How to Chew and Eat Chips, Celery Quietly? 7 methods

how to chew and eat quietly

Sometimes some bad habits bother others. Such as biting the fingernails. Chewing something loudly is also a bad habit that you should immediately stop.

I have also seen some people who also have this kind of habit. But the main thing is that they can’t understand that other people don’t like these bad habits.

In this post, I will discuss how to chew and eat quietly by following some easy techniques.

I am not a doctor or psychologist but I have gathered this type of information from others. This rule works for those who eat their foods (crunchy foods) with loud crunch noises.

Some people don’t make loud sounds during eating but they create low mouth noise that is not also a good habit. If you also have this kind of habit, stop this immediately.

Chips are crispy and crunch during eating. If you can also control this type of sound, this will be great politeness. People will also take you positively.

So, continue reading, if you are eager to know the effective notes for stopping this bad habit.

What Causes Someone to Chew Loudly All the Time?

Some people eat loudly from a child’s age. Culture is also an issue of that loud eating sound. Here I am trying to share some causes for this bad habit.

1. Lake of Family Awareness at the Early Stage

When a baby starts eating with a loud sound, parents should teach that baby how to avoid that kind of sound during the meal (eating time).

If that baby didn’t get any awareness from his family, then he/she continues this type of bad habit. In this case, culture is also important because children are always learning from their family culture.

2. Lake of Practice

Some people are continuing this type of bad habit because they don’t understand how bad it is. This is why they don’t do any kind of practice to stop the sound during the time.

Is it Rude to Chew Loudly?

Most people consider this habit to be bad manners. If you are alone in your room, then it is ok, you can chew loudly at your place.

But this habit may reveal to others, unfortunately. Then, people like your friend or neighbors in the same community may criticize you all the time. This negative impact may reflect in your professional life.

Some few people who have misophonia, can’t tolerate these loud eaters. Now you may ask a question: what is misophonia?

It is one kind of disorder. This type of person can’t tolerate the noisy eaters because they have a negative reaction to this chewing sound and other man-made sounds. (source)

So the better way is to avoid this bad habit like chewing loudly if you have.


There are some reliable techniques that you need to practice with concentration.

Don’t, worry.

These practices will not be hard for you.

How to Chew and Eat Quietly (Techniques)

You don’t need to be upset if you have this kind of habit. You still have time to avoid that habit.

You need proper concentration and willpower to start silent eating. Some people still don’t know how to chew at that time?

Now, I will share some basic ideas that other people have also followed and got good feedback.

Especially when you are eating with your guest in the room or outside the place, you can follow the below rules.

1. Keep the Mouth Closed during Eating

This rule is the main part of all other rules. When you chew any kind of food, you should close your mouth so that any sound cannot come out from the mouth.

At the first time, you may have trouble. But by practicing a lot of time you are used to this practice.

2. Eat Slowly

Quick eating may cause digestion problems. If you are hungry, you may eat tougher foods or crispy foods (potato crisps) fast.

But you should be alert about your health and manners. Because, during eating, any food may create chewing noises.

There is also another bad news: you may overeat if you eat quickly. You can get double benefits (health and low sound eating) if you slow down your eating from start to end.

You should take smaller bites of food so that any sound can’t be created.

3. Don’t Food into Mouth before Swallowing Fully

You should not enter any food into your mouth before swallowing the previous food fully. If you don’t do that, the maximum amount of food may be stored in your mouth.

This is why you may open your mouth while chewing. For this reason, sound may come out of your mouth. So you should swallow food fully and then enter food into your mouth.

During eating, digestive enzymes are created in the mouth. This is why you should eat food slowly to create more enzymes.

4. Trying to Give Small Bites to Food

This part is interesting to you. Try to small bites any food that you start eating. During eating time, you should also be alert not to make any sound into your mouth and focus on the taste of healthy food.

5. Concentrate on the Mouth during Eating

While eating anything, try to concentrate on your chewing system. If you give a concentration to your chewing procedure, then your brain is also alert for not making any sound inside the mouth.

6. Drink Water Slowly

Some people make some noise while drinking. For quick drinking, this noise may create. This is why you should drink slowly so that any crackly noise can’t be created.

7. Don’t Drink Alcohol

You should avoid alcohol because it may make you lose your senses. After losing sense, you may forget your eating techniques. After that, your friend may know your loud eating at that time.

Besides, alcohol is harmful to any age of the human body. Any amount of alcohol can bring a bad impact on health. (source)

Besides, in religion, alcohol is prohibited. So if you can avoid alcohol, you can get many facilities.

One more suggestion you should try to avoid if you can:

Try to avoid snacks (loud foods) and eat quiet meals like slices of bread or other softer foods.

It is hard to eat any type of snacks and crunchy chips silently. So the best way is to avoid this type of noisy food when your guests or friends are near you.

But if you need the technique for eating any type of noisy food like carrots, potato chips, and snacks, there is also a solution.

Now you may have a curiosity and want to know that

How to Chew Chips or Snacks Quietly?

You can see below this video about how to chew for crunch sound with your mouth closed if you want to find the answer to this question.

credit: youtube video (brpike53199)

N.B: If you don’t need these techniques of silent eating, you can avoid this post. But you are not happy (emotional distress) because you are living in a noisy place. You are also finding some techniques for making a room silent.

Do you also have confusion about does soundproofing works or not? Yes, it is possible and you should also know the below techniques if you want it.

  1. Soundproofing a door area
  2. Soundproofing a ceiling surface
  3. Reducing loud noise from downstairs

However, now I am coming to the point about loud and noisy chewing.

How to Tell Someone that They Chew too Loud?

If you are not a noisy eater and also don’t like them, you can gently tell them about their habits. But you shouldn’t do it in the presence of other guests.

Call him alone and gently say the bad habit of that person. After doing this, that person will understand his/her bad habit and try to avoid it the next time.

My Viewpoint

In summary, I will say that eating food with sound is not a good habit. Most people don’t like that habit.

If you are a loud chewer, you should try to practice the given rules for avoiding sound during eating time.

If you don’t have this bad habit, you also should tell the other loud eaters about these given notes. You should tell others about their bad habits smartly so that they are not angry about this.

You should read the questions and answers below (FAQ section) for knowing some more important notes.

FAQ: How to Chew Quietly

Why do Some People Chew Loudly, Even with their Mouth Closed?

Try drinking water, while eating anything. Those who lack saliva may create sound even with their mouth closed. Besides, sound may come out during chewing chips even if the mouth is closed.

How to Chew Gum Quietly at any Place?

Chew the gum slowly and you shouldn’t move that gum with your tongue. Besides, it depends on you because you need to chew gum quietly.

How to Eat Quietly at Night or in the Library?

In the library at midnight, more silence is created. This is why when you eat something there may create a loud sound at that time. So you need to practice with the given notes and be serious about your silent eating.

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