A Dryer Makes Loud Banging Noise When Tumbling: 7 Causes

dryer makes loud banging noise when tumbling

Is your used dryer making noise suddenly? Does your dryer make a sound like it has shoes or sneakers in it? Is your new tumble dryer making a loud banging noise or rattling sound when tumbling?

You have tried to find the problem but don’t get any problem with that machine. At this moment, you can’t understand what to do to solve this problem.

But you need to fix it urgently. This is the reason why you are searching for a reliable solution on the internet.

You have already got some solutions from many websites but can’t understand how to solve them. Because you are not a mechanical person.

So you can’t catch the solution which is shared on some websites. Now, you want to find the actual solution so that you can fix it on an urgent basis.

I think you have come to the right blog site to find a reliable solution about making noise from that machine.

So, continue reading, if you want to know the accurate problems that I will share in this post.

There are some common solutions if any dryer or condenser dryer makes any kind of noise when starting. You may also face the fact that the current dryer makes loud noises then stops suddenly. So you should find the solution from that machine.

Why is the Dryer Making Loud Rumbling Noises?

parts of a dryer (diagram)

N.B: In this image, I have marked the basic parts of a dryer with a diagram. By this image, you can easily understand the dryer.

Problem 1: Dryer Belt and Pulley

There is a dryer belt (drive belt) that rotates the big tumble dryer drum. If you don’t understand, just see the image. In that picture, you will see that a long driven belt is attached with a pulley.

video credit: appliancevideo.com

One part of the pulley is adjusted with that drum and the other part of the pulley is adjusted with the drive motor. If the motor rotates, automatically the pulley rotates and that drum rotates when the pulley rotates.

Now, I am coming to the point. Why does that machine make squeaking sounds? After running for a long time, that belt may damage or fray.

If the pulley is damaged, the gas or electric dryers may create noise for this situation. You can inspect it.

If you see that some portion of the belt or pulley is damaged, replace it quickly. Before replacing any parts, you should turn off the power connection to avoid electric shocks.

Problem 2: Drum Support Roller

The second problem can happen in the drum roller. In the image, you will see that the big drum needs support when it rotates.

In this condition, the drum roller acts as the support for the drum. Multiple drum rollers may be available in that machine. If any roller is worn out, it may create noise.

So you should also inspect all the rollers. If you find that there is some problem, replace it as early as possible. At the same time, clean the existing roller shafts properly.

Problem 3: Drum Roller Axle

In the image, you can see that there is a rod in a drum support roller. This rod is called a drum roller axle. Some dryers may have more than one roller.

When the axle wears out, it may create a rumbling noise. So you need to check if the axles are worn out or not.

First, you should open the belt from the pulley. After that, rotate the drum manually. If you see that dryer rollers are rolling (spinning) freely, then you don’t need to change the axles.

But if you see that rollers are not rotating (spinning) freely, then you should replace both roller and axles.

Problem 4: Fan Rotor (Blower Wheel)

The function of the blower wheel is that it draws the dryer air and pushes it through the vent. Sometimes hard particles of cloth or metal objects may enter the blower wheel.

After gathering a few particles, the blower makes noise for the movement of these particles. In this situation, you should clean these particles.

For finding the particles, at first, you should clean and remove the dryer vent from the blower. After that check the fan rotor of the blower which can freely rotate or not.

At the same time, notice if there are any kind of particles available or not. If you find particles, clear them. You should also check if the rotor fan is loose or not.

After that, finally, check if the airflow is weak or not. If it seems that there is still a problem with the blower, then you should order a new one for replacement.

Problem 5: Bearing of Dryer Drum

The drum rotates by the rotation of bearings. You need to check if these drum bearings or drum shafts are ok or not. First, remove the belt from the pulley again and rotate the drum.

If you see that the drum rotates freely and there is not creating any kind of sound in the bearing area like bearing seal, bearing wheels, etc, then it seems that the bearing is not worn out.

But if there is a grinding sound in the worn drum bearing, you should replace it.

Problem 6: Drum Pad

Overusing this machine, the drum pad may wear out. The other name of this pad is drum slides or glides (small pieces of plastic).

This pad helps to slide the drum during rotation. You need to check for signs of wear out. If you see some problem with the pad, replace it.

Problem 7: Motor

The bearing problem of the motor may create noise. This type of problem doesn’t happen regularly. But accidentally there may be a problem with the motor bearing.

That bearing may wear out. So at first check the total motor with the motor shaft. If you find that there is no problem with the motor except the motor bearing, you should also replace that bearing.

If you are not an expert in motor checking, call the professional persons (dryer experts) of the repair company or service center to help you.

These are the common basic problems that you should know if you want to know the exact noisy problem of any kind of machine. Knowing this information is not a difficult task. You need to concentrate on what I have shared with this image.

Besides, everyone should know the specific noise problem of that machine for quick finding the solution. If you are good enough about the operating procedure of this appliance, it will last for a long period.

N.B: If you don’t like the dryer noise (during a cycle) and other sounds in the bathroom, you can read this article about soundproofing a bathroom area. For doing that you should fix the bathroom door with some specific acoustic materials like weatherstrippings, specific door sweeps, reliable adhesive sealant, etc. You can reduce the cracking sound of a bathtub. For knowing details, you can read this topic for urgent solutions.

However, let’s go back to the noise issue.

Is the Dryer Expensive to Repair or Should I Buy a New One?

If you see that some settings will require low cost, then you don’t need to replace them. You should know the points below before replacing your dryer machine.

Point One: You should focus on the efficiency of your dryer so that you can understand if you need to replace it or not. If all types of clothes are damp after drying, it may be a serious issue.

Point Two: If you see that this machine is suffering from a heating problem after repairing it several times, it may also be a sign of replacement.

Point Three: When the main components need to be repaired regularly (actually broken), it is better to replace a new one.

Point Four: If that machine is under warranty, then the repair cost will bear the company. So you should check the warranty card of that appliance before replacing it.

If you see that your new dryer is making (creating) thumping noises (sounds) when off, then you need to call the manufacturer.

Point Five: If that appliance crosses 50% of its lifespan and the repairing cost needs more than 50% of the original dryer cost, you should replace that appliance.

Besides, replacing any kind of dryer depends on the running period too. If there wasn’t a serious accident, most of the dryers run between ten to thirteen years. This result is found in the consumer reports. (source)

N.B: You should check before collecting new dryer that has quiet operation and “truesteam technology”.

While using that machine, you should also use a dryer cover so that it can protect dust, water, and some noise. You should take necessary action when that appliance starts any kind of unexpected sound that may hamper that machine.

My Viewpoint

In overall viewpoint, I want to tell you that you should know the basic information about this appliance. If you have some idea, you can handle this machine.

For this reason, I have also shared some specific problems with the solutions that you should know for finding the actual noise problem of your current dryer.

Do you need to replace or not your running dryer? To know the answer to this question, you should read the specific topic that I have included in this article.

I have also tried to share some points that you should also know before replacing your old noisy dryer machine.

Before opening the access panel of the dryer or washer, you should collect screwdrivers and prepare to repair tools (dryer repair kits) and contact a professional or appliance technician (if you don’t have any experience).

If you are interested to know some more information about this appliance, you can read the questions (FAQ section) and answers. After reading these answers, you can also get some more ideas.

FAQ: Dryer Making Noise

How Do You Fix Noisy Condenser Tumble Dryers?

You can check if the components of that appliance are ok or not. You should inspect the drum belt, front, and rear bearing, drum roller, etc.

For knowing details, you should read the specific notes where I have tried to share the common reasons and the solutions.

What does a Bad Dryer-Bearing Noise Sound Like?

This bearing may create a squealing (squeak) sound, during running. You can check this type of problem after uncovering that machine.

How Do You Know if the Dryer Belt is Worn Out?

You can check if the belt is worn out or not. By opening that belt from the idler pulley, you can inspect the tension of the loose pulley. I have also shared it with details in this article.

How Do You Know If Any Type of Dryer is Going Bad?

When you see that this machine doesn’t work properly, you should take urgent steps. For example, when completing the drying operation, the cloth remains damp.

Sometimes, it may create unexpected sounds during running time. At that time you should focus on the components of that appliance for finding the exact problem and take the necessary steps.

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