Window Blinds vs Blockout Curtains vs Blackout [Difference]

window blinds vs blockout curtains vs blackout

Do you want to know the difference between these two terms: block out curtains vs blackout?

You don’t also know these terms: WindowBlinds vs curtains.

So here I have shared the easy answer about these topics and I have also shared some more important notes for your easy understanding.

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What are Window Blinds?

Window blinds are the covers of the windows. These types of zebra blinds have multiple slats that stop the noise and wind flow.

It has a manual pull system to operate but you need to know that blackout curtains are better than these horizontal and vertical blinds for window soundproofing or treatments.

What are Blockout and Blackout Curtains?

Normally there are two types of curtains. They are:

1. Blockout Curtain

It is one kind of sound-reducing and room-darkening fabric. But you can’t get the maximum facility from this type of fabric.

You can’t reduce sound and light 100% if you use this fabric in your house. People are using this type of acoustic fabric for reducing noise at home.

I think you can understand these two terms: room darkening curtains vs blackout curtains

2. Blackout Curtain (Liner)

This is also the noise-reducing and room-darkening shade that can block maximum sound and light than block out fabrics.

You may block nearly 100% of light if you can collect high-quality black-out curtains.

But the real truth is that it is almost impossible to collect these types of blackout drapes, fabrics, and blinds for the master bedroom and living room that can block a hundred percent light and sound.

Window Roller Blinds Vs Soundproof Curtains for Living Room

The setting system of the roller blinds, wooden blinds, roller shades, and curtains is different. In my study, I suggest to you that you should use the right block out or acoustic fabric in your home.

If you have blackout blinds in your home, you can also use this fabric with motorized blinds.

If you use both Venetian blinds and soundproofing curtains at a time, you can get better results.

Blinds vs Curtains: Energy Efficiency

Design and vinyl blinds have multiple gaps according to their design. So heat (hot temperature) can pass from a living room to an outside area through the pleated blinds.

That is why, in the summer season, blinds may decrease the bill of air conditioners. So custom blinds have higher energy efficiency than fabrics.

How do Blockout (Noise-Reducing) Curtains Stop Sound?

You know about cotton curtains but do you know about noise-canceling curtains? In our modern world, you should believe some unbelievable things.

Because our science is developing day by day. You know that in the past, most people didn’t believe in soundproof rooms but today it is possible.

Now you may be confused about whether noise-reducing fabrics work or not.

I know that many of us don’t believe in noise-proofing curtains. But the real truth is that actually, the noise-reducing type of fabric is real.

Some people believe in that type of fabric because they know that a noise-proofing facility is included in that fabric.

So they are searching on the internet for finding effective fabrics that reduce noise.

If you are finding this type of fabric that works in noise-proofing, then I will tell you that you are now at the right place for knowing about the exact sound-reducing curtain.

But before collecting this type of window covering, you need to know the basic notes that I have shared at the end of this post. But before that, you should learn some information that I will tell you now for gathering knowledge about that type of fabric.

So keep reading to learn more and this idea helps you to collect a good quality noise reduction curtain.

Do you know what an acoustic curtain is? According to science, the other name for that fabric is the acoustic curtain. I know that now you have a question in your mind about this fabric.

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Do Blackout Curtains Reduce or Block Sound Noise?

Here, you should understand two types of topics. One is a blackout curtain and the other is an acoustic curtain.

You have already understood that about the acoustic covering. Now you should understand what blackout fabric and lining are.

Normally the covering that can stop daylight instantly is called a blackout covering. So read with concentration for knowing more.

When daylight comes to our eyes in the morning, it creates a chemical reaction in our brains. Then our brain gives a signal to wake up.

In simple words, I just want to tell you that daylight helps to wake up in the morning.

On the other hand, when you want to sleep in the daytime beside the opening window side, then you feel disturbed by the daylight that comes from the window.

In this situation, your regular curtain can’t block daylight and you don’t want to close that window.

But you want to sleep at that time and you feel a specific type of coverage that will be able to block that daylight (outside light) and sound too.

To solve these two problems, you should collect an effective type of covering that blocks both daylight and outside sound.

Now the question is: what type of covering can block both daylight and sound waves? I am giving you the answer to that question.

There are many types of acoustic coverings that you can easily find in the marketplace. Any type of acoustic covering blocks sound but cannot block daylight and the main reason is the color of the covering.

There is good news for you and that is: Nowadays, many popular companies are producing that special type of covering that blocks light and noise too.

Besides, You know that all light can’t pass through the black color. This is also a scientific theory. So you should believe this theory.

Now I just want to tell you that the black color type of acoustic covering may have the capacity to block both daylight and sound waves.

So my suggestion is that if you choose a black acoustic curtain, then you will get both types of facilities.

Do Normal or Sheer Curtains Absorb Sound?

Now you should know how this type of covering absorbs sound. As the scientific theory states, any material can absorb sound waves, when it has absorbing property material.

You know that black color absorbs all types of color and this is also a scientific theory. In the same case, sound-absorbing material like polyester fiber absorbs sound waves.

This is the reason why scientists thought that if it is possible to include polyester in the curtain fabric, then there will be a revolutionary change in the human lifestyle.

Today this challenge becomes true. After its growing popularity, many industries decided to produce it at a huge amount.

As a result, today you will find many types of acoustic fabrics in the marketplace. With the technology, it is possible to include these types of acoustic materials in the fabric. This is how these types of elegant curtains convert to acoustic curtains. According to the Wikipedia data, (source)

This type of covering can absorb noise and polyester fiber is a strong fiber that is also acoustical material.

Normally this fiber is included in this covering. Another fabric like velveteen may be included in it. Most of the acoustic fabrics are thermally insulated too.

Now, you have to understand these topics: Blockout vs thermal curtains. This type of fabric is available in the marketplace.

Well, you know about the basic idea of this fabric. Now you should clear your confusion about whether the sound absorption fabric is real or not.

There are various places where the acoustic fabric is used for more silence. But especially this type of fabric is applied in the door and window area.

You know that noise entry points of a house are the door and window. Logically if you want to get the best result, then first you should soundproof the door and window of a house.

These fabrics can be an effective way to soundproof these doors and windows. Besides, there need to be more soundproof accessories to fully soundproof doors and windows.

Acoustic sealant is necessary to block holes in the door and window. Weather striping is also necessary to block the join of the window and door side.

If you are eager to learn more and want to soundproof a complete room, then you should read this guideline about soundproofing a room instantly.

How to Install Acoustic Fabric in the Rod

This is a simple process to install this type of fabric. Now I am telling some steps about this.

Step One

First, measure the window with a measuring tape. Then collect the hanging rod and acoustic curtain according to this measurement.

Step Two

After collecting these accessories, now hang the curtain rods in the above window area.

Step Three

After hanging the rod, now hang this curtain with the help of the grommets. With these grommets, you can easily remove this covering when necessary.

Step Four

After setting this covering, again check that, this covering should cover the window. Normally by following all these steps, I think you don’t feel any problems during the installation of this covering.

Besides, you should read all accessories before installing curtains. This is the reason why you should make a list of requirements before collecting accessories.

There is also another option to hang this fabric. You need to drill for the nail set up in the wall.

Then adjust a rope to the nails. Finally, you can hang this covering on the rope. I think using a curtain rod is the best option for hanging a curtain. So decide on which way you should follow.

Blinds vs Bare Window Curtains (Shades): Which are Better?

This depends on your current requirement. But before making a decision, you should read some notes.

If you want to open a window open-air then a bare window is ok but what will you do in the bad weather?

When there is a huge noise outside of your house, then that noise comes to your bedroom through a bare window.

In this situation, what will you do? I know that then you will want a covering that helps you to block that noise.

Even if you want to sleep in the daytime, then you also need a dark room for actual sleeping. So here you also need room-darkening fabrics that block that light too.

In this situation, my suggestion is that you should use an acoustic covering to solve that problem instantly.

Besides, after installing it, you can also move this covering to keep the window bare or covered at any time.

Because of the quality acoustic curtain, there is an easy-moving system. So you don’t need to worry about the moving system of that covering.

Cellular Shades (Blinds) Vs Blackout Curtains

cellular shades (blinds) vs blackout curtains

Some people call the cellular shades, Honeycomb Shades. These blackout shades have multiple slots that are compressed and expanded as required.

These shades are like roman blinds but they have some differences. On the other hand, the blackout or Blockout acoustic covering can absorb some sound waves. That is why you need to focus on this type of covering.

Blackout Curtains Vs Window Film

Window film is a thin layer that can be placed over the glass surface. This type of thin layer is used on the surface of car and window glass and this layer can stop minimum noise.

So my suggestion is that you can use both window film and acoustic fabric in your home.

Blinds Vs Curtains Cost

You can manage both mini blinds and acoustic (blackout eyelet) curtains at a low cost from the marketplace. You may need below budget, but that may vary according to time and location.

For example:
The cost of window blinds may be around $50-$200 (it may vary).
The cost of an acoustic covering (material) may be around $24-$70 (it may vary).

Brownout Vs Blackout: Is There any Relation with Cloth?

The word ‘Brownout’ is used in electrical power that is partially out of date. On the other hand, blackout or Blockout electricity is the shutdown of electric power and turns dark.

Acoustic cloth is related to blackout cloth that may create darkness.

My Viewpoint

In the overview of this post, I just want to tell you that you can understand the necessity of acoustic covering if you read this blog post.

I think you have also understood the difference between a normal fabric covering and an acoustic covering.

You will also be able to know the actual material of the acoustic covering. I hope now you can justify finding the solution to keep a room dark mode in the daytime.

You should also understand that you should use an acoustic covering when you want to sleep during the daytime. You can also use this type of covering for soundproofing a window.

Besides, you can protect against dust by using it.

By reading all this information about these fabrics, I think, of course, you have understood this fabric that works in soundproofing settings.

Now I also think that you have some basic idea about this covering, after reading all this information. This is the reason why you can collect an effective acoustic covering for your window setting.

After installing this type of covering, remove all the unnecessary things from the area of it. Sometimes you should clean this covering to remove dust.

If you have installed this covering, then you will be safe from dangerous rays that come from the sun ray.

The reason is that this coverage has a specific filter option for filtering some bad rays. So you should collect an effective acoustic covering if you also want to get this extra facility.

So my suggestion is that you should know basic notes before collecting any type of acoustic fabric.


If you have some more time and want to know more important notes about this effective noise-proofing acoustic curtain, then you can read below some questions with answers that are related to this post.

FAQ: Window Blinds vs Blockout Curtains vs Blackout

Do Thick Curtains Block Out Noise?

According to the theory of science, we know that high weighted material easily blocks sound. High-weighted materials may be brick, concrete, iron, high-density plastic, high-density rubber, etc.

Normally soundproof material is heavy-density material that is used in the fabric. Thick-density fabric is more effective than a normal thin fabric. But there are more notes for you.

It will be better to use acoustic fabrics than normal thick fabric. Because in acoustic fabrics, the density of the soundproof material is high. This is the reason why anyone should use an acoustic covering for getting better quality for noise proofing.

Can Fabric be an Effective Way to Soundproof a Room?

There are a lot of ways to keep a room quiet. But for a long-lasting quiet room, you should follow some specific ways that are also supported by scientific methods.

Yes, now I am giving you some notes that actually will help you. To soundproof a room, first, you should concentrate on fixing the door and window.

You can read this guideline about how to fix a room with soundproofing. Of course, you need an acoustic fabric to keep more soundproof doors and windows in your home.

Besides, you can set an acoustic covering around the bed area with a normal cloth hanger. This setting will give you more advantages to staying in a silent area.

Can You Reduce Noise in Between Rooms by Using Fabric?

It also depends on the condition you have. If there is a window or door between the two rooms, then I think you should first focus on soundproofing these doors and windows.

In this situation, an acoustic fabric is really helpful. You can also use acoustic blankets for better high performance.

Besides acoustic sealant is needed to block door and window holes. Don’t forget to use weather stripping to seal the window side joint and door side joint.

The other option is that you should check if the ceiling section of the two rooms is soundproof or not. In the maximum case study, there is no found soundproof setting in the ceiling section.

So concentrate on soundproofing that ceiling part. To do that, you need an acoustic foam panel.

If you don’t know about this type of foam, this article (closed cell vs open cell acoustic foam insulation), will help you.

You will also need spray adhesive to attach the acoustic foam to the ceiling surface. It will be better if you use this fabric for the ceiling section.

Of course, this setting will give you more silence. So read this article to know full guidelines about how to soundproof the ceiling section.

What Materials Can Block Sound?

You also know that polyester is the strongest noise-reduction material that is available in acoustic fabrics. Besides, other materials also block sound.

Heavyweight fabric, heavy-density plastic, rubber material, and heavy-density cotton are also some examples of sound-blocking materials.

Besides, other heavy-density materials are used in our area, and can also block a sound wave easily.

Why Do We Need Acoustic Fabric?

It depends on the condition of your room. If you live in a silent place and you don’t have any problem sleeping in the daylight, then I think you don’t need this type of fabric.

Besides, in my viewpoint, this type of coverage is essential for most people because they are living in a crowded area.

So in our noisy world, it will be a better decision to install a good quality fabric for reducing outside noise and sunlight rays too.

It will also be the best decision if you use acoustic fabrics in replacing normal light-filtering curtains. So what will you do and make a proper decision right now?

Should You Put Blockout Fabrics on Every Window?

There is no need to put a covering on every window of your house. But you should think about one matter.

If you think that you want to make your room more silent, then I think you should install this type of fabric in every window.

Besides, you don’t need to wait to install this covering because the installation process is easy. you can easily move or remove when you feel.

There is a grommet system in this covering so that you can easily maintain it. In the hot weather, just uninstall it, fold it and keep it in a storage place.

How Can I Hang Block-out Curtains Without Drilling Holes?

There is no need to drill holes and use nails if you have a curtain hanging rod. So avoid nails set in the wall.

Besides, any nail setting in the wall may damage your wall surface at any time. So you should follow the other system that I am telling you about now.

You know that there are many grommets in the acoustic curtain. so you can hang that curtain by using a grommet setting.

Some simple steps are given below:
Step One: measure the window for the setup of the hanging rod.
Step Two: collect a hanging rod according to that measurement. You should also collect a rod socket for attaching this rod.
Step Three: after collecting these things, now position the socket point in the wall at an accurate height so that you can hang the rod at an exact position. You can use wood sockets or metal sockets for hanging curtain rods.
Step Four: After positioning these rod sockets, now adjust the hanging rod to these sockets. This is how you can attach a rod to the wall for hanging the curtain. Now you can easily use curtain grommets to this rod for hanging the curtain at any time.

Should Blockout Fabrics be Longer than Windows?

If you cover the window with a fabric or curtain, then it is ok.

But the setting will be changed for different situations. For example, if you want to install a curtain for soundproofing, then there are other rules for positioning the fabric.

The requirement is that when you install any noise-reducing curtain, then this curtain must touch the ground floor.

When outside noise wants to try to enter the room through the window, sometimes this noise may pass the window through the gaps of the window side.

This is the reason why in this situation it is recommended that to cover the maximum portion of the window, you should use a larger curtain than the window size.

Is the Acoustic Fabric Thick or Thin?

If you read the total post, I think you know the answer. You know that acoustical material is heavy.

This type of material is also used in acoustical fabrics so that this curtain can be able to block sound waves.

So, normally the acoustic fabric is thicker than other normal curtains. The good news is that after removing this curtain, you can easily fold it and store it in a small place.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if the curtain is thick or thin. If you have properly installed an acoustic curtain, then you get the facility from that curtain.

So just focus on collecting the actual curtain so that you will be able to keep your place silent for a long time.

Is the Acoustic Fabric Dustproof?

You know that this type of fabric is made from the heavyweight acoustic curtain. After a long time, there may be some dust in this type of curtain. so no need to worry about this, just clean this curtain when necessary.

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