Why Are Chainsaws So Loud? How Loud? 7 Ways to Silence

why are chainsaws so loud? ways to silence

You are using chainsaws regularly. You are also finding the answer to this question: why are the chainsaws so loud?

Did you know the sound of it can cause your brain problems, hearing problems, blood pressure, and blood circulation?

Normally there is no problem at a young age when you continue using cordless chainsaws without hearing and other protection.

Your hand may vibrate during using the cutter machines (devices). The vibration of those machines may create some sound that may be harmful to you.

Do you know regular constant hand vibration may hamper your brain and body?

Now, you should be alert to avoid all the negative issues during using that cutter machine.

You know that hearing or ear protection can remove your hearing problem from the ear canal. But, here, I will also tell you

  • You should use a reliable chainsaw that creates low sound.
  • You should find some solutions for noisy chainsaws.
  • You should know how to reduce chainsaw noise so that you can protect your body while using that machine.

So you need to continue reading if you have actual awareness,

If you have experience using loud chainsaws, you also know why this cutter makes noise and what is the actual source of this noise.

But the new user of this woodcutter doesn’t know the sound source and other issues for protecting the body.

What is the Noise Level of a Chainsaw?

You may have curious to know the answer to this question:
How many decibels is a normal wood chipper?

Normal fuel type chain saw may increase its sound at 120dB. (source)

Besides, some more power tools also create different sounds with ratings and you can find the level from the noise chart.

Now, you may have a question that

How loud (at decibel range) is an electric chainsaw?
How many decibels does a chainsaw have?

The range of electric chainsaws is between 83.7 dB-93 dB. (source)

So you can use an electric chainsaw (a silent chainsaw or quietest chainsaw) in comparison to others.

How does a Chainsaw Normally Work?

parts of a chainsaw (diagram)

In the image, there are different parts of a basic chainsaw with a simple diagram. Normally these machines have 2 cycles of the engine.

In the image, you will see that different parts are combinedly called chainsaws. There is a fuel tank (1) in this diagram, it supplies power and there is also a carburetor (2) which mixes the air with fuel and transfers that mixture to the cylinder of the engine.

Next, this mixture is ignited by the spark plug and burns that mixture. For burning, there is creating huge energy which moves the piston (3) forward and backward (see the image).

For the movement of the piston, the crankshaft (4) rotates with great power. Gear (6) is connected to the crankshaft with connecting rod (5). So gear automatically rotates.

A round strong chain (7) is adjusted with the gears. For rotating the gears, finally, the chain rotates with huge power.

What Is Creating a Chainsaw Noisy?

Now, I will tell you how noise is created from the cutter machine. If you read the topic of how these machines work, you can understand my writing.

In the image, you have seen that there is a chain that is adjusted with gears. When the gears rotate with chains, there is a frictional force and this friction creates noise. If the chain is large, the sound will be large.

This loud noise may damage the chainsaw after using it for a long time. Because gears and chains may wear for that higher frictional force.

There is also a cutter machine that creates a low sound (low friction of gears). You should collect low-noise chainsaws from any market.

How to Silence an Existing Chainsaw?

In the above image, you have seen that gear is attached with a chain in the chainsaw. During the running time of this saw, the gear starts moving.

At the same time, the chain also starts to move due to gear rotation. Since they are attached, friction is created and it creates sound. So practically there is no way to stop that friction but you can do something to reduce that noise.

So you can follow the below ways to reduce noise.

Way One: Clear Rust from the Chain

After using it for a long time and with the contact of moisture, it may create rust in the chain. Try to remove that rust and noise of the chain.

For removing rust from the chain, you need to follow the solutions below. The solutions are given below:

  1. You can use rust remover liquid for quick removal.
  2. You can also use white vinegar for some hours. This vinegar will react with rust and dissolve quickly. After the reaction, you can clear that rust with the cloth.
  3. Use a thick paste of baking soda in the chain. After a few times, you can wash that dissolved rust with water.
  4. Use salt over the rusted area of the chain. Next squeeze lemon over that salt area. After waiting around four hours, scrub it with a brush and wash it with water.

After following one way among these 4 solutions, you can clear the rust from the chain. After clearing the dust, dry the total cutter machine.

Way Two: Clean the Engine of the Chainsaw

Clean the engine with a steel wire brush, after using this type of brush, rust and other particles may clean from that engine.

Way Three: Keep Filling the Oil Reservoir

For regular oil supply to the chain and chain bar, there is included oil reservoir in the chain saw. You should regularly check whether the reservoir is filled or not. Because regular oiling of the chain may reduce some noise.

Way Four: Use the Best Fuel for the Engine

Engine fuel is also a matter of creating loud noise like bad fuel in car engines that create knocking sound. So you should also choose the right fuel for the chainsaw engine.

Way Five: Loose Mufflers and Leaky Exhausts

At the same time, you should also check the leaky exhausts and loose mufflers (exhausts) of the chainsaws. If you see any looseness, fix it the proper way.

Way Six: Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Earplugs, earmuffs, and headphones (hearing protectors) of active noise cancellation are one kind of PPE. You should use it to your ear for removing noise.

This is also a health issue and you can reduce the dangerous level of sound and can stay at a safe level. So you should do it as per your requirement.

Of course, you should choose the better option for blocking noise without earplugs. You may also try earmuffs if you like.

If you use both of them together, you can remove around 35-45 decibels. Besides, you may also use earmuffs to avoid rock concerts (loud music), the sound of power tools, conversations, etc.

It is useful for construction and factory workers too. If you have any confusion about the topic of sound insulation, you should read this subject for knowing more.

Way Seven: Using Electric Chainsaw for Lower Noise

If you see that you are unable to reduce sound from chainsaw equipment, you may use this type of electric chainsaw that has powerful dynamic system. Because an electric motor creates low sound.

By following the above ways, you can reduce the decibel level of sound during operation.

On the other hand, the engine of a non-electric chainsaw has a two-stroke cycle which creates a huge sound during operation.

My Viewpoint

In summary, I want to tell you that you should reduce the loud sound of these machines during the working time. It will be better to use an electric chainsaw if you can.

When using any type of cutter machine, you should wear PPE for extra safety. You may also reduce the sound level by using good earplugs.

Experienced people also know the ways to reduce sound from these machines. If any person like you is new to operating it, you should read the total article for knowing the ways of reducing the noise level from this machine.

If you still have a problem with the operation of this saw, you can get help from other professional people who have better experience about ways of reducing the bad noise.

You can talk with him about these ways of reducing the noise that I have shared in this post. You can read some more questions with answers (FAQ section) for knowing the information in a quick time.

FAQ: Why are Chainsaws Loud?

What Decibels(dB) Chainsaws Run At?

Normally there are two types of chainsaws. One is the electric type and the other is the fuel type. The electric type saw runs from around 83.7 dB to 93 dB. On the other hand, the fuel type saw runs at near 120 dB.

Can a Chainsaw Noise Damage Your Hearing?

Noise exposure may cause temporary or permanent hearing loss if any person is in the noise levels at 120 dB for some time. Besides, children also face this type of problem quickly, if they are near the running chainsaw.

Which Type of Chainsaw is Quietest?

Electric-type cutter machines are quieter than fuel-type chainsaws. You can’t get a soundless cutter machine during running time.

But you can use an electric cutter machine if you are working at a low sound level. At the same time, you should also use PPE for the safety of loud sound and other issues.

Are Electric-Type Chainsaws Quieter than Gas Chainsaws?

Gas or fuel types of cutter machines are louder than electric saws. I have also told you this before. The engine of the fuel type cutter machine is the main reason for creating the loud sound.

Are All the Battery-Powered Chainsaws Loud?

These types of cutter machines are quieter than gas-type chainsaws. Battery-type saws also need lower maintenance.

However, gas or fuel type saws are louder than all other types of cutter machines. I think you have cleared your confusion about the noise difference between different types of cutter machines.

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