synthetic Gray Grease]. You should also check the manual to find what type of high-temperature grease you will need.

b. The bearing elements are a complicated design with a steel ball and circular ring. If you find the rubbing sound, you should replace that element. Because you can’t change any single part of the broken bearing.

If you have a new vehicle, wheel-bearing hub assemblies are included in this vehicle. You can easily replace noisy bearings at a low cost.

If you have an old model vehicle, you can’t get the facility of easy replacement of the bad wheel hub bearings. Because these assemblies are not included in the old model vehicle. This is why you need to go to the vehicle repairing shop for the replacement.

Don’t worry, the wheel bearing replacement cost is not as high as you think. For replacing at your home, you need to require some basic tools.

N.B: You should take help from a professional person (mechanical car repairer) during replacing time.

Equipment You May Need

  • BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android and iPhone
  • Slide Hammer
  • Breaker Bar
  • Socket Set
  • 3/8 inch Ratchet
  • Torque Wrench for tightening nuts/axle nuts and bolts/lug bolts
  • Anti Seize Lubricant

You should keep the basic car repairing tools with you. Because these tools may help you when your vehicle falls in a sudden accident.

My Viewpoint

Finally, I want to say that, you should know the basic idea about the crunching sound that comes from a tire.

Especially the people who newly drive any vehicle must know the basic problem which may create while driving.

Tires and their mechanical elements are the most important part of any vehicle. So you should alert any creaking sound that comes from cars or other types of vehicles.

This is why I have tried to share some basic problems about this type of sound. So you should read this post to get more information.

On this blog page, I have also shared the symptoms/whining sound of the bad wheel bearing. I think you should know these points for getting a quick understanding of this sound issue.

Some people ignore the noise issue of any tire. When the tire is damaged for that bad upper and lower bearing, then they can realize.

Accidents may happen if you don’t take any action on this noisy issue. So the better way is that you should keep basic repairing tools with you.

These tools are important for you when you start to replace anything in a vehicle. If you are not a professional in replacing the car parts, you should contact the car repairer.

If you have some more time, you should read the questions (in the FAQ section) that are about the noise of metal balls.

FAQ: Wheel Bearing Makes Noise

Is Bearing Noise Safe to Drive?

You may also ask: what happens if any bearing fails or is damaged? It is not safe because there may be many problems with the loud rubbing noise of the bearing.

Besides, if there is any problem in that area, the tire may be affected. Tires may damage quickly for this problem. In this situation, you need to replace the bearing as soon as possible.

What’s the Life of the Sealed and Hub Bearing Assembly for the Wheel?

Normally you don’t find any maintenance schedule for wheel bearing which is designed and engineered to last the life of any car (vehicle). (source)

The bearing element can be damaged quickly or slowly and this depends on the driving quality. When you drive any vehicle to a flooded road or the road which is in bad condition, that element may be damaged.

How Long Will the Material of Wheel/Ball Bearing Last After Starting the Noise?

Normally, any bearing may last around 1000 miles after making the noise problem. But it depends on the situation and the roadway where you drive that vehicle.

You should not drive any vehicle when it starts making the sound. You should immediately repair it because any accident may happen.

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