Is Neighbor Hammering at Night? Construction Noise? 5 tips

are neighbors hammering at night

During vacation time, you want to take a rest in your home, especially if you want deep sleep during rest.

But suddenly you have noticed that you are disturbed by the hammering or other construction noise of your neighbor, which comes from the upstairs neighbors. Sometimes it seems that the neighbor keeps waking you up every morning.

This sound is especially boring for you during sleeping time. Like you, many people also find the solution to this question:

is the downstairs or upstairs neighbor in the apartment hammering daytime hours or the morning or at night? Can you hear the neighbor’s sound from your room?

You need to find the solution so that hammering noise can’t come to your room.
You can solve this problem by following two methods.

One is: You need to deal with your newish neighbors and the other solution is: you need to implement some accessories which can help you by blocking noise.

The solution depends on the loudness of the current sound. So I think, you should read both the two methods if you want to reduce that hammering noise anyhow.

To avoid the stomping noise, you have already tried to understand your neighbors. But you don’t get good feedback from them. It seems that your neighbors are walking with a high sound or doing any woodworking activities.

Here, I have given some notes that you may implement to reduce hammering sound.
So don’t skip, if you want to avoid this disgusting sound which comes from neighbors.

You can try these legal ways those are given below:

5 Tips to Solve Neighbor’s Noise

1. Ask the Neighbors to Reduce Noise if They Agree

At first, you should gently tell them the sound problem they are creating. They should stop that hammering sound or use acoustic material to decrease that extra sound.

If they are not bad neighbors, they will try to reduce that sound and discuss with you how to reduce the sound seriously. If you have a good relationship with them, you can do it easily.

You can mediate or compromise with them and ask them for some gift or favor in return. Then your neighbors may ask you how to stop that noise?

They may show you some reasons and the inability to stop that sound. They may say that the sound is created from their professional work like woodworking or construction design.

You should also need to solve this neighbor’s complaining issue about their building construction.

You can also tell them your specific time (hours) like sleeping time so that they can manage to stop their working schedule at your given time. You may also show them how to soundproof a room.

If you don’t want to talk with them about this noise nuisance, you can write a friendly letter or note and deliver it to them.

This may bring you a good result but you should wait some days for getting a positive result.

2. Complain to Landlords (Property Owners) or Management

You have tried to solve the sound problem by talking with your annoying neighbor but you don’t get good results.

In this situation, you can complain to your landlord for enforcement action about sound with a privacy notice (noise code or noise ordinances) so that this problem will be solved.

But if you see that the landlord can’t get a positive result for you, then you can implement the most reliable method that many people have also applied to their apartment building for reducing impact noise.

So continue reading to know the sound-reducing technique…

3. Create a Noise Barrier in Your Room

noise barrier for room

This is the main part that I want to tell you seriously. You should apply acoustic material to different locations of your room so that the outside sound of rude neighbors can’t enter your room.

If you can do it by following some basic and easy guidelines, you will be able to reduce the neighbors’ construction and remodeling noise.


At first, you should focus on soundproofing a ceiling section, if your noisy neighbor lives on the upstairs floor.

If loud neighbors are beside your room, then you need to attach a strong barrier to the door section of your room. You can install the acoustic blanket on the door.

This will block some loud noise instantly. If the door and window have small gaps, you need to fill those gaps easily. For blocking a bottom door gap, you can install a door sweep that you can get at any local marketplace.

Besides you can also use the acoustic curtain to the window and internal room.

Next, you need to set drywall and resilient channels to the wall side of your room. You should soundproof electrical outlets too.

If your noisy neighbor lives downstairs, then you need to attach a noise barrier to the floor surface of your room. For reducing floor noise, you should install soundproof underlayment for getting better results.

This type of acoustic underlayment can help you to block the sound of your downstairs neighbor.

4. Use Acoustic Earmuff/Earplugs

When your child can’t read and sleep because of loud rap music. You are also disturbed by this sound during your working time in the room.

You and your children can use acoustic earmuffs or ear headphones or earplugs for reducing maximum noise instantly.

5. Take the Final Decision

After doing all the activities, if you see that the sound is much louder to you and you can’t bear this repeated excessive noise anymore, you can choose one last solution between the two final solutions that are given below.

Final Solution One:

If you don’t want to start a war or quarrel with your noisy neighbor, then you should think about moving to another place for living. Maximum people also take this type of decision as a final solution.


If you don’t want to move to another place, then you should select solution two.

Final Solution Two:

For getting the final solution, you can call the local police station to investigate this situation. If the police can’t understand this noise violation, then you have the right to file a claim in claims court. (Source: FindLaw)

Remember: Before contacting the police, you should follow some activities with your noisy neighbors. They are:

  1. At first you should gently tell your neighbor that you are disturbed by this sound.
  2. If they don’t listen to your word, then you should keep the real proof of the noise violation.

My Viewpoint

In summary, here I want to say that you should know the basic steps for reducing any kind of sound, especially a neighbor’s noise.

If you have children, you should also keep them in a silent place. Because their physical growth level may hamper if they live in a noisy place.

So, unfortunately, if you have a noisy neighbor, you should follow the required steps that I have shared in this article.

After reading the total post, I think you have got some points for reducing the sound that creates outside your bedroom.

For your easy understanding, I have shared some legal ways that you should read if you want to decrease your neighbor’s noise.

After doing all the legal steps, if you don’t find any result, then you should think of a final solution. Here, I have described two types of final solutions that you can follow.

But before following any of the solutions, you should try all the soundproofing activities seriously. Maximum people also follow these sound-reducing techniques. But few people get the best result because they install exact acoustic material to the exact location.

If you want to do that you can but you should know the basic information and easy guidelines of acoustic elements.

FAQ: a Neighbor is Hammering at Night and Day

What to do When a Neighbor’s Banging Noise Comes from the Ceiling?

I have also shared some reliable ways for reducing this sound in this post. You can also apply acoustic materials to the ceiling section of your floor so that these materials can control that ceiling noise spontaneously.

Before applying any acoustic elements, you need to block all the ceiling holes and cracks. You can use acoustic sealant to fill them.

What is the Excessive Noise Level by Neighbors?

The sound (noise) of normal conversation is around 60 dB and sound above 85 dB is the reason for hearing loss. (source)

So the excess sound will be around 85 dB that you need to reduce from your living place. However, any type of high and low-frequency noise may disturb, if it is continuously running. At that time you should do the exact step ( some reliable steps I have also shared).

Can a Person Report (Complain) His Noisy neighbors to the Police?

You can’t call the police before alarming (noise report) them. After that, you need to give some time to your noisy neighbor.

If you see that there is no change in your neighbor’s mind and loud sound is increasing day by day, then you can take the help of your landlord or police.

It will be better, you should discuss your sound problem. If the neighbors are gentle, they will try and help you with this.

How Do You Talk to My Neighbor’s Noise?

You should talk to your neighbor without quarreling. Because the neighbors may not understand that their noise is the problem for the other person.

So if you tell this sound to the neighbors, they may reduce that noise. So talk to them softly about this problem.

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