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All the readers or visitors can get information from the website (Mr Sound Noise). This independent site shares free content so that visitors can get helpful notes from it. This site is about soundproof ideas and we try to focus on the visitor’s requirements. We may provide some data of brands and that brands pay us a percentage (commission) when you buy or purchase their products by clicking some product links (not all links). This doesn’t need extra cost for you if you collect any product from here. We need a commission for maintaining the running cost of our website. As a result, we can continue to provide useful blog posts for viewers. Our target is also to provide reliable guidelines for noisy problems. Our project is to reduce sound from machines or areas. We focus on soundproofing the indoor and outdoor areas so that maximum people can get help from this site. That is why we may suggest some reliable acoustic elements for solving that issue. If you have some more questions or want to know more about this blog site, you can contact us. We will be happy for your feedback or support about related topics.